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By NC Girl

Here’s to you, Frank. A lot of today is the result of your dogged pursuit of justice. Because of you, an abusive man will go to prison. He will serve time for all the cruelty he dished out. BRAVO!

To Toni Natalie, Joe O’Hara, John Tighe, Heidi Hutchinson, Daniela and all the victims this creep persecuted, congratulations! I hope you all sleep easy tonight.

Mark Vicente

To Sarah Edmondson, Susan Dones and the rest of the NXIVM 9, Mark Vicente and Bonnie Piesse, congratulations for having the courage of your convictions and leaving so boldly.

To Barbara Bouchey, girl, get some help. You were a successful woman well before you met this creep. Girl, let it go.

Catherine Oxenberg with her daughter India, a former DOS slave.

To Catherine Oxenberg, you are the mother every child should have. Your tenacity saved your daughter and a lot of other women. Thank you. India looks great! I hope she is healthy and happy.

To Daniela, Sylvie, Nicole, Jay, and (gasp) Lauren Salzman, here’s to your courage at speaking your truth.

To the remaining DOS slaves, move on with your lives. There is no reason to keep living this obscene dream.

Allison Mack

Allison, prison might help unwind some of the craziness in your head. You need professional help.

Mark Hildreth, you are a coward. You led women down this path to hell. I hope your career is done.

Same for you Jim Del Negro.

Jim Del Negro still working to save Nxivm.

To Clare, your day is coming. You spent millions terrorizing people. You stole years from them, and you did so gleefully. If you die poor, without family and friendless, justice will have been served.

Sara, you are now witness to all the damage you and your sister have done. You are unworthy of anyone’s trust.

Clare and Sara Bronfman spent millions terrorizing people in partnership with Keith Alan Raniere.

To the Mex Nex, you’re rich and now infamous. Spend your lives doing real good, by feeding poor folks, and building shelters for the needy. That would be your redemption. The Salinas political dynasty that Carlos so badly wanted is dead. The Boone brothers should just stop. Rosa Laura Junco, that you would want to feed your daughter to this vile, soulless miscreant speaks volumes about you. You are not fit as a mother.

Justice has been served. And, it’s ice cold.

Rosa Laura Junco, a DOS slave, believed in her Vanguard so fervently that she wanted her teenage daughter to be his virgin ‘bride”. Will she be charged for her role in Nxivm?

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33 commentsOn Guest View: Message to Nxivm Heroes and Villains

  • Ok, show of hands, but who gave a passing thought last night to the welcome that Vantard must have gotten on his return to MDC? Let’s hope his adjustment will not be a lonely one.

    • I did, and I could almost hear the laughter from the other inmates when he got back.

      “Hey Vanguard, why you got your tail between yo legs?”

    • Me! I’m really looking forward to the post that tells us KR reaction seeing FP and also behind the scenes after the verdict. I can’t wait. I am re reading some of the behind the scenes posts in anticipation now that we know the verdict.

  • Frank, wonderful work. Congrats to you, you are a real hero in this.

    None of this would have happened without your tireless investigating and reporting. Its been a real treat to read this blog thru the years and to finally see the downfall of vanguard. Viva Executive Success!

  • Well said NC Girl. You spoke for many in this post. You certainly spoke for me. I bow my head in respect to all the women and men who brought this very evil man before the court. You will always have my respect and best wishes.

  • “To the Mex Nex, you’re rich and now infamous. Spend your lives doing real good, by feeding poor folks, and building shelters for the needy. ”

    I second the notion.
    Mexico has the resources to be one of the richest nations on earth and yet for five hundred years the Mexican elite has oppressed their people and squandered the opportunity to make Mexico a paradise.
    I don’t have much faith in the Mexican elite doing the right thing and reversing five hundred years of history, not to mention the brutal pre-Columbian time of the Aztecs where slavery and human sacrifice were common.

    • Shadow. You do not know the Mexican elite. Perhaps you should come here and become part of us.

