Brigid: Raniere Is a Prog Rock Doofus, Who Looks like He Wandered out of a John Denver Concert

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By Brigid

Robert Dilts’ book ‘Sleight of Mouth’ gives a good insight into the tactics and techniques being ‘taught,’ or being USED on ‘students’ of programs such as Nxivm.

And herein lies the key to this cretinous VanGardasil’s influence: Steal a little of this, a little of that, throw in a heap of pretentiousness, ensure that the women and men around you are limited in their reading and education, so that he always appears as the smartest guy in the room.

Target a certain psychological profile, like Barbara Bouchey, for example, someone who had an emotionally stressful, difficult childhood, or, if the person had a well-adjusted background but fit the ‘seeker’ profile, wrench their deepest neuroses out of them to use against them.

Make up issues for them, if they are empty vessels. Those who can self-delude or self-brainwash are a cinch, just point them in a certain direction and away they go.

Interesting that it appears to be the younger generation who triggered the downward spiral of the crummy drab 1980s dry-wall construction condos of Nxivm. The younger women like Daniela who resisted so much, or who simply told him to fuck off, or criticized his limp dick like her sister Cami did, possessed some chutzpah these older broads did not.

For many years Keith Raniere lived in the town home on Flintlock Lane in Knox Woods.

It rocked him to his core. It baffled him that they found other, younger men attractive, so he had to keep adding more and more women to fill his void of sheer terror at being a mediocre schlub.

Nancy Salzman AKA Prefect taught Nxivm classes.

Even Nancy Salzman –could she not envision life without a man there to lead her, to be subservient to, a substitute husband?

The Bronfman Sisters [AKA “The Girls”] Clare [l] Sara [r] – pronounced Sah-raw – at the Dalai Lama lecture [2009] they paid to stage – in order, they hoped, for the Dalai Lama to praise Keith Raniere.
The Bronfman sisters were nothing without smart men who earned for them to spend, and they sought out a surrogate father figure in Raniere.

Barbara Bouchey [l] with Michelle, Lauren and Nancy Salzman – during the heyday of Nxivm. At the time, CA 2002, Bouchey was being stripped of her life savings by Raniere, while thinking she was in a monogamous relationship with him – while Lauren and Nancy and at least 12 other women were having sex with her “boyfriend”, Raniere who they referred to as Vanguard. Lauren and Nancy took great pains to manage Barbara’s jealousy “issues” and gave her near constant EM therapy to quell her unrest. Nevertheless Barbara still professes the Nxivm teachings were wonderful and Keith was an excellent, marvelous boyfriend.
For all of Bouchey’s professed success, she needed male validation. How she missed the available professional men she surely met working in finance, in a state capitol overrun with lawyers, is beyond me.

The outward appearance of all these accomplished women was a mirage. They were like the Real Housewives of NY, none of whom are actually housewives, and none of these Nxivm women are either.

Had they been, their lives would not have been so derailed. This is what Lauren Salzman really wanted, after all. There is nothing wrong with wanting a family, to be in a heterosexual, committed relationship.

Maybe she failed to notice the rest of the world manages to do so. It is normal. To join a polygamous, glorified, prison camp cult is not normal. But the young women didn’t play ball and caused problems, and to her credit, once Sarah Edmundson married and created a family, she didn’t go along either.

Once Kristin Keefe had a baby, she too bolted.

We know of those who did not, or could not leave, precisely because they stayed, desperately trying to substitute a cult for a family, like Nicki Clyne, like Allison Mack.

Allison Mack and Nicki Clyne, both members of DOS. They might be married.
Allison Mack and Nicki Clyne. Mack is a convicted felon for her role in Nxivm. She married Clyne in order to help her stay in the USA so she could be close to Raniere.

And they didn’t do it for God, for any spirituality, but for cold clinical sales coaching, for introductory level psychology classes, for cheesy self-help crapola that should have gone out of style with macrame, ferns, quiche, Earth shoes, and pet rocks.

Raniere is a swinging singles suburban orgy throwback, a prog rock doofus, who looks like he wandered out of a John Denver concert. He’s no Burt Reynolds in a Camaro, despite the hairy chest, though they are both short. He is an intellectual lightweight, producing nothing of significance or substance. Deep down, I suspect Bouchey knows this, but cannot bring herself to admit it.


Keith Raniere strikes his ‘Thinker’ pose.


Image result for john denver concert
The late singer John Denver might have enjoyed having Keith Raniere attending one of his concerts.


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22 commentsOn Brigid: Raniere Is a Prog Rock Doofus, Who Looks like He Wandered out of a John Denver Concert

  • His only talent is the ability to sniff out people’s vulnerabilities, and use them for his own profit. Once found, he would amplify and reinforce those vulnerabilities to the point where people were unable to function in any kind of self-motivated way. The feeling of being in control of ones existence was undermined, and in many cases eradicated.

    His whole existence has been that of a parasite.

  • I abhor Raniere’s behavior, selfishness, and lack of empathy toward others. But I doubt that he spends the rest of his life behind bars. My guess is that the jury will convict him on some charges, but not the real heavy ones. Did he take advantage of Mack, Salzman, et al? Yes, but they could have, and should have, made the decision to leave. All these people made a choice to turn over their lives to this charlatan with no regard to the consequences.

