Vicente Concludes Direct Testimony – ‘I Realized Keith Is a Psychopath’

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By Dianne Lipson

Trial notes for the morning session of court, Wednesday May 15.

There was no ruling for the record on yesterday’s evidentiary matter concerning whether Kristin Keeffe will be required to testify as part of a trove of documents seized from Nancy Salzman’s house which the prosecution hopes to introduce through a law enforcement agent.

As for today – Mark Vicente continued his testimony through much of the morning. Cross examination did not start until around noon.

Mark testified about how he split from Raniere.

He began by telling about Sarah, only her first name was used. [Everyone knows – from New York Times readers to CBC listeners that this is Sarah Edmondson. While Frank Report is honoring the first name policy for most victims – including some rather well known victims – the case of Sarah Edmondson and Catherine Oxenberg are different. After all, Catherine wrote a book detailing the story and Sarah Edmondson starred in a CBC podcast and will appear in an HBO series – on the same topics discussed here.]

Vicente testified that Sarah was sent to try to talk some sense into and influence Mark’s wife, Bonnie, who had left NXIVM. Vicente himself was having doubts about Raniere and had a conversation with him.

Referring to something Raniere taught , Vicente said, “You could be a psychopath and say the same words.”

Keith said, “Yes, I could.”

Vicente suggested to Keith that it was time for Vicente to move on.

Keith said, “You are the person I’d like to take my place [the next Vanguard].”

Vicente told Keith he wasn’t interested in that.

Vicente said he had been trying to resign from the executive board for two years, but was held back from doing so because he was told it would be damaging to Nxivm.

Vicente began to be concerned that the secret society [DOS] might blow up. [That was prophetic].

During some of the testimony, Judge Nicholas Garaufis told the jury not to worry about the truth of what Vicente was saying but that rather his state of mind.

Vicente brought up to Sarah his concerns that there was a secret society.

Sarah said if something like that existed, the person involved wouldn’t be able to talk about it.

This comment from Sarah didn’t register with Vicente right away.

Then in a discussion with Kayla, someone observed on Allison Mack’s computer that Mack pledged [collateral] that if she was ever to leave Raniere, she would give up any children she had and surrender all of her possessions to him.

Vicente finally asked himself the question he was terrified to ask: In Nxivm, you always have to edify the leader. If you don’t edify the leader, you’re dishonorable. Vicente was wondering if Keith was not the person he thought he was.

What if Keith is the exact opposite of the way he presents himself? What if he’s evil? What if this is a mask?

Vicente thought that maybe the education is okay.  He was trying to protect the image he had of Raniere. But he started to wonder what if none of this is what he thought it was?

He had conversations with Keith about morality. Keith said to him that he should not have such an attachment to morality.

Vicente liked the fact that he had an attachment to morality, especially coming from apartheid South Africa.  Vicente felt that Keith was trying to get him to give up his morality.

Vicente started to wonder if there was a greater morality he didn’t know about that Raniere understood but then realized that this was wrong and that “morality is morality.”

Vicente became more concerned [he had an intuition] that something was deeply wrong and something really bad was going on in Nxivm.

Raniere presented the concept that intuition is a problem. Intuition was something called viscera.

If it was visceral, it was not based on data. So you had to override it.

Vicente wondered “What if there’s something good about instinct?”

He learned that two women in an intensive had been asked to enroll in a secret society.

Vicente warned them to keep away.

He had another conversation with Sarah on the secret society.

Sarah said again that if someone was involved in a secret society of this sort, they couldn’t say anything about it.  Vicente realized what he was hearing and said, “Sarah, have you been invited to be in this thing?”

Sarah got quiet. Then admitted she was a part of it.

Vicente said “get out.”

Sarah said “I can’t, they have too much on me.”

Vicente said, “What do they have on you?

Sarah described her collateral.

Vicente said, “You’re involved in something illegal; this could be trafficking.”

Vicente pressed her.

Sarah admitted she had been branded.

Vicente said the “walls came down” describing his state of mind.

He noted that Sarah was exhausted; she was on permanent standby [readiness drills].

She was hiding all this from her husband [Anthony Ames]. She couldn’t leave. She had to enroll other woman. She felt trapped. She had a lack of sleep.

Sarah admitted she did have a master. Her master was Lauren Salzman. And Sarah did make reference to a master slave relationship.

