Prosecution Claims Emiliano Salinas Is a Criminal Co-Conspirator in NXIVM

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As Frank Report readers know, Tuesday was a day off for the trial in the case of the U.S. v. Raniere because one of the alternate jurors was sick that day.

But it was definitely not an off day in terms of big news coming out of the trial.

That’s because, as previously reported, the presiding judge, U.S. District Court Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis, held a hearing that day to hear arguments from both sides as to whether the prosecution should be able to introduce various documents they found in the basement of Nancy Salzman’s home through Task Force Officer Charles B. Fontanelli – or whether it would have to call Kristin Keeffe as a witness to do that.

Judge Nicholas Garaufis

Rather than, as Mark Agnifilo had suggested, the judge have both sides submitted legal briefs on the matter, he decided to personally review the materials in question himself and make his own determination as to their admissibility.

Ultimately, Judge Garaufis decided that the materials could be introduced through Fontanelli – which is exactly what happened this afternoon.


But buried in the transcript of Tuesday’s hearing – which we only received mid-afternoon today – was the startling revelation that the government alleges that Emiliano Salinas, the son of Carlos Salinas, the former President of Mexico, is a co-conspirator in this case.

Emiliano Salinas [l] embraces his master Keith Raniere.

Up until now, the Frank Report is the only media outlet that has accused Emiliano of being involved in some of NXIVM’s criminal activities.

And even with lead prosecutor Moira Kim Penza’s flat-out declaration on Tuesday – “So one of the email accounts appears to have been created by Emiliano Salinas, who the government alleges is a coconspirator” – it appears that no other media outlet has reported anything regarding this aspect of the case.


We previously reported that, according to our source in Washington, DC, “Discussions are ongoing between the Carlos Slim Foundation and the Clinton Foundation about a multi-million dollar payment being negotiated or already negotiated. Possibly, it is to be added to an amount previously contributed and increased now due to the severity of the situation”.

We also noted that our source indicated that “This is said to be a back-room deal to buy away the threatened indictment of Emiliano Salinas by U.S. DOJ prosecutors in the NXIVM criminal racketeering case”.

We added that our source said, “It is coming down to the last moments before the indictment may be handed down. The discussions are said to be intense. Some believe the Clintons can control DOJ outcomes at the highest levels, [i.e. Main Justice in Washington DC] yet, at this moment, more heat is on the Clintons than ever before due to so many scandals already revealed in the press.

“One of the points of contention in the discussions is – if the donation is made to the Clinton Foundation by Slim – can the Clintons deliver enough influence peddling to guarantee the indictment will be withheld? It is unknown what dollar amount may be in play or may have already changed hands between the Slim Foundation and the Clinton Foundation regarding this matter”.


Carlos Salinas has a high turnover in friends. One day he meets a guy and then he never sees him again.

People are usually concerned when the names of Carlos Salinas and Carlos Slim are part of any threat that is made against them.

Bill Clinton with billionaire Carlos Slim. 

As well they should be.

These are powerful men who generally get what they want.

And in a situation like this – where there is a distinct possibility that the son of a former President of Mexico may be indicted – a son who was being groomed to take over that very position – there are no boundaries as to what they will do to ensure that doesn’t happen.


The liaison between the Carlos Slim Foundation and the Clinton Foundation is reportedly the former mayor of Nogales, Arizona, Marco A. Lopez Jr., who has also been described as “a card-carrying member of the Arizona Mafia”.

Marco Lopez

Lopez reportedly met in Mexico with former President Bill Clinton and Carlos Slim back in March 2018.

Keith Raniere AKA The Vanguard was grabbed up by Mexican authorities – and delivered to U.S. agents – on March 26, 2019.


Mexico can be a dangerous place – especially for those who have been deemed to be enemies by Raniere.

It was Mexico where Raniere and Emiliano plotted to lure several women that Raniere wanted to punish for leaving him and his NXIVM cult.

According to the transcript of a recorded telephone conversation between Barbara Bouchey and Kristin Keeffe, the plan was to get Bouchey, Toni Natalie, Susan Dones and Kim Woolhouse to go to Mexico to meet with a journalist who supposedly wanted to write an expose about NXIVM and Raniere.

Barbara Bouchey

Here are some excerpts from that telephone conversation:

Barbara: I remember Toni [Natalie] calling me… saying, “Are you getting phone calls from this Mexican journalist?” I said, “We have gotten some, but I hadn’t actually connected with the person.” And, she says, “She wants me to come down. I’m not fucking going to Mexico, what are they fucking crazy?”

