Guest View: What is Rainiere Really Guilty Of?

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Lying? Yes, he is a liar. He was not transparent about his role in DOS nor did he tell Nx adherants he had a harem.

Manipulation? Yes, he’s a manipulator. He manipulated everyone around him to doing his bidding, paying for courses that after the first course, just strung people along.

Sexual Addiction? Yes, he’s a sex addict. He does not have control over his sexual behavior and that sexual behavior has had negative consequences for his life

Narcissism? Yes, Rainiere is a narcissist. He requires everyone around him to serve and support him, especially women. No surprise he has a harem to take care of his incessant needs.

Pornography? Well, he’s taken pictures of naked women but he has not shared them on the internet so it is questionable if he is really a pornographer

Pedophila? Yes, he believes the age of consent for girls should be 12 in some cases. This is in keeping with traditional religion including early Christianity. I disagree with him and he should not have gone forth with having relationships with young girls because it can be very damaging for them. Was it damaging to Cami, the girl in question? Apparently not! And, this is the situation in question so I would not be prepared to convict Raniere on this if he were in relationship with her.

Tax Evasion, illegally crossing a border, falsifying documents etc? Has anyone here ever sent a sweater or a book abroad to a friend but you called it documents? If so, you’ve broken Federal law. The point is the government is reaching on a bunch of charges so they can find a reason to put him away. This is simply a means of social control to insure everyone pays taxes to pay the salaries of those in power and running the government. I am no Anarchist and I believe everyone should pay taxes but putting people in jail for minor offenses like falsifying a document is criminal on the part of the government. What the government is saying to all it’s citizens is:We are big and powerful and you should be scared of us. Well, IMO, intimidation is not the role of government.

Being easy to dislike? Yes, Rainiere is very easy to dislike. He’s an older guy with a lot of young, sexy girlfriends and gets as much sex as he wants. He also created a very successful business organization but does not live like a wealthy person. How does that make you feel? You and me are stuck with our wives and stuck working 9-5 doing some job we can’t wait to retire from. Aren’t you jealous of him? I am! Isn’t that the real crime? He has something we want: an unlimited stream of young, sexy women and the means to do what he wants every day.

Coercion? Yes, Rainiere was coercive. He collected collateral. He said he did it help others but I don’t buy it because it as not an effective means of behavior change. Negative punishment / self imposed coercive strategies have not been shown to be an effective motivator of enforcing life long behavior change. Apparently, no collateral was released so what should we charge Raniere with: using ineffective, medieval strategies?

Legal harassment and intimidation? Yes, he litigated unnecessarily and caused many people harm when he could have acted humbly, admitted his mistakes, made amends and moved on. Rainiere and Bronfman should pay people back for the harm they’ve caused them including Parlato, Ross and O’Hara and anyone else they’ve hurt. But, this is more of a civil matter than a criminal matter.

What does it come down to? A bunch of people got upset about human branding which is not a crime and then the government looked into everything and decided Rainiere was operating immorally. He was having lots of sex, had an underage girl friend at one time, making lots of money, slipping some people across the border, not paying people fairly and litigating anyone who complained and caused him problems. That’s it.

What should be done with Rainiere? Rainiere is an asshole. He’s a liar who doesn’t live up to what he preaches. What minister or religious leader does? He needs to be publicly shamed and pay those back whom he’s hurt. Does he deserve 15 years to life in prison? IMO, No! He’s just another jerk. He hasn’t committed murder, he hasn’t robbed banks or traded secrets to the Russians. He’s done nothing many of our present leaders haven’t done. He’s had affairs, lied about it, cheated people out of money. Sound like anyone you know?

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32 commentsOn Guest View: What is Rainiere Really Guilty Of?

  • Dearest Friend of a Friend,

    Please kindly return to your Troll Lair from whence you came.

    • Friend of a Friend

      The truth is too much to bear? Raniere had all the sex he wanted, all the money he wanted, all the freedom he wanted. And you and me, what do we have? Leftovers for dinner, whatever beer is on sale at Stop and Shop and a partner that watches everything I do.