Then Sarah showed Vicente an image of the brand, which was displayed on the screen on the courthouse.

Vicente discussed with Sarah about leaving the secret society and said “you must leave, you must get out, you must make peace with your collateral being released. This would be better than being trapped.”

Sarah was also concerned about written material [more collateral] where she had to tell lies about other people.

A few days later, Vicente sent three letters of resignation, one to the executive board, one to SOP and one to the “Greens” [the members of Nxivm who held a green sash – about a dozen members].

Vicente realized he might put his wife and mother in danger. So in the letters, he gave as the reason for resigning that he wanted to work on his career [Vicente is a filmmaker].

That was half true, but he didn’t want to set off alarm bells. He didn’t discuss anything about the slave society.

He was worried also and asked Clare Bronfman to revoke his access to the Nxivm computer system because he was concerned he could be charged with illegally accessing something there [as others had been charged through Clare Bronfman’s perjury.]

Vicente went to Catherine – no last name – [Oxenberg] to share his concerns about Catherine’s daughter [India]. And to say that the daughter was in danger [for she was also a member of DOS and was branded.].

Vicente became aware that there was another branding ceremony coming up and he tried to make phone calls to try to persuade people not to go.

A woman named Jay was a participant in Nxivm and part of DOS. Jay is an actress and model.  Jay said she was in possession of collateral of those in her slave pod.

Vicente sent this collateral [to Frank Parlato and Catherine Oxenberg- and then through an attorney] to the authorities. He also spoke with the FBI.

The collateral had been in a Dropbox account. In this Dropbox account was one file called brands. The second page of this file was titled “collateral” and the owner and creator of this page was Allison Mack.

The jury was shown pictures from the Dropbox. The public did not see them.

Vicente described the pictures of naked women in various graphic poses. Some women identified [first names only – were Danielle [Dr. Roberts] and Michelle [not Salzman].

Now going back to October 2012.

There is an audio of Keith talking about Society of Protectors. They were developing SOP at that point and discussing collateral.

Keith said if somebody defects, that is damaging. He only wants people to commit for life.

Keith said “When you know your word is good, collateral is trivial. When you don’t have your word, collateral is important.”

Keith said on the audio [paraphrasing] “At some point, you’re happy to give collateral. You want to give more. If you’re collateralized and you believe at the beginning collateralizing your word may be seen as negative and a burden but it becomes an honor to give collateral, to be collateralized is an honor to commit.”

Not giving collateral was a sign of weakness, Keith said.  Giving collateral was a sign of strength.

Vicente also said that Keith and Vicente were discussing a movie idea. The movie idea is that there’s a corporation, there’s a good guy in the corporation who has a mentor.

And the good guy is trying to figure out who is a bad person in the corporation who’s doing bad things, kind of ruining things.  And the twist in this story is that it turns out it’s the mentor who was the bad guy. The mentor was the psychopath.

Vicente began to feel like this was Keith’s practical joke on him.

At last, cross examination began.  Marc Agnifilo was cross-examining Vicente beginning about noon.

Agnifilo asked questions about the HBO series which Vicente is appearing in.

He asked Vicente about the money he made.

Vicente explained that before HBO was conceived of, he started documenting himself [via film] because he was afraid of being framed by Nxivm but it wasn’t his initial intention for the documentation to be in a movie.

Vicente [knowing the Bronfman-Raniere crime org. propensity to get people in trouble]  was afraid of ending up in prison himself.

Vicente said, he made in 2017, as much as $8,000 in a month and as little as $2,000.

We will have a lot more on cross examination in our evening report on the trial  which will cover the events of this afternoon.

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60 commentsOn Vicente Concludes Direct Testimony – ‘I Realized Keith Is a Psychopath’

  • Edify. Edification is straight out of the Amway playbook, and it’s used by all other MLM scams as well. Raniere was in Amway before he started Consumers’ Buyline, that’s how he got the idea to start an MLM scam of his own. Edification is talked about at virtually every meeting, there are entire hour-long recordings sold, at near 100% profit, to the downline on that topic. Dexter Yager is known as the biggest tool pimp in Amway, Raniere was probably in his group. Dexter is from Rome, NY and had “business” across the country and around the world. He invented the ATS (Amway Tool Scam). Unfortunately, he died recently and will never go to trial like Raniere.

  • What If You Lied?