Kristin: So, here’s the thing. You and Toni – and possibly Susan was probably getting calls too, cause they were after Susan and Kim as well. You can’t imagine the importance of the evidence of these communications, that this journalist was contacting you guys, because she was contacting you, if you recall, to go down to Mexico for an anti-cult conference, correct? Do you remember that?

Barbara: Yeah, Toni told me that part of it. I didn’t hear that part of it, but Toni told me.

Kristin: It was an anti-cult conference. Here is what Keith and Emiliano did: they bribed a Judge in Mexico to issue an indictment against you, and Toni, and Susan, and Kim. They were at different times considering adding Rick Ross and Joe O’Hara but then Joe got arrested, and all these other people. Then Keith wheedled it down to just being the four of you. You were going to be lured into Mexico, and when you got to Mexico, they were going to put you in fucking prison. You should see the emails!

Barbara: Were they really? How serious were they?

Kristin: They were serious as a fucking heart attack. I saw the Judge’s decision. Keith helped write it, and there were issues about Emiliano translating it. He worked on this for years. Fucking years. This was like a three-plus year plot in the making.

Barbara: Wow. Wow.

Kristin: And, the only reason they didn’t go forward with it was because when the journalist started contacting you guys, and Toni was the only one that responded, and there wasn’t strong response – simultaneous to the lack of strong response – the police opened the probe into the computer trespass. So, Keith downgraded the plot to have you guys thrown in prison where he expected you to be raped and rot. And, he thought that the pressure would be so bad that Toni would turn on everybody and say whatever she had to, to get out. Cause he was like, “Barbara will go down with the ship” and like, “Barbara’s never going to lie, but Toni will.” That was his strategy and his belief. And, they were going to put you in a miserable, horrible, violent, vile place.

Barbara: Right.

Kristin: And, the email, what happened was that Keith and Emiliano did this whole thing through a fucking Gmail account. … I think that was an email address they had just set up and what they would do was communicate by writing drafts. Like, they would both log on and communicate.

Barbara: Yeah, yeah, exactly.

Kristin: Here’s the other thing, Keith didn’t realize until the Edward Snowden thing came out about the NSA, what he realized later was that they save fucking everything. And, those emails are going to be in that account, even the drafts.

Barbara: So, the drafts, even if you don’t save the draft, and you delete them, it gets stored?

Kristin: Yes.

Barbara: Oh, I didn’t know that.

Kristin: It gets stored on the Gmail server and uploaded to the government.

Barbara: Okay, got it.

Kristin: The Gmail server does the autosave.

Barbara: Yeah, that’s right, it does.

Kristin: So, this is going to be harder to prove because of the complexity of getting it. But, I believe that you and Toni, and possibly even Susan and Kim have a basis to look into this, because of the communications from the journalist. Why the fuck was this journalist contacting you?

Barbara: Right, well, I have emails.

Kristin: You have emails. Perfect.

Barbara: I mean, there were two different journalists that contacted me from Mexico. And, I mean I keep everything, Kristin, honest to God.

Kristin: Do you understand…

Barbara: Yeah

Kristin: The plot itself, proves why and gives a valid basis for not disclosing the source. And, at least, I believe the communications from the Mexican journalists are enough to provide a basis for it to be investigated even without having a witness to attest to it. But, here’s the thing, Barbara, that is why I’m in fucking hiding. I mean that is why I’ve had to take these extraordinary measures before I could get involved in this. Because it’s fucking black. This was serious shit.

Barbara: Right.

Kristin: I mean, this was when I was sub-rosa. I mean, in my mind, you can’t imagine, you don’t know how many stupid walks I did with Keith where he’s saying these things and I’m saying, “Oh, that’s a great idea,” but in my mind, I’m thinking, he’s a madman.

Barbara: Yeah, I know.

Kristin: You know? Because I knew. But, I learned from experience that the way I’m going to get him is by playing along until I have so much that I could crush him. But, even when I left, I had to protect myself first, before I could admit back. It takes time to get all this shit together.

Barbara: Do you have a prediction of what you think, how this will go down for Keith? Do you think that we’ll be able to hold him accountable?

Kristin: Yes, I do. And, I think he will be thoroughly and utterly destroyed, and if he doesn’t leave the country, then he’s going to, ultimately going to, end up in arrest and indictments, and some serious shit for everyone, and everyone involved. Him, Nancy, Clare, and Emiliano especially.