      If you think a few Mexicans in NEXIVM, that bunch of idiotic girls and demented bastards belong to the Mexican elite, then amigo, you don´t know a thing.

      • A Shadowy Obsession

        The Shadow knows as much about the Mexican elite as you would expect from someone who rarely leaves his house, derives most of his knowledge from Wikipedia, and spent the last 10 years of his life obsessing over the woman he calls “Pimp” Mack. Eager for content, Frank Parlato gave Shadow some journalistic cred as the Frank Report’s Chloe expert, and Shadow was nearly as objective about Mack as The New York Times is about Donald Trump.

        • Some of Shadowstate’s hunches did prove to be correct.

          • Shadowy Obsession,

            You are bashing an individual that has turned out a ton of content for the Frankreport.

            I agree the Allison Mack stuff is sometimes a little over the top, but overall Shadowstate has also contributed numerous good articles

            What have you contributed to the Frankreport or any volunteer organization?

            I am guessing zilch!!!!

        • The Mexican elite is so corrupt and evil that millions of Mexicans are fleeing their country by crossing deserts and risking their lives.
          What more is their to know about Mexico?

      • “Perhaps you should come here and become part of us.”

        A great American writer named Ambrose Bierce traveled down to Mexico in 1914 and died in front of a firing squad.
        I will pass on your invitation.

  • The writer implies Allison did nothing, but she in fact handed the prosecution a crucial piece of evidence in a recording. The jury was also probably allowed to read her cooperation agreement along with Lauren’s, which may have influenced their decision. Think how much differently things COULD have gone if Allison instead had stood with Raniere at trial.

    • orangecountydreams - OCD

      Excellent point. The jury could have been enamored of her, changing the result. This could not have gone better.

    • Are you trying to make Allison Mack out to be a Hero?

      “she in fact handed the prosecution a crucial piece of evidence in a recording. ”

      Get real.
      You have totally negated the testimony of Dani, Jaye, and Nicole not to mention Lauren Salzman.
      Why didn’t Allison Mack testify herself?
      Did it have something to do with the fact that she is a pathological liar who falsely claimed that her nephew was sexually molested?
      Did it have to do with the fact that Allison Mack herself falsely claimed to have been sexually molested as a child?
      Did it have to do with the fact that as a pathological liar Allison Mack repeatedly lied to women that she led a female empowerment group that was really about sexual slavery?

      “The jury was also probably allowed to read her cooperation agreement along with Lauren’s, which may have influenced their decision.”
      How do you know what the jury was allowed to read?
      Were you on the Jury?
      Was the Cooperation Agreement read into the record in court?
      Anything given to the jury has to be made part of the public record.

      Max, you are a typical Allison Mack fan who makes “facts” up out of thin air.
      Like Allison Mack you can’t separate fact from fiction.

      Allison Mack is a sadistic monster and I hope she paid you good money to write such blatant hogwash as this comment.
      Have a nice day.

      • Allison Mack was Raniere’s version of Manson’s Susan Atkins – someone for whom no deed was too dirty or too criminal.

        Her association with Raniere made her a very dangerous individual.

        She and Raniere were a perfect match.

        I’m sure that when they met, Raniere’s madness meshed perfectly with Mack’s, and they just pooled their madness to create DOS.

        When I say ‘madness’ I don’t necessarily mean any diagnosable mental illness; I mean warped and deviant mental functioning, far from what most people would consider sane or healthy.

        They egged each other on, bringing out the worst in each other, and delighting in it.

        They should never be allowed to meet again, or communicate with each other.

      • You’re a clown shadow. If you dig through the transcript you’ll see that the jury got to read Lauren’s deal. Mark Lesko even talked about it.

    • If Mack had stood with Raniere at trial, they both would have been found guilty. The Feds may have already had the recording and didn’t need Mack to give it to them.

  • While it’s fun to dance on the graves of the guilty, does anyone know whether the Rainbow Cultural Garden schools are still operating in Los Angeles and Albany, and the addresses and phone numbers of these facilities?

