Video: Keith Raniere Puts New [Dirty] Meaning on the Word ‘Official’

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He’s your Vanguard.

In a video obtained by the New York Post and published on their website, Keith Raniere gives the world something to ponder.

In his typical, broken sentence delivery, the world’s self-proclaimed smartest man – now on trial for sex trafficking, racketeering and other crimes – puts a new spin on the word ‘official’  – imbuing that word with a little sludge from the bottom-filth of his mind.

The 2012 video of Raniere, shows him in his sex lair, with his student Mark.

The video, of which the above is but an excerpt, was shown to the jury in Raniere’s trial.

In the excerpt, Vanguard gives a new [adolescent] meaning to the word, “official.

Raniere and Mark are looking through Mark’s official wedding album.  And right off the bat, Vanguard shows the kind of mind and keen powers of observation he has:

He asks Mark, as he looks at various pictures, “Did you notice in one of the crowd shots one of the women wasn’t wearing panties?

Mark says, “How do you notice those things?

Keith says, “The camera was focused….”

Looking at what I suspect was the picture of when the couple was pronounced man and wife, Keith says, “It was official”.

Mark: Yeah.

Keith: Now there is this whole thing about changing the word ‘official.’ Ah, I have corrupted people’s minds….

They continue looking through the album.

Mark: It’s the official [inaudible] –I think that’s one that’s inside already.

Keith: See how the word ‘official’ has. Once. You know how a meme, once it catches in your mind?

Mark: Yeah.

Keith: Probably an awful insult. Worse than saying a woman. You know, if you say a woman’s ‘piggie’, that’s pretty bad. That’s something that. ‘She’s piggie.’ That’s not womanly, but to tease a woman about her odor, saying that she’s. About fish. She’s a fish – hole.  O-ffic-ial.

Both men laugh.

Keith: It’s official. All these weddings. It’s official. She’s a fish-hole.

Mark: She’s official.

Keith: She’s a fish-hole. It’s official.

Mark: She smells that bad.

Keith: Look, Mark its official.  So you’ll never, never hear that word ‘official’ again.

Mark: You have you actually messed it up now.  I like the way you led me there.

Keith: A fish-hole.

Mark: Official.

Keith: Normally I don’t say ‘official’ first.

Mark: Yeah.

Keith: I did to the volleyball team.

Mark: Yeah, you go there slowly.


So there you have it. This is the stuff of Vanguard – the things he taught his students. He took the word “official” and put his dirty mind into it.

Now, when we hear the word, we might, like Nxivm members, recall the word fish-hole in connection to women.  And think of him and his dirty mind.

We might be gladdened to think that it is official – he was charged and is now on trial.

And when the verdict is official – a very smelly and rotten man, who taught a lot of fishy things when he wasn’t coercing and trafficking, extorting and racketeering, will be taken by officials of the US Marshal’s office and led to a penitentiary which will be his official address for many years to come.

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37 commentsOn Video: Keith Raniere Puts New [Dirty] Meaning on the Word ‘Official’

  • How did no one detect what a dirty minded ass hole he was- I have never heard or seen anything of him that is remarkable. It’s all word salad and dirty talk. And they hung on every word. The only thing he’s good at is duping people.

    • Indeed, it’s a surprising look at what the inner circle around him ignored or excused, once they were drawn in.

      Did he turn off the juvenile raunch when he lead programs, or was anyone who saw him in person exposed to some of it-

      • With all of the secrets that were kept away from most people in NXIVM, it is obvious Raniere acted as he needed depending on the audience. All MLM scam artists master this “skill.”

        • Sometimes group leaders such as Raniere, seem to like to let a bit slip to see how much they can get way with toying with their following, while still stringing people along. So I’m genuinely curious whether he engaged in any of this sort of thing in his public presentations, or cleaned up his act completely.

      • Amazing. He sounds like your perverted democrat heros Bill Clinton and Joe Biden

        • Nothing is more disturbing than the video of Creepy Joe Biden whispering into the ear of a 13 year old girl right in front of the girl’s parents.

          Maybe Joe Biden will pick Keith Raniere as his running mate.

        • Nice example of totally culty, rabid us-against-them thinking. In Vicente we see someone with enough discernment and critical ability to have broken away, but this shows the type of thinking that the remaining true believers and Raniere loyalists are likely engaging in.

          Or are you actually a diehard NXian sent here to post off-topic material in an attempt to derail discussions and trash Frank’s forum-

  • Whatever, he’s a fish hole.

  • Its “Official”, he is on trail!!!

  • Jury shown nude photos and Raniere “excited” about being called a psychopath.

  • The person with him seemed not quite into the joke, realising it was weird but having to laugh I suppose because of the imbalance of power.

    He doesn’t seem to like women very much.

  • What the hell is he, twelve-

  • Raniere proudly accepts that he is a psychopath

    He confronted Raniere during a walk in March 2017, telling the cult leader he “could be a psychopath,” Vicente testified.

    Rather than be mortified by the accusation, Raniere became “excited” and shot back, “I imagine I could be,” according to Vicente.