Barbara: Right.

Kristin: And, you know what? I gave them fair fucking warning. If they’re not getting their own attorneys to isolate, separate themselves from Keith, then they deserve what they get. You know what I am saying?


So will the now designated co-conspirator Emiliano Salinas ever be brought to justice for his role in the NXIVM sex-slaver cult and his attempt to lure Raniere’s enemies to Mexico where they might have been imprisoned, raped or killed ?

Probably not.

For as we’ve already learned in this case, justice in America is a commodity that is available for purchase from the U.S. Department of Justice.

The U.S. Department of Justice

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28 commentsOn Prosecution Claims Emiliano Salinas Is a Criminal Co-Conspirator in NXIVM

  • And guess what:
    There’s no way in hell that Emiliano Salinas will be indicted.
    Emiliano and Carlos are graduates of Harvard, the most prestigious University in America.
    And both father and son are wired into the Democratic Party.
    Secretly many Machine Democrats wish they could rule America the way the Salinas PRI party has ruled Mexico since 1930.

    Here are more pictures of Bill Clinton with Carlos Slim taken just seven weeks before Raniere was arrested.

    And here is where NXIVM and Mexico are headed.
    The Mexican government wants to legalize ALL drugs


    Mexico’s president released a new plan last week that called for radical reform to the nation’s drug laws and negotiating with the United States to take similar steps.

    The plan put forward by the administration of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, often referred to by his initials as AMLO, calls for decriminalizing illegal drugs and transferring funding for combating the illicit substances to pay for treatment programs instead. It points to the failure of the decades-long international war on drugs, and calls for negotiating with the international community, and specifically the U.S., to ensure the new strategy’s success.

    Imagine how much money NXIVM can make if drugs are decriminalized.
    Already in Canada the Canadian government is moving to legalize marijuana.
    Here is a popular version of the Canadian flag.

    No wonder “Pea Onyu” repeatedly claimed Raniere would be exonerated on 4-20 — National Marijuana Day.

    • Shadowstate,

      Be a little more Bipartisan. Salinas has close ties with the Clintons and the Bush family.

    • People don’t appreciate how much power there is with the internet. Instead of giving up from the git-go, if everybody reading this website were to write/call/email their representatives, Trump, Barr, the FBI, etc., to go after Salinas, there would be a much better chance of it happening. We only have the power of the First Amendment if we use it. After all, Salinas’ name and association with co-conspirator has already been brought up in court.

    • The PRI is one of those odd hybrids, an originally nominally socialist party that has been in a long drift towards the right, in a culture that attracted to strong leaders and even cult-like followings. It’s somewhat similar, if I can mention it without violating Godwin’s Law, to National Socialism in Germany. Salinas, for instance, oversaw a turn towards free-market capitalism, including among other things a campaign of privatization that involved selling off the national telecom company to his friend Carlos Slim; he was neo-liberal economically, and socially oversaw relatively more traditionalist or conservative policies such as rapprochement with the Catholic Church, probably putting him in the center-right more in the vein of what we would consider to be a Republican – possibly even somewhat to the right of where, say, Trump stood at the time.

      Relevant to NXIVM, mainstream Mexicans like Salinas have connections and even alliances across the spectrum in American politics, and would seek influence wherever they could. That’s actually rather like the Bronfmans, who provided favors to State Senator Bruno (R, and who may actually have provided them some of the real influence and access that allowed them to operate) and gave their largest campaign donations to a fund associated with him, while at he same time infamously bundling all those small Clinton donations.

      Cynical US political operatives on both ends of the spectrum probably envy Mexico’s traditionally largely one-party politics. The current administration is drifting towards an approach much more like the way things are done in Mexico.

    • Decriminalization is *not* legalization. And the war on drugs is an abject failure. Marijuana should absolutely be legal, however.

  • Interesting, though it’s not uncommon for there to be unindicted co-conspirators for several reasons. In Salinas’ case and perhaps others, could it have to do with difficulty in indicting and prosecuting foreign nationals- I wonder how many more there are.

    That seems like a pretty dubious theory, that the Clintons are somehow the conduit for buying influence in the DOJ under the Trump administration. Is it from the same sort of source as the story about Stormy Daniels being at a NXIVM party-

    Also, if someone is blabbing about it for publication here, then it would have to be well enough known around Washington for the White House to be aware of it as well – which would mean they would have to be allowing it to occur. A lot of conspiracy theories turn out to be implausible when analyzed on the basis of what would really be required for them to be carried out, and I think this one fails that test.