    —Raniere ended the conversation with the defiant reminder, “There’s nothing you can ever do to hurt me. There’s not anything you could ever do to break me,” according to testimony from Vicente.


  • Sir Thomas Colville

    Great reporting by Diane.

    Without Diane, this site would be a trash bin with no interesting information.

    Frank has dropped the ball lately. Frank personally offers us no real insight on the testimony. He just repeats his stale opinions on each of the players of NXIVM.

    I’m surprised that we’re not getting first hand articles written by Heidi of how the trial is progressing, which I assume means she’s hiding out in Cali instead of attending the trial of the man she claims ruined her entire life.

    What’s the matter Heidi, can’t you face Keith and stare him down in real life, now that he’s sitting helpless in a courtroom chair- Or do you fear being in his presence-

    • Why, do you want to serve me with a summons on some bogus charge in Mexico- What’d I do now-

      • Do you know who this person is Heidi- He/she seems to have a problem with you and called Frank an “asshole” in another thread.

        • I don’t know who this clown is, no. But I suspect he’s the same asshole — Scott Johnson of El Paso, TX — who’s been trying desperately to commandeer and control this site by, in part, manipulating Frank — in order to promote his own facade as some kind of “Anti-Amway” MLM avenger, ever since Amway sued him for wreaking havoc on his competitors’ sales sites — including rerouting if not stealing orders — when Scott was an Amway distributor himself.

          Scott’s claimed he was an undercover “spy” those 5 plus years he was a top Amway distributor with the “good intent” to save the world from such pyramid schemes, not a thief. Scott also claims he’s a brilliant insult artist adept in jackhammer politics — that he “was Donald Trump before Trump was Trump” — to justify his juevenile barbs against nearly every commentator here until FR began laboriously editing comments. He started attacking me when I declined an invitation to appear on his two-can, web radio show bc one of his shows I caught was anti-Semitic and bigoted.

    • Yet another Ass Wipe

      Sir Clown Colville,

      Not everyone can afford to go to NYC for six to eight (ten weeks at this snail’s pace) and attend this trial.

      Heidi has a son with special needs to take care of, which is a higher value than going to the smelly one’s trial.

      Maybe you don’t understand responsibility enough to understand that and have your rich parents paying for you to attend the trial so you can suiyour Grand Master.

      • Thank you, Yet. That’s all true. I can only get away for a few days, maybe a week and want to put that at the end of the trial to, hopefully, celebrate with my former “co-conspirstors.” I’m doing my best to contribute to the greater good but my beautiful son is priority #1 ALWAYS.

  • “Vicente finally asked himself the question he was terrified to ask: In Nxivm, you always have to edify the leader. If you don’t edify the leader, you’re dishonorable. Vicente was wondering if Keith was not the person he thought he was.”

    To edify means to morally uplift or improve someone.
    : to instruct and improve especially in moral and religious knowledge : UPLIFT

    What does it say about Raniere that he must be enlightened and morally improved-
    What does it say about NXIVM’s members that it took them years to figure out that their leader is a psychopath-

    • It’s virtually part of the functional definition of a psychopath, that they can get people to trust them more than usual, when in fact they’re the least trustworthy people. It’s been shown, for instance, that they don’t give off the “tells” we’re used to for judging when normal people are lying. And on top if it, they are typically charismatic and persuasive.

      Vicente was probably particularly credulous – but obviously still engaged in some questioning and critical thinking. It’s interesting to see the long process it that it took before he finally realized what was going on, and that he should get out.

  • very interesting Vicente’s statements on the argument of KAR on how the guarantee is trivial if the point is right committed to your word and not giving guarantees makes you weak, I think that a certain person called shadow just suffered a huge reverse in his fantasies about Allison Mack, the big evil bitch that he wants to see is actually just one person broken by the manipulations of the monster AKA: shit hole -KAR, and that what she did was basically done by all the slave teachers, in addition to what that Frank had already published before was true there was a single Dropbox account. where all the slave teachers raised the guarantees collected by literally it was not only allison who had access to this information but all the slave teachers, so that was what prevented them from taking the gantias and extorting allison or other women to KAR or denouncing them everyone can not but the same thing that prevented Vicente from realizing the truth about KAR indoctrination and his own state of denial.

    • “The collateral had been in a Dropbox account. In this Dropbox account was one file called brands. The second page of this file was titled “collateral” and the owner and creator of this page was Allison Mack.”