      I’m not saying Raniere is not guilty of all crimes; it’s just that he’s getting a raw deal because he’s living the life everyone secretly wants to have.

      • omg you have rancid brains f of f ….. NO ONE in THEIR RIGHT MIND secretly wants ANYTHING ANYTHING this dude exuded


        money sex material is meaningless WITHOUT PURPOSE and GRACE and efforts TOWARDS LIFE not away from it

        please get your priorties straight or you will never know a day’s simple joy because the sun rose

        • I agree with you that Friend of a Friend is a douchebag who’s got a perverted sense of the world.

          However, your comment about sex being meaningless WITHOUT PURPOSE is not only incorrect, but laughable. You obviously don’t know men.

          Look, as human beings we all want true love and all that fairytale shit.

          However, having hot women offer up their fresh pussy is something EVERY man wants and will partake in, when given the opportunity. Including YOUR man, if you have one. 🙂

          Even ‘Niceguy’ (who claims to be happily married) would easily partake in extra marital pussy if a hot playboy model threw herself at him and offered up her vagina for the evening, especially if wifey was out of town and he could get away with it.

          If he denies it then he’s simply a FUCKEN LIAR.

          He’d be all over that pussy. So would any man.

          Sex and pussy don’t need ‘meaning’ to be a fruitful endeavor, as long as said pussy is offered with full consent from the women.

          But I do agree with you that all sane men would reject Keith’s tactics.

          I just don’t agree that all men need ‘meaning’ and ‘purpose’ when getting some pussy. 🙂

        • Chickyrogue- Thank you for saying that. “Friend” has twisted values and is without grace or beauty. I hope he finds it.

      • So do many people. But they don’t do it the Raniere way.

        And no. I never wanted his life. Not at all.

      • Friend of a friend (Bangkook…?)

        Why in the world would any man be jealous of a short, gawky-looking, cross-eyed wimp who suffers from ED? He may have had multiple young women under his manipulative control, but he didnt have an intimate relationship with any of them, and from what we’ve heard, his sex life sounded really crappy ( at least from the women’s point of view…)

        Can’t image that anyone would be envious of that.

      • The truth is that none of truly exist.

        Nothing any of us do has any true consequences in the context of the universe.

        The only thing that matters is what you believe.

        “I think, therefore, I am. “

      • orangecountydreams - OCD

        Not me. I don’t want a life without meaning. I don’t want to trick people out of money and services. I don’t want to live as a complete and utter fraud. I don’t want to spend my life smirking at and ridiculing those who actually love me.

        I don’t want to be a “Vanguard.”

        If your life is “leftovers for dinner, whatever beer is on sale at Stop and Shop and a partner that watches everything I do,” you can and should do something to change that. Maybe your own choices and perceptions have led you to lead the kind of life that makes you unhappy.

        You should taste some of MY leftovers – they are sublime! MY partner is the love of my life and soul mate. And I drink Chardonnay, not beer.

      • ” … you and me, what do we have? Leftovers for dinner, whatever beer is on sale at Stop and Shop and a partner that watches everything I do.”

        Pathetic life, pathetic guy.

    • Sometimes even trolls tell the truth.

      Raniere is a scumbag who flourished in a corrupt culture.

      • Friend of a Friend

        Yes, the culture was corrupt. It was set up to serve Raniere and not to serve humanity.

        • I like the quote from the late comedian George Carlin.

          When you’re born in this world you get a ticket to a three ring circus.
          When you’re born in America you get a ring side set to that circus.

          NXIVM is a ring side seat to the American Circus.

          • Friend of a Friend

            “NXIVM is a ring side seat to the American Circus”

            Brilliant line! Do you mind if I steal it? LOL! No really, what do believe Nx says about life in the USA?

          • “Friend of a Friend”

            “Do you mind if I steal it?”
            Go ahead.
            I took the line from the late George Carlin.
            No matter how grim the news is, and the news about NXIVM was usually grim, I tried looking on it as a strange form of entertainment.