    • “That seems like a pretty dubious theory, that the Clintons are somehow the conduit for buying influence in the DOJ under the Trump administration.”

      Less dubious than you might think.

      Since Trump took office powerful factions within the DOJ and the Judiciary have tried to sabotage his administration at every turn.Many people believe the DOJ and the intelligence community (the Deep State) are engaged in a slow-motion coup.

      And if you read the book “Filthy Rich” about the Jeffrey Epstein pedophilia case it is very clear that Bill Clinton in 2007 during the George W. Bush years, helped quash the prosecution of Epstein the Pedophile billionaire.

      • Yes, but the theory here is essentially that the Clintons are orchestrating significant international influence-peddling in the DOJ extending all the way out to the district level, while the Trump administration stands by helpless to stop it – because taken to its logical conclusion, if we’ve been tipped off about it here, then much of Washington including the White House has to know about it as well. Also, at that juncture, the conspiracy theorist ought to be considering whether Trump is powerless, or deliberately acquiescent to the supposed dealings – and thus whether the theory ought to be revised in some direction inconvenient to what they’d like to believe, or even more uncomfortably default to being unknowable based on just what has supposedly been revealed. The whole thing starts to devolve into hopeless nonsense on analysis – which makes the point.

        Psychologically, conspiracy theorizing appeals to a desire for secret, exclusive knowledge – much the same thing as in cults, and the reason for much of the overlap between the two. The problem with that in regards to conspiracy theories, made obvious in the internet age, is if supposed information is filtering down to the man on the street, so to speak, then it’s no longer secret, and the fundamental premise that a conspiracy capable of almost anything is operating in secret, is inherently contradicted if they’ve failed to keep every Tom, Dick and Harry from flogging those supposed secrets to everyone and their dog. The largely male-oriented trading in theories of political and economic secret conspiracies, is also a sort of analog to the way that women trade in personal secrets as a sort of social capital.

        There are a couple of excellent, very readable recent books about all this – with some incisive information on psychopaths – including Suspicious Minds: Why We Believe Conspiracy Theories by Rob Brotherton, and The Confidence Game, by Maria Konnikova.

        P.S. Oh, and what if Raniere really is right about the Illuminati- According to that theory, you would be just an agent or dupe working to help silence him and distract from what’s REALLY going on…bwa ha ha….

        That actually points to another internal flaw in the one-upsmanship of conspiracy theories, everyone promoting one is a perpetrator or patsy in someone else’s. If there’s a plausible-sounding conspiracy theory, there is an equally plausible appearing opposite, that can be supported with a similar mix of twisted facts and conjecture – in your case, it would then be that you’re then working FOR Raniere, trying to distract and discredit Frank’s blog with off-topic nonsense….

        • Hear-hear! Beware the Conspiracy conspiracy – moloch of naive curiosity and good intentions.

        • ” influence-peddling in the DOJ extending all the way out to the district level, while the Trump administration stands by helpless to stop it”

          For some reason the Trump administration has failed to replace most of the US Attorneys from the Obama administration.

        • AnonyMaker writes: “Psychologically, conspiracy theorizing appeals to a desire for secret, exclusive knowledge”

          People of every political persuasion feel that they are the ones who have exclusive knowledge. But someone’s psychological proclivities have no bearing on the truth of falseness of what they believe. A well-adjusted person might believe something that is false, and a neurotic person might believe something that is true. For instance, many perfectly sane people believed that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. People who did not believe this lie might have been labeled as mal-adjusted types, who thought they had exclusive knowledge.

          You cannot debunk a conspiracy theory by psychoanalyzing it’s adherents.

    • There is a deep state in the DOJ that does not support Trump. While the Clinton’s influence has decreased, they still have influence and lots of sycophants in the deep state. Every issue does not make it all of the way to Trump, or even to the top of the DOJ. There is an extradiction treaty with Mexico, although there is obviously more political issues involved with Salinas than El Chapo, for example.

  • Perhaps the DOJ should invite Salinas into the U.S. for an anti-cult forum.

  • If Carlos Slim and Bill Clinton can pull this off and kill an indictment of Emiliano Salinas, then expect NXIVM to be rapidly revived under a new name and used by Mexican elites as a means of funneling illegal campaign donations into the United States, particularly to the Democratic Party.
    Because of rapidly changing demographics expect that around 2030 states like Arizona, Texas and Florida will start turning Democratic Blue.