      Allison Mack was the creator and owner of the Dropbox account where blackmail material was stored.
      Allison Mack bears full responsibility for her corrupt participation in this blackmail and sex trafficking scheme.

      How many movie and TV production companies will want to hire as an employee a person who collected and stored blackmail information in a sex trafficking conspiracy-

      And looking through your whole comment it is a giant run on sentence with a comma only at the end.
      Your comment reads like incomprehensible “Stream of Consciousness”.
      It is worse than reading Raniere’s Word Salad.

      • Probably a lot of movie and TV production companies would hire her, because a lot of them do the same things, they just aren’t prosecuted. Welcome to the club, you’ll fit right in, Mack!

        • Scott,
          For 15 years the top executive at CBS was Les Moonves.
          Everyone from Wall Street to Hollywood thought Moonves was a genius.
          And then numerous allegations of sexual harassment popped up against Moonves and he was fired.
          At this week’s CBS upfront presentation NO ONE MENTIONED LES MOONVES’ NAME!
          NO ONE!

          • Moonves left months ago, why would they bring up his name now- As far as Mack goes, Hollywood loves a comeback, it’s in their DNA, because it attracts more eyeballs. Plus, you’re a “hater” if you don’t forgive somebody who served their time.

      • You always go around the bush and you do not face the argument he threw against you, and YOUR narrative is that Allison is evil for all the things that are accused, but Vicente’s testimony when talking with other slave teachers he knew, proves they were all aware of what they were doing, but they were still trapped in the mentality that everything was for the greater good combined with the fear of recognizing the truth of their situation since everyone had given them KAR guarantees and had put themselves strap on his neck and they gave it to him.

        So where is the evil being that you want to paint in Allison if Vicente’s testimony says otherwise, the fact that she was the female leader of DOS does not even put her in the lab, and even worse did not make her more intelligent than the other women because if she had her name on the account and that is nonsense for a criminal think about the fact of a blackmail victim who knows where the guarantee they have of them is kept and even so they continue to give more and neither did they the authorities or use the same information to blackmail them to their blackmailers by daring them to show the truth about them, in fact nobody did anything to free themselves until someone from the outside proposed them and those who did it on their own just walked away in silence Without saying anything as much out of fear as out of shame.

  • Thanks Diane for the excellent summary of today’s court proceedings.

  • ‘The collateral had been in a Dropbox account. In this Dropbox account was one file called brands. The second page of this file was titled “collateral” and the owner and creator of this page was Allison Mack.’

    And that right there is the reason Mack had to plead guilty. She’s lucky the DA was generous enough to drop the sex trafficking charges, because she’s plainly guilty of that as well. Note to the wise: if you’re going to engage in felonies, don’t leave your name on the evidence, and don’t put the evidence up on the Internet.

    • After reading that passage how could any sane person declare Allison Mack to be innocent of blackmail and sex trafficking-

    • Mack has valid reasons for being stupid, she’s blond and the blood gorging her cankles doesn’t leave enough left over for her brain.

    • And that, right here is why you aren’t working for law enforcement…jumping to a conclusion.
      It’s a Dropbox…it’s not like renting a storage or something like that.
      It’s easy to pretend that i’m Allison Mack and create a page.

      Also no, the sex trafficking charges were dropped not because of luck but because nothing was solid against Allison…You really have a problem with reality (and especially with Mack).

      I didn’t see you react so swiftly when Vicente was saying how Raniere tried to destroy her and how he was pushing her over the edge (making her unstable , in the end)

      • Allison Mack was unstable to begin with.
        She knew damned well who and what Raniere is.
        She was warned by Actaeon.
        Frank Parlato and Catherine Oxenberg tried to warn her.
        Allison Mack did not give a damn.

        And the charges were dropped in return for her testimony.
        Let Allison Mack go on the stand and publicly deny that she opened the Dropbox.
        Until she does the Dropbox is hers and she filled it up with photos and videos of naked women in order to facilitate and promote a sex trafficking conspiracy.
        Allison Mack is a Racketeer and an extortionist.
        Allison Mack is a Gangster.

      • Speaking of “jumping to a conclusion,” a grand jury that heard witness testimony and reviewed evidence, returned indictments against Mack for human trafficking that they determined met a standard of probable cause. Federal prosecutors have extremely high conviction rates when they do go to trial, because they only proceed with “solid” charges – all we know is that they were willing to bargain away some of the charges that would have been hardest for Mack to admit to, for the certainty and simplicity of a deal that still put her behind bars for her crimes.

