Raniere is Coming to Grips With Reality – and Already Planning His Appeals

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The guards at the Metropolitan Detention Center (MDC) have seen the same look thousands of times

It’s what happens when prisoners who have been waiting to go to trial finally get their wish.

Gone are all the braggadocio and all the insistence that there’s no way a jury will convict them of anything.

After several days of trial – and in Keith Raniere’s case, more than 23 days of damning and lurid testimony – most prisoners become keenly aware that they’re likely going to be convicted on most, if not all, of the pending charges against them.

[A recent report by Pew Research Center indicates that in 2018 only 2% of those who were charged with federal crimes actually went to trial – and that 83% of those went to trial were convicted. Put another way, only 320 of the 79,704 people who were charged with federal crimes in 2018 went to trial – and won an acquittal).

And so, the reality of his situation has finally started to sink in for The Vanguard.

He’s described as “looking confused” and “out of it”.

Marie White’s Depiction of Raniere

But one thing he isn’t is quiet.

He’s been telling his temporary cellmates all about the trial from his perspective.

According to him, it’s his former “bitches and whores” – that’s how he describes them – who are causing all his problems.

He talks constantly about being betrayed – and how none of this would have happened if he had been allowed to be out on bail before the trial started.

Much of his anger is focused on three women: Clare Bronfman, Allison Mack, and Lauren Salzman – all of whom he describes as “really dumb bitches”.


Marie White’s depiction of Clare Bronfman


MK10ART’s painting of Allison “Pimp” Mack


Marie White’s depiction of Lauren Salzman


The Vanguard is also not happy with his lead attorney, Marc Agnifilo – who he refers to as a “little pussy lawyer”.

MK10ART’s painting of Marc Agnifilo cross-examining Sylvie

Apparently, Raniere wanted Agnifilo to be much more aggressive with his cross-examination of the female witnesses – like he was with Lauren Salzman.

Agnifilo told him that the only way to win this case was through “minimization” – and that any more attempts to beat up on the witnesses would cause the jury to turn 100% against him and Raniere.


According to Raniere, Agnifilo has apparently told him that even if he gets convicted, they’ll have “some good issues” for an appeal.

And Raniere has told his cellmates that he’s also planning to appeal on the basis of “ineffective counsel”.

Neither of those appeals will likely be successful – but they’ll give Raniere something to do for the next 20 years or so.


The guards have also continued to have fun with The Vanguard.

Twice in the last couple of weeks, the outfit that he was supposed to wear to trial could not be located. So, on those days, Raniere had to sort through clothes he had already worn to come up with an outfit for court.


Meanwhile, the Hispanic prisoners at MDC have been following the trial closely – and are hoping that once it’s over, Raniere will be returned to general population.

That probably won’t happen because of all the “incidents” that took place the last time he was placed in that situation.

But it also doesn’t bode well for him in terms of serving out whatever sentence he gets when he’s found guilty.

Information about inmates is currency in prison – and, regardless of where he gets assigned, every other prisoner there will know everything about his case within days of his arrival.

And about one-third of all federal prisoners are Hispanic.


Raniere will be kept at MDC until he is sentenced – which will likely be sometime in October or November.

Metropolitan Detention Center

After that, the Bureau of Prisons will assign him to whatever federal prison it deems to be most appropriate for him (More on this topic at a later date).


We’re still expecting a verdict sometime near the end of this week – maybe late Friday morning or early Friday afternoon.

Whenever it occurs, the courtroom will be jammed with reporters, federal agents, defense attorneys for Raniere’s co-defendants, some onlookers, some wannabes, and some has-beens.

Such is the life of Keith Raniere…

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23 commentsOn Raniere is Coming to Grips With Reality – and Already Planning His Appeals

  • “He talks constantly about being betrayed” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paranoid_personality_disorder Perhaps Mr. Raniere has a touch of Paranoia – Big Destroyer.

  • Verdict with 1-2 days, maybe 3 max. GUILTY ALL COUNTS

    • 4 hours. Already in. Considering how many elements of how many charges… Gotta wonder if tht jury did its due diligence really.

  • If I was in his good shape, I would simply knock out a guard, sprint to the west coast and swim to Fiji. If he is fast, he can even brand a woman or two in the meantime before they notice his absence.

    Let us be honest. What is this clown thinking? He had all the funds in the world during this trial and he will not have any friends when it comes to the next one.

  • The verdict is NOT coming Friday.

    Verdict is coming Thursday.

  • In all truthfulness, Marie White’s depiction of Raniere, easily rivals, in fact surpasses any of van Gogh’s self portraits, and that’s by all artistic standards of measure. Frank is asked to please inform the readers, whether Sotheby’s or Christie’s auction houses have been approached for the organisation of its international event. Those lips, those immaculate incisors… are nothing short of riveting!

  • Actually in his final argument Mark Lesko described Raniere as paranoid.

  • Off topic…. but did Frank ever reveal the reaction by Raniere and/or his lawyers when he (Frank) entered the courtroom last week?

    • I have not revealed it yet. But he had a visceral reaction which surprised onlookers as several reporters told me. I will describe it more fully. But suffice to say, he did not show me any warmth or gladness to see me after 11 years of separation.

      • I look forward to reading your description of the event in the near future!! Thank you, Frank.

      • TY Frank inquiring minds REALLY wanted to know …. hope it was everything and more in a moment for you as revenge is always best served sweet ;0

  • Krclaviger,

    You must drive Raniere crazy with your reporting of MDC happenings.

    The fact that your intel on Raniere comes from Raniere himself being braggadocios is priceless.

    Raniere is so lonely now for conversation he speaks to people he knows he cannot trust.

    It’s fitting that Raniere is suffering the same aloneness he put Dani through.

    Exemplary reporting!!!!!!

  • “Much of his anger is focused on three women: Clare Bronfman, Allison Mack, and Lauren Salzman – all of whom he describes as “really dumb bitches”.

    Hey Pea Onyu, Yolanda Cortez, and Nicki Clyne!
    It looks like you have the Vanguard, the world’s 3rd Smartest Man, all to yourselves.
    Way to go, girls!

    I will grant the Vanguard one concession:

    Clare, Allison and Lauren are really, really dumb.
    Dumb beyond belief.
    Tragically dumb.
    Almost as dumb as the Vanguard himself.

  • Seems like Clare will pull the funding if Keith keeps talking shit about her. Wonder who will pay for the appeal?

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