  • Did anyone see the newest post by FR that has now been deleted, about Salzman- Things that make you go hmmmmm.

  • What a bunch of BS. Another Clinton Foundation conspiracy theory. You lower the credibility of everything else you do by including this BS next to truthful trial testimony.

  • The FBI should have issued a warning to Americans.

  • They were going to do what

    It’s shocking that people comments are about political influence and the buy out of justice. Buy his way out of what-

    Not one comment on the plot of how Keith Raniere and Emiliano Salinas were working together to bribe a judge in Mexico to file false charges against four women, lure them to Mexico, have them thrown in prison, torture, raped until one broke and signed a confession.

    What do you think was going to happen to these women after the confession was signed-

    Makes one wonder why more people didn’t speak up when they left Raniere- Sure didn’t seem safe.

  • Here is the Litmus test for how serious the DOJ is about destroying NXIVM.

    If the DOJ really wants to destroy NXIVM then they will indict Emiliano Salinas and other members of NXIVM Mexico who committed felonies.
    If the DOJ fails to indict Emiliano then we will know that a fix is in.

    The RICO law is designed to destroy criminal organizations.
    According to AUSA Penza half of the top membership of NXIVM committed crimes.
    That is about 75 people.
    Only six people have been indicted.
    There is still plenty of money to rebuild NXIVM and there are plenty of members who could be the nucleus of a new NXIVM.

    If the DOJ fails to wipe out this cultish criminal organization then it will be rebuilt.

    There are plenty of wealthy people in Mexico’s elite who see NXIVM as a useful tool to influence activities in America and engage in activities like money laundering, immigration fraud and illegal campaign contributions.

    Let me say this much about the Clintons.
    I have a former classmate who has worked as a campaign contribution bundler for Hillary Clinton.
    The Clintons want to establish a political dynasty in New York state with Chelsea running for Senator in 2022 or 2028.
    Perhaps l;ater Chelsea Clinton could make a run for the White House.
    It would sure help Chelsea’s political goals if she had access to the deep pockets of Mexico’s billionaire class.

    • That’s setting up a false test, essentially a sort of fallacy like a false dilemma.

      It also depends on what “fix” you might be talking about. Mexico might well protect prominent and influential people, and discourage US prosecutors from pursuing them, but that’s a problem of corruption on their side, that does not necessarily mean one on ours.

      The current trial, at least, seems to be about going after Raniere and cutting out the heart of NXIVM in the US, and in the process cutting deals with others – indicted or not – who are either useful to that, or determined to not be worth pursuing. The grand jury, after all, limited its indictments to the 5 people who were actually most involved in the most heinous activities, the human trafficking.

      There are lots of Americans who probably committed felonies and who are getting a pass at least for now, among them Karen Unterreiner, Kristin Keeffe, Michelle Salzman, Ben Meyers, plus Siobahn Hotaling who must be at least a US resident. Canadians in that category might include Sarah Edmondson, and Sara Bronfman who is now in France – probably following lawyer’s advice that staying out of easy range may protect her, which would make the point that prosecutors are indeed likely to be dissuaded by the difficulties of foreign extradition.

      And even Joe O’Hara’s 2012 lawsuit didn’t name any of the Mexicans as principal defendants. He identified largely the same NXIVM principals as the federal indictments 6 years later.

      Anything left of NXIVM in Mexico isn’t the DOJ’s problem, it’s the MPF’s (Ministerio Público de la Federación).

      What will be interesting to see in the long run is what prosecutors and agencies do about those involved in everything from tax evasion to currency violations, but that could take years to play out.

  • Laughable how the leftist blowhards clog up this comment section with their drivel.

  • Pingback: Implica EU a hijo de Salinas en tráfico sexual de la secta NXIVM ()

  • BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    RAÚL SALINAS, EMILIANO´S UNCLE MURDERED José Francisco Ruiz Massieu, Ruiz Massiew was married with Adriana Salnas de Gortaria, (Emiliano´s aunt) but Ruiz MAssiew was the gay lover of former President Carlos Salinas

    In 2004 the corpse of Enrique Salinas (Emiliano´s uncle) was discovered in an abandoned car, the rumor says he was murdered by the former President Carlos Salinas de Gortari

    Cecilia Salinas´(Emiliano´s sister) is famous like a procurer

    And Emiliano Salinas is kwnown in Mexican gay community because many of his lovers have vanished without reason

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