        And I notice that you consistently claim things as facts, that aren’t, and then accuse others of making just the sort of assumptions that you yourself continually resort to. Very strange – and rather culty. I’d agree that there are things we don’t yet know about Mack with much certainty, but indeed we don’t really know for sure. But her willingness to be involved in things that others weren’t, and to stick around even as her friends left because what was going on was unbearable and unconscionable, raises questions.

        Also, based on how the trial is starting to unfold, Mack likely would have faced a high likelihood of being convicted on the human trafficking charges, as the prosecution is effectively painting a picture of people extensively involved in things they knew were really wrong. As evidenced by the classic example of the attempt to introduce the idea of Stockholm Syndrome into the Patty Hearst kidnapping and bank robbery trial, juries generally don’t buy complex theories about people who commit crimes somehow having been made to do so by others. Such nuanced arguments about culpability ultimately contributed to Hearst having her sentence commuted, probably rightly, but don’t carry much weight legally. A jury looking at evidence of Mack running the slave ring out of her DropBox – do you deny that she used it for that, even if you want to theorize that someone else might have created it for her- – and overseeing the branding of women who had been deceived or even coerced into it, isn’t going to have the sympathy and willingness to excuse crimes that you have for your beloved Ally.

  • “Then in a discussion with Kayla, someone observed on Allison Mack’s computer that Mack pledged [collateral] that if she was ever to leave Raniere, she would give up any children she had and surrender all of her possessions to him.”

    So it was Kayla Grosse who knew about Mack’s computer.

    No need to hide her name and identity, she has admitted to being in NXIVM on Twitter. She also seems to be a friend of fellow NXIVM cultist Kristin Kreuk.

    • Because not everyone is an asshole…Kayla is out and never was that deep or high…why trying to name shame her- And as much as i Don’t like KK, why do you even bring that – what does this have to do with anything said here-

      • Nobody is shaming her. People know who Sarah Edmonson and Catherine Oxenberg are as they have gone public. No need to hide their last names.

        Kayla [name redacted] admitted on Twitter she was a NXIVM cultist, thus no need to hide her last name.

        How many people were not that “high” but knew about bad stuff-

        And why do you not like “KK”, aka Kristin Kreuk- Are NXIVM people just not likeable-


        Kayla Grosse. Why are all these NXIVM freaks all liberals- It’s as if their low self esteem makes them not only sanctimonious and pretentious virtue signallers, but also literal actual cult members. Have they analysed this- It’s not masculine men or feminine women. Just gross loser people empty inside. And they like to talk down to others!- No wonder it’s them who obsess over mental health. They are crazy. Sad.

        • Some cults have orientations that attract more liberals, while others attract more conservatives – and not just culty Christian groups, but even UFO cults.

          Perhaps the most infamous and arguably most abusive cult, Scientology, has ended skewing further and further towards social and political conservatism. Currently, its key member and Republic lobbyist in Washington, Greg Mitchell, part of a circle that includes cultists like former Fox News commentator Greta Van Susteren, is trying to ally the pseudo-church with religious anti-vaxers:

          Mitchell is also advising Scientology minor celebrity and tireless self-promoter Joy Villa, who is making progress on a campaign to gain influence in the Trump White House, and with the MAGA movement, possibly in preparation for a run for public office. She’s gained attention with stunts like wearing dresses that look like border walls or that say “Fuck Planned Parenthood” to red carpet events – very culty partisanship.

          The group’s relatively best known politician in the past was Sonny Bono who, though some might assume otherwise because of his being in the entertainment business and from California, was actually a Republican.

          • Generics and averages.

            Masculine men and feminine women have more self esteem then emasculated soy boy wimps and ugly feminists who hate men and nature.

    • Kayla [redacted] is particularly close to Mack.
      Last I saw Kayla is living in Los Angeles.

  • Trial is sorta lame thus far but maybe not so for the casual observer- Perhaps I know waaaayyy too much of the crazy of NXIVM already. Maybe when the co defendants start slinging mud, it will get interesting- So far it seems the state has proven Raniere is a weirdo and a psychopath but nothing criminal (other than the photos of the girl he abused but he’s not charged with that in this venue). What’s more is that it seems the 6 week timeline is very conservative considering Vicente’ testimony is at 3 days and counting.