    Raniere ended the conversation with the defiant reminder, “There’s nothing you can ever do to hurt me. There’s not anything you could ever do to break me,” according to testimony from Vicente.

    • Keith’s response to Mark’s suggestion that he’s a psycho is precisely how I imagine a psychopath would respond — with a boastful threat that, being free of conscience or empathy, he is untouchable.

    • Raniere made a similar comment to Natalie, by saying he would see her dead or in prison, or something to that effect. Raniere is 0 for 2 in the threat department.

  • Only a fucking idiot would voluntarily associate with these kind of people.

  • Raniere is a man hole cover. When you take the cover off there is nothing but raw shit inside

  • There is the dirty mindedness and misogyny, yes. That is clearly on the surface. However I do sense a strong cuckolding subtext here, a diminishing of what is an “official” marriage while talking with a married man. It’s not entirely unkeen. Changing the word “official” huh.

    By the way what is with the fish hole thing- Was/is stinky vag a big thing or another requirement or something-

  • Wow, he is really creepy!!

  • “Keith: It’s official. All these weddings. It’s official. She’s a fish-hole.”
    “Keith: She’s a fish-hole. It’s official.”

    This notion of equating female genitalia with fish is not original with Raniere.
    Nothing Raniere says or does is original.

    fish taco
    A term for a nasty, smelly pussy. The truth is that very few pussies smell or taste like fish despite the common parlance of the association.

    Oddly enough if Raniere did not like the smell or odor of female genitalia, it never prevented him from enjoying those genitalia.

    • Shadowstate thanks for pointing out that most women do not smell fishy.

      None of the adult males guests on Frankreport including Frank Parlato and myself had any idea about women’s genitals.

      Frank, Scott, Nutjob and myself are old fashioned….

      …….and we do not believe in sex outside of marriage and thus are inexperienced in such worldly matters.

      I knew we could all count on you for the truth!!!!!

      Thanks a million Shadowstate!!!!!!

      Your a peach!!!

      Shadowstate in the future can I refer to you as……..
      Dr. Cungilingus-

      • Frank, Scott, Nutjob and myself are old fashioned….
        …….and we do not believe in sex outside of marriage and thus are inexperienced in such worldly matters.

        You might have noticed that New York State has changed since Tom Dewey was Governor.
        Before you get all Holy on me I might remind you that Republican Governor/Vice President Nelson Rockefeller died of a heart attack in 1979 while having extramarital sex with his mistress.

        Nelson Rockefeller, former Vice President of the United States and heir to the Rockefeller family fortune, died in 1979 of a heart attack at age 70, rumored to be caused by an orgasm during intercourse with his secretary, Megan Marshack.
        his death caused New York Magazine to quip, “Nelson thought he was coming, but he was going”.

  • Good luck to his defense attorney proving this man’s ‘good faith… his good intentions’ after that. Because that’s what Agnifilo swore to do in his opening statement. Declared that was the sum total of his defense strategy. What he would defend ‘to his dying breath’. His ‘island home’. Keith Raniere’s good faith, which that man just shattered right there, recorded on video for the jury to see and hear.

    Rainier might as well change his plea to guilty now, because his goose is cooked. Stick a fork in him he’s done, and he did it to himself, because he was stupid enough to have this little moment preserved on videotape.

    The world’s smartest man…

    • I swear I nearly said the same — cooked goose and all. It was a good day now that the reports are in!

      I wonder if by “Island home,” however, Agnifilo didn’t cynically, secretly mean his share of Clare, Keith and Alex Betancourt’s Fiji Island home- This isn’t Churchill’s Great Britain and Aggie doesn’t seem to mind selling out America to the Mexican elitists who are getting off without so much as a hand slap. I thought they’d at least temporarily have their visas suspended in the interests of protecting the US citizens who can’t enter Mexico without fear of arrest. …Something!

  • Dear Liberals,

    Don’t even try to compare Keith Raniere’s video to Donald Trump’s voice recording.

    Keith Raniere’s “fish holes” video is nothing like Donald Trump’s “grab them by the pussy” voice recording.

    Donald Trump never claimed to be the world’s most ethical human.

    Donald Trump never claimed to be a renunciate.

    Donald Trump loves “pussy” and would never compare a pussy to fish.

    ….And most importantly Donald Trump had no idea he was being recorded!!!!

    Keith Raniere knew he was being recorded.

    There is no moral equivalency of the facts at hand or disparate lies of truth.

    • to Niceguy 7:09

      What does it say about your true opinion of Trump’s character that you jump to defend him before anyone accused him-

      Also, isn’t it more likely people reveal their true selves when they do not know they are being recorded-

    • Meant as satire 😉

  • @niceguy I’m not sure if Trump could even pull it off or if he even meant it the way I would but it works for me. Like in a Black Swan way but that’s not a great example because of the creep factor. It’s just the best quick example I guess.

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  • ‘The compliments passed – and the quality mean’

    What low and feeble wits this tool has. Embarrassing.

  • Girl Scout Cookies

    arrogant asshole = Keith

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