  • He’s guilty of the very specific charges that were brought against him. Those are the crimes he is guilty of, and those are the crimes he will go to prison for.

  • Um ….

    “You and me are stuck with our wives and stuck working 9-5 doing some job we can’t wait to retire from. Aren’t you jealous of him? I am! Isn’t that the real crime? He has something we want: an unlimited stream of young, sexy women … ”


    That’s a pathetic description of yourself and your situation, and it’s led you to a complete misunderstanding of the case against Raniere. The young, sexy women you’re fantasizing about having in unlimited streams — does your fantasy include coercion through blackmail?

    Or are you thinking they’re going to arrive with their clothes off because you’re just that awesome? Raniere pretended to be that awesome, but he knew he wasn’t, which is why he hid his involvement until the blackmail was in hand.

    At least the government is up front about what it’s doing, and is playing by the rules of the system that authorized it to have power over citizens. Raniere was lying and manipulating people without their knowledge, and even by his own special rules, he was cheating.

  • Steven the questioner

    Can someone tell me why Raniere was not charged with pedophilia?

  • Any guesses who wrote this article? Lucas? One of the remaining Vancouver crew? Jim Del Negro? Whoever you are, it seems you at least know Raniere is a charlatan. But yes, he deserves to rot in jail. He’s a con man who has done harm to too many. Guys like him deserve to rot. And maybe worse.

    • Friend of a Friend

      Yes, Raniere is a charlatan and he does deserve jail time. He took everything way to far.

      But how badly did he hurt people? Who did he kill? Did he collaborate with the Russians on getting dirt on political opponents?

      Life imprisonment, No.

      • We don’t know how many were killed. He just said, on camera, “I’ve had people killed.”

        Others were driven to suicide.

        Life in prison?


      • How badly did he hurt people? Simply take Dani’s family, he obliterated their bonds with each other. They will never recover, perhaps their ability to create trusting, fulfilling relationships no longer even exists in them. For no reason other than he wanted to have sex with the girls. Families are a foundational unit of communities and society. And I mean families in the broadest of possible, non-traditional terms. He denied Dani’s right to an education, to a life created by herself, denied her the right of a loving partner chosen by herself. She had to live through the trauma of seeing this monster groom her younger, underage sister for sex, and then be pitted against her for his attentions. That is not merely repellent, it is an abomination. In her telling she had to put herself together piece by piece, her self-esteem, her ability to love life and others, and it is a testament to her indomitable spirit and and a drive to create a life for herself on her own terms that has allowed to overcome this trauma. Who did he hurt? This girl and her family. That should be enough.

  • Written by “By Friend of a Friend”

    Or was it written by “Fiend of a Fiend”?


    124 posts
    369 following
    for fiends + framily
    in the absence of ego, there is only alter

  • I wondered what Agnifilo was doing while waiting for the verdict.

  • What is Raniere Really Guilty Of?


  • This didn’t age well.

  • You conveniently left out the kidnap and detention of Daniela who said that she was starved and essentially tortured while in captivity. That’s hard to overlook. As far as the forced Labor and human trafficking charges are concerned simply because no one was held at gunpoint doesn’t necessarily mean that they weren’t trafficked. Which is why the legal definition of trafficking includes not only force but fraud and coercion as well. NXIVM was guilty of trafficking through the fraud/coercion variety, even IF his victims still think he was doing them a favor to this day. As victims of trafficking they aren’t allowed to simply declare they wanted it and have it suddenly be legal. Most victims, adult or minor, struggle with the fact they’re being trafficked for sometimes even years before they’ll finally admit that they were taken advantage of.

  • My exact thoughts. Thank you.

  • Eh!!!!….He stole, he lied, he committed rape against women & children, he held a women hostage for 2 years, he ruined lives, he acted as a pimp & a crime, boss, he had people killed for their beliefs. However subtle or however ludicrous, the jury saw & heard all the evidence and found him guilty on all counts! My creep factor was off the charts for the last two years. Thank god this monster has been taken out of circulation.

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