  • Keith damn well knows he’s a psycho and his pedophilia — all his crimes — are motivated by his psychopathic narsicism, IMO.

    Read Brandon Porter’s statement in Nx promo materials — I’m sure Keith had a hand in writing it — where Porter talks about feeling like “Spock” — that’s a Keith justification.

    Keith pretended he had “A beautiful mind”’— was a schizophrenic genius — to elicit our mother’s sympathy and take advantage of Gina, who feared her own mind due to our true genius brother’s bi-polar disorder.

    But he was always a psycho wolf in a schizo sheep’s clothing. And he knows it but believes conscience-free brutality delivered emotionally or physically, rules.

    Someday it may. But not today, Raniere.

  • What you have here on display is not so subtle smugness from VanDouche revealing what he was all about.

    He played many people, including every single NXIVM member. And he relished it – the hunt, the bedding of women, the breaking down of people and turning them to his way of doing things, the theft of money under the guise of tribute, etc. It was a game.

    As Bill Parcells used to say, “You all were sucked.”

  • yes he is indeed a psychopath and here is an example of the mentality of the women who followed him

    • True believers and fanatics of various sorts, typically engage in ends-justifies-the-means thinking, and do things that are wrong in the name of their cause.

      That might also apply to those who persistently and almost compulsively post off-topic material, related to their personal ideological fixations, in online forums.

      More relevant here is the example of the diehard loyalist FLDS women in Texas, among them Warren Jeffs’ many wives and former child brides – also representing another part of the ideological spectrum, including the environment that ignores or even enables it:

      • LOL looks like another left wing nut snowflake got triggered. The original poster is correct, that dopey college chick is a perfect representative of the women of NXIVM

  • Pingback: Vicente Concludes Direct Testimony – ‘I Realized Keith Is a Psychopath’ ()

  • Crazy women who still speak about the good in Raniere

    How could any woman condone this monster behavior-

    Some slept with him for decades.
    Some claim they never saw any red flags. WHAT!!!

    Only two people have testified and it doesn’t take a 5th grader to know this guy is a creep, he’s a bully and a conman.

    Even after all that has been exposed to date, there are women speaking out that he’s not all bad. CRAZY to think anyone who would say that in public.

    • If Clare, Allison, Nancy, Lauren and Kathy had not been indicted, they would probably be publicly defending him.

    • Yep, and one 9f them still openly ext8lls the virtues of Keith and wants the best parts of NXIVM resurrected.
      Can ya beat that–

      What is even more gaulling is how women used, abused, groomed, pimped out, enslaved, branded, defrauded, defamed., etc their own sex all for Keith and his higher purpose.
      Tell me. What higher purpose is this great free for all shag fest-

      By the way. Did anyone else notice Nancy’s shit ass grin the other day in Brooklyn- What the hell is she grinning about- She needs to feel the wrath of a social pariah which is what she is.

      • ” Did anyone else notice Nancy’s shit ass grin the other day in Brooklyn- What the hell is she grinning about- She needs to feel the wrath of a social pariah which is what she is.”

        All of the NXIVM female defendants need to feel the wrath of the public but especially the wrath of womanhood.
        These women talked about female empowerment knowing full well about the sex harem and the pedophilia.

    • Well if you believe Frank, Keith was such a good conman, that he fooled even a great, investigative journalist like Frank Parlato, who is definitely older than a 5th grader and probably at least somewhat smarter. Frank called Keith his friend and helped recruit for the cult and made up stories about Joe O’Hara and ran a smear campaign against him because he believed his sex slaver pal. If Keith hadn’t fired Frank, Frank might have still been defending Keith just like some of these other women. Afterall, Frank says he had no idea how evil Keith and this cult were until he was indicted himself near the end of 2015.

