Abortion Records Evidence Raniere Had Sex With Camilia When She Was 13

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Keith Alan Raniere has been indicted on charges of racketeering conspiracy, racketeering, forced labor conspiracy, wire fraud conspiracy, sex trafficking conspiracy, sex trafficking, and attempted sex trafficking.

The racketeering charge includes predicate acts of conspiracy to commit identity theft, conspiracy to alter records for use in an official proceeding, money laundering, trafficking and document servitude, state law extortion, visa fraud, sex trafficking, forced labor, sexual exploitation of a child, and possession of child pornography.

He is now on trial.

Raniere submitted a motion to preclude the introduction of all evidence pertaining to abortions. He evidently ordered dozens of abortions for the women he ruled and the government wants to introduce that as evidence of the kind of racketeering enterprise he led.

Raniere argues that the introduction of evidence pertaining to abortions would serve “solely [to] inflame the jury” because abortion is “one of the most contested issues facing this country.’

But Judge Nicholas Garaufis ruled he will not exclude all evidence on abortions.

He reserved judgement on one particular, thorny bit of evidence concerning an abortion Camilia, the 15-year-old girl Raniere photographed nude in 2005, had when she was 18.

The Government contends the evidence that Camilia had an abortion when she was 18 helps prove he had a sexual relationship with her before she was 18.

The government has medical records of Camilia’s abortion. These records include images of pregnancy tests and sonogram photos.

[Raniere was known to require his women carry sonogram photos of their unborn baby [or fetus] he had ordered aborted. The late Pam Cafritz, for instance, desperately wanted to have a baby, but was repeatedly ordered to abort by Raniere.  One time, after an abortion, he ordered her to carry around the sonogram pictures in her purse for some time.]

The judge writes in his memo that Camilia’s [AKA Jane Doe #2] medical “records also contain a statement to the effect that Jane Doe 2 had been with her current partner for five years” at the time of her abortion.

By the way, Raniere was 43 years old at the time.

This is a big revelation. Let’s do some math.

Camilia was 18 when she had her abortion. She said she had been with her partner, Raniere, for 5 years. That would mean she was 13 when Raniere first had sex with her.

This is two years before he took nude pictures of her [when she was 15.]

Camilia is not expected to testify. According to the prosecution she remains in Nxivm. According to our sources, she is living in Guadalajara and working for Nxivm. She is now 29.

The note on her abortion record says she stated she was with her partner for five years. It cannot be used to prosecute Vanguard for statutory rape since this is hearsay.

The judge ruled that evidence on abortion can be admitted, but on Camilia, and her damning note, the judge reserved judgement. He will rule on the admissibility of the notation in Jane Doe 2’s medical file about her having been with Raniere for five years until “after the Government has had an opportunity to lay this foundation and place these records in their full context.”

It may be admitted or maybe not, but readers of Frank Report know it, regardless of whether the jury  gets to find out.

In short Raniere raped Camilia when she was 13.

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21 commentsOn Abortion Records Evidence Raniere Had Sex With Camilia When She Was 13

  • Gross. But we already know he is a sick pedophile rapist. The Times Union expose revealed that. That was 2012. This is 2019. Why would anyone be shocked by this- That’s like being shocked that he fucked with peoples lives in courts, laundered money etc. Anyone who knew any of this and as a minimum ignored it is a stupid person.

    • Previously, we thought she was 15, not 13. The younger the girl, the harsher the sentence should be.

    • not just a stupid person there is a level of complicentcy understood if you have witness and done nothing and this is mostly directed at nys and albany leaders who allllllll knew {hey hrc said that once EVERYBODY KNEW}

      ndny better pick up this case latica james …… we are all watchng you especially on the heels of the wonderful ags we have had in a string hmmm slavemaster schneiderman ….. crossstatelineswithahooker spitzer …..illustrious or was that ludicrous { i mean they DO know law yeah-}

  • Pea should be satisfied that Camilia was older than 12. Where is Pea & Co, anyway-

  • The more that sees the light of day the more one goes eeeew!

    And Barbara Bouchey waits online at the courthouse extolling Keith’s “virtues” to all. I guess she leaves our pedophilia. Probably tacks it up to one of Keith’s “quirks.”

    Say, Clare, still willing to stand by NXIVM has done so much good-

    Criminals all. Nothing but a criminal, pedophilic enterprise with no regard for human life and the denigration of females of which women freely participated in the mental and physical torment of their sisters.

  • NOT SEX CHILD RAPE there i fixed your title please remember sex happens between consenting ADULTS!

    • right-o !!

    • That’s why it’s called statutory rape, there is no such thing as consent when minors are involved.

      • plus an abortion no less at 13 <=== wow…..selfish and SLOPPY what a mess this VANREGUARDLESS has proven himself to be

        this does no way reflect on my personal feelings about abortion it is just more of a wtf about what kind of animal puts a child in this set of circumstance…..

  • Anonymous Anonymous


    Dude, we are all tempted by sex but life requires keeping your cock in your pocket as a matter of respect for others’ personal well being. This is especially the case with those under age.