  • Allison Mack is a complete lunatic, but not the kind of lunatic who can be excused on the grounds of diminished responsibility.

    She is as guilty as Raniere in regard to DOS. She knew exactly what she was doing, so there is no diminution of responsibility.

    She is a blackmailer, a sadist, and a psychopath. She enjoyed abusing her victims just as much as Raniere did.

    She is responsible 100% for the branding atrocity she forced on her victims.

    She was Raniere’s hand. She was his willing and eager partner in crime. She is cut from the same cloth.

    If the ‘Cage Project’ had come to pass, it would have been Allison Mack who pushed people into it and pocketed the key

    Raniere must get life, and she must get at least 20 years.

    • I also believe she should get 20

    • I think you have to put yourself in her place.

      Her entire life was built around Nxivm and the magnificence of her Vanguard.

      She sends out a subordinate on a “trust exercise”, who returns and informs you she was tied to a table and sexually assaulted for several hours.

      What could she do?

      Call the police and report her leader for sexual assault? Wait, wouldn’t that make her an accessory? Does she know her rights? Who can she talk to in an insulated society?

      She trusted her leader to act in an ethical way, and instead, he apparently arranged the assault even to the point of refusing to reveal to the victim who the perpetrator was.

      Does she confront her leader? He has her collateral, and her financial well being, social placement, and living quarters are dependent upon his good opinion. He has wealthy friends, who can investigate and sue her immediately, once she tries to leave.

      There is no doubt she will pay heavily for the lack of judgement.

      Insulting her is pointless.

      • C’mon dude
        Even though I’m trying as hard as I can to put in her shoes to understand her motivations and perspective about what she saw in KAR, there are vile acts involved (branding, submission of women, sexual vexation…), and this is not product of being naive or a devoted follower of Vanguard looking for guidance: this is above the verge of recognizing good and evil and choosing to lose your moral compass to do wicked shit just because.

        She deserves JAIL, not a shrink in my humble opinion.

  • Well said.

  • Well i know now i can walk ny dog and be safe for all tje year that this was going on next door across the street ne and all the neighbors can be safe thank you frank

    • Congrats to you and your neighborhood. You all deserve to have a nice outdoor lunch together. With plenty of time to let your dog smell all the flowers and enjoy!

  • I think 20 years folding sheets in a prison laundry would do Clare Bronfman a lot of good.

    It might help reform and rehabilitate her.

    Her unearned wealth is her curse.

  • Rosa Laura Junco is definitely an unfit mother. If an impoverished english mother was caught plotting to shunt her daughter into the orbit of a criminal pedo, her child would be removed faster than it took the jury to convict her master. Do they have child protection agencies in Mexico? or is this type of behaviour ..meh ?

    Secondly as a shill for ‘The Knife’ she thought she could use Logical Truth as a rottweiler. Lets hope that bitch comes back to take her down for the Law. Being born into privilege is not Rosa Laura’s fault – using that privilege for evil-doing most certainly is.

    • She lives now in NYC friend.
      Sadly in my country (Mexico) due to daddy’s political connections and business, she can skip trial and justice like snapping fingers. This is why it’s a good thing that she lives in US soil because DOJ and CPS (once felony is proven) WILL HAVE NO MERCY IN PUTTING THIS B!TCH IN JAIL!!!

      P.S. Sorry for my English grammmar.
      P.P.S. Sorry once again for swearing!

  • Now that most everything is said and done,
    Now that collateral cannot be released, and now that the pleadings are in, can we please get Claire’s address. I would dearly love to pay her a social call with some colleagues in my employ to discuss her role in this.


  • Frank,
    Have you spoken or heard how Toni Zarattini is doing and his reaction to the court case and verdict?

    • Yes. Toni a genuine hero in the Nxivm story – is alive and well and quite pleased. He had a lot at stake living in Mexico and incurring Salinas’ wrath. He is a hero.

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