      And maybe if Frank had spent as much time writing about more of the men involved in this cult as he has done about some of the women, the more misogynistic posters on here would know more about the male members: Mark Vicente, Michel Chernitzky, Emiliano Salinas, Alex Betancourt, Edgar Boone, Omar Boone, Luis Montes Gutierrez, Juan Lopez de Silanes Blanco, James J Del Negro, Brian S. Elliot, Cedric F Celik, Marc B Elliot, Lucas Roberts , Eduardo Asunsolo Ramirez, Jens E Gould, David Garza Perez, Jorge Fregoso, Jack Levy, Luis C Lozano, Gabriel Delgado Ayau Kamaraj Kalyanasundaram, Juan Luis Lopez Fons, Farouk Rojas, Eduardo Achar, Enrique Martin Moreno, Jorge Luis Bárcenas Méndez, Hector Cortes Del Valle, Roy Yen, Patricio Gorozpe Huerdo, Arturo García Torres, Julio Manuel Alvarez, Rafael Gutierrez Serrano, Chris S Pearson-Smith, Danny Trutmann, Sean H Craney, Justin R Elliot, Geoffrey A Goldberg, Evan L Horowitz, Brandon Porter, Arturo Caro Islas, Mark HIldreth, Anthony Ames, Scott Starr . . .

      • You sound emotional. Do you have a problem with Frank- Where did you get all those names from- Were you in the NXIVM cult-

      • If any of those men had cankles, perhaps we would be more interested. Why don’t YOU submit some “manly” NXIVM stories for Frank to publish-

      • Frank ran afoul of Raniere fairly quickly, precisely because he asked hard questions about what was really going on, and had a nose for fraud. I doubt he would have lasted much longer, regardless. But it does show how Raniere and NXIVM managed to put on a good front, and lure people in.

        And thanks for that reminder of all the men involved. The women were key in the inner circle where the worst abuses went on, but the men still don’t get their share of attention.

        • If the above poster is not a supporter or ex-supporter of NXIVM, it’s someone who does not like what Frank says. Now who does not like what Frank say…- The brown spanker-

      • Some of those names you list are of gay males who are in NXIVM.
        And those gay males are particularly close to Allison Mack and Nicki Clyne.
        Do you categorize gay males as misogynistic-

  • I don’t know if anyone in the US is familiar with the Jeremy Kyle Show. It’s a little like the Jerry Springer Show. It has now been axed as a participant commited suicide after appearing on the show. There will be a UK Parliamentary inquiry into reality TV shows. In this article, the use of NLP in the show is mentioned.

    • In America we had the Jenny Jones Show hosted by a female stand up comedian from Canada.
      On one show Jones ambushed a guest.
      The male guest. was nagged and nagged to appear saying that he had a secret admirer who wanted to talk to him.
      The secret admirer turned out to be a gay man at the guest’s work.
      Jenny Jones and her producers thought this was a great joke.

      The nagged guest was ridiculed at work and reacted by taking a gun and shooting and killing his secret admirer.
      When Jenny Jones was sued, in court she barely claimed to know anything about her show.
      She did no preparation and her producers just handed her the information right before the show went on the air.
      Jenny Jones is either a liar or an idiot.

      Murder of Scott Amedure

      In 1999, the Amedure family sued The Jenny Jones Show, Telepictures, and Warner Bros. for the ambush tactics and, as the Amedure family saw it, their negligent role that led to Amedure’s death. In May, the jury awarded the Amedures $25 million.[11] The jury found that The Jenny Jones Show was both irresponsible and negligent, contending that the show intentionally created an explosive situation without due concern for the possible consequences.[12] Time Warner’s defense attorney later claimed the verdict would cause a chilling effect on the industry.[1

    • The article about the Bronfmans is an interesting reminder that while the older children seem relatively more respectable and responsible, they also haven’t done very well with the money they inherited, and may have their own sexual foibles as well. I’ve always thought that Samuel II’s having had his ear cut off in the kidnapping made it unlikely that it was staged, but regardless something strange was going on involving an apparent former homosexual lover. Also, the one sister in the first family, Holly, moved to India and converted to Hinduism; a quick search shows that there seem to be a couple of gurus and some “quantum healing” new age woo in her backstory, and I wouldn’t be surprised if there is a culty group mixed in, too. Plus their aunt was a supporter of the charismatic grungy guru Ira Einhorn, a infamous self-promoter who false took credit for founding Earth Day, and who turned out to be a sociopath and murderer.

      The article, also rather bizarrely, has a picture of the younger Bronfman at the third wedding of his father, standing next to him and the woman only a couple of years older than the son who would become the mother of the infamously wayward half-sisters.

  • Vicente claimed that there were still 30 to 40 NXIVM members in Clifton Park.
    How would Vicente know unless he is still in contact with members of the cult-

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