    I hope you are able to come to terms with what you have done, what effect you have had on others and make amends to them. You have misled and hurt many people. You have talked about being “at cause”. I ask you to reflect and be “at cause” in this situation. No one is out to get you, not the government and not women you’ve lied to. You put yourself in this situation by misleading, lying, abusing those vulnerable and you did this all for your own gain. All for your ego, your pride and your power and control over others. You succeeded also in lying to yourself by believing your intentions were noble.

    I hope you can find someone in prison to talk with about this. Someone who is living a sober life. Someone you don’t need to try to impress and you can be honest with. I know. I’ve been there myself. And, each day I lead an honest life I feel better.

    • pearls before swine

      that was truly compassionate, but that man has no desire to come to terms with what he has done. He was never lying to himself; he knew there was nothing noble about his motives. He’s finally been caught in the game, and if he somehow manages to be acquitted, he’ll be pleased as punch at having won the game again. He has no conscience – all there is is his ego, pride and need to control others. And the joy of having fooled so many into believing he was the opposite of himself – a flaming psychopath – is the greatest satisfaction for him.

  • Raniere raped a 13 year old girl.

    How many of the Nxivm defendants, that some people now have sympathy for, knew about Raniere having sex with 13 year old Camilia-

    How many of the defendants knew after the fact-

    Everyone that was at the volleyball game that Barbara Bouchey described, Camilia in a red dress and high heels made out with Raniere on the court in full view of all to see…..

    • Yeah, that really undermines any attempts by his defense – or his defenders – to normalize him.

      It’s very bizarre, and starts to sound like the FLDS come to the suburbs. Those deeply involved in the inner circle must either have had inappropriate ideas about child sexuality to begin with, or bought into Raniere’s rationalizations – and some of those on the periphery must have been unwilling to confront what was before them. There are unfortunately still currents of that in Judeo-Christian culture, and even the contemporary Mormon church excuses the history of founder Joseph Smith’s child brides by citing examples in the Bible – and of course the FLDS has long existed in Southern Utah and Northern Arizona in part because the Mormon religious and political establishment harbored some sympathy for them.

      Something similar goes on in Scientology – in that case they believe that children are just reincarnated spirits with lifetimes of experience, and thus can be treated like adults, including when it comes to sexuality. The result there is quite a bit of child sexual abuse, that is then completely covered up under the justification of protecting the organization from the judgment of the outside world, along with a lot of child labor as well. I’m curious to find out exactly how Raniere spun it in NXIVM, but given that he apparently took a lot from Scientology, his rationalization may bear some resemblance to that.

      • What a fookin hypocrite. The bigoted Anti Judeo Christian blowhard blows more stool all over the place. Funny in your rambling diatribe against Christians Jews and Mormons. Funny how you leave out your fellow Muslims. You are a disgrace to the prophet.

    • If this is true, who dolled the youngster up in the red dress and high heels to support Raniere’s compulsion to molest and sexually abuse- Who encouraged her to be worshipful and available to Raniere; who helped to make her into a trapped, underaged target- How many of the Nxivm hags and gigolos were this kid’s pimps- This is a huge part of how come not only Raniere, but also his “inner circle” are repugnantly criminal. Honest to God trash! Unrecyclable poison, ’til death do us part.

      And frankly, my dear, it looks as though most of them are going to get away with it with slaps on the wrist. Yet the people who have been harmed and abused, emotionally, sexually and mentally will have to cope with the aftereffects in perpetuity. It is devastating.

      What does one hear about Camilia today- One hears that she is back in Mexico, still doing her life sentence as a Nxivm clone, loyal and/or stuck in the only life she has ever really known.

    • Barbara Bouchey in some ways is the most honest and open of all the ex NXIVM members who have come forward.

      Barbara’s story about an underage girl in a red dress, red high heels, and red lipstick making out with Raniere in full view of everyone…

      …paints a different picture than the, “I had no idea everything was so secretive”, one all of the other ex Nxivm like to claim.

      Barbara Bouchey’s account of that volleyball game illuminates the fact that most ex-Nxivm member’s claims of naivety when it comes to Keith Raniere the pedophile are bullshit!!!

      I have a hard time believing that they’re not more accounts like Barbara’s it’s just those ex-Nxivm members are not forthcoming.

  • That baby was a living, feeling, breathing (yes breathing), little innocent lifeform. The baby was not responsible for rape. But a doctor’s hand entered their mother’s womb and repeatedly stabbed them and dismembered them until they died. Brought into the world by rape, left the world by murder.

    Hating children and wanting them dead because of whose DNA they carry is bigotry.

  • That baby was a living, feeling, breathing (yes breathing), little innocent lifeform. The baby was not responsible for rape. But a doctor’s hand entered their mother’s womb and repeatedly stabbed them and dismembered them until they died. Brought into the world by rape, left the world by murder.

    Hating children and wanting them dead because of whose DNA they carry is bigotry.

    People’s minds need to EVOLVE and truly PROGRESS! Humanity must stop being monsters who do monstrous things!

  • brain bleach, please!

    I am appalled at the mental/emotional torment he put these women through. To pressure someone who truly wanted a child into choosing an abortion, and to follow that up with insisting they carry the sonogram images with them – it is so blatantly sadistic I can’t even imagine how anyone would be able to remain with him. Minds, hearts, souls of everyone around him must have just been open gaping wounds and that fucker bathed in the blood and reveled like Dionysus in wine. What a vampire!

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