    If Raniere walks free, and his group of devotees walk with him…let them go. It’s their choice and their problem. If some woman wants to get branded and be forced to compete with a squad of other women for the affection of a short, cross-eyed, 60 year old food blister, let her go. If a female finds “freedom” by living on 500 calories a day, which includes swallowing the semen of her vanguard, then she has made a choice. It’s all about choices.

    • ” It’s all about choices.”

      Jarhead, you’re absolutely right.
      Freedom means the freedom to make bad choices.

      In the case of the NXIVM women they made really, really bad choices.

      Many of these NXIVM women would have been better off with boyfriends who work flipping burgers at McDonald’s than with the world’s self-proclaimed third smartest man.

    • Raniere probably faces additional charges, as apparently does Clare Bronfman – it may be hard to even bring a case against her without implicating him as well, along with quite a few others – and I think it would be particularly hard for the NDNY not to act on the dismissed pedophilia-related charges if the current SDNY case doesn’t yield a long prison term for Vanguard.

      I suspect Raniere will end up behind bars for quite a while – in part to protect vulnerable people from him, and not just underage girls.

    • When he gets convicted, the rest of this pile of shits’ life probably won’t be very long at all. We can only hope that the rest of the inmates give this asshole the shlocking that he has been begging for all his life.

    • Unfortunately Raniere is not on trial for his more heinous crimes……

      Such as Rape and child molestation.

      I do not like the idea of agreeing with your statement Jarhead but you do make some fine points and good arguments.

      I just pray your wrong about Raniere walking.

  • Coincidentally, John Denver was an evangelist for est.

  • “wandered out of a John Denver concert. ”

    Raniere does have a passing physical resemblance to John Denver.

    To be fair to John Denver he did have real musical talent unlike the Vanguard.
    John Denver’s real name was Henry John Deutschendorf, Junior and his father was a Lieutenant Colonel in the US Air Force.
    His father set three speed records flying the B-58 bomber.

    And unlike the Vanguard John Denver was a real champion of free speech and opposed censorship in the music industry.

    And unlike the Vanguard John Denver only had two wives.
    The Vanguard was not satisfied with even 100 Sister Wives.

    “Henry John Deutschendorf Jr. (December 31, 1943 – October 12, 1997), known professionally as John Denver, was an American singer-songwriter, record producer, actor, activist, and humanitarian, whose greatest commercial success was as a solo singer. ”

    “Henry John Deutschendorf Jr. was born on New Year’s Eve 1943, in Roswell, New Mexico, to Captain (later LTC) Henry John “Dutch” Deutschendorf,[7] a United States Army Air Forces pilot stationed at Roswell AAF and his wife, Erma Louise (Swope). Years later, as a Lieutenant Colonel in the U.S. Air Force, Deutschendorf Sr. would set three speed records in the B-58 Hustler bomber and earn a place in the Air Force Hall of Fame.”

    Deutschendorf, Henry John, Sr., Lt Col

    12 January 1961: Major Henry J. Deutschendorf, United States Air Force, 43rd Bomb Wing, Strategic Air Command, flew from Carswell Air Force Base, Texas to Edwards Air Force Base, California with Convair B-58A-10-CF Hustler, 59-2442, Untouchable. There, he flew two laps of a 1,000 kilometer circuit between Edwards and Yuma, establishing six new Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI) speed records at an average of 1,708.82 kilometers per hour (1,061.81 miles per hour). He and his two crewmen, Captain Raymond R. Wagener, Defensive Systems Officer; Captain William L. Polhemus, Radar Navigator/Bombardier, were each awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross.

    (Major Deutschendorf was the father of Henry J. Deutschendorf, Jr., better known by his stage name, “John Denver”.)

  • Solid thoughtful read after seeing too many lightweights being allowed by Frank to rap up the blog.

  • “cretinous VanGardasil” What a fantastic description!! In the Biblical book of Titus, Paul quotes a Cretan saying: “Cretans are always liars, evil brutes and lazy gluttons.” Perfect!

  • orangecountydreams - OCD

    An excellently written piece – thank you.

  • Yep!! They and women like them are who in the hell bought 80 million copies of 50 Shades of Gray and flooded to the movie

    • “women like them are who in the hell bought 80 million copies of 50 Shades of Gray and flooded to the movie”

      The best hope for Raniere is that society’s values have changed so much that with books and movies like “50 Shades of Grey” people will tolerate his alternate lifestyle.
      I remember standing in line at a Barnes and Noble bookstore waiting to buy a book behind a middle age, middle class woman waiting to buy “50 Shades of Grey.”

  • Perhaps not coincidentally, Dilts and one of Nancy Salzman’s NLP teachers, Joseph Yeager, co-wrote a work title Overcoming Resistance to Persuasion with Neuro-Linguistic Programming – it seems to me that the implications of that are deviously manipulative if not even sinister.

    I think a lot of the general points in this piece are illustrative of what was at work in NXIVM. However, I know quite a few women of about the same age as the first generation of Raniere’s followers who would not have fallen for or put up with his bunk, and among younger generations there are obviously still those like Mack and Cline who were complete dupes.

    There are definitely factors of generational and societal change that affect the recruiting, functioning, and member retention of high control groups or cults, but I’m not sure yet what case could really be made for how such factors might be at work in NXIVM.

  • Dilts was Nancy Salzmans trainer, and worked on projects at Langley Institute, one of many MKUltra project locations.
    Jim Jones cult members came from there, as did Jim Jones himself.
    Any questions?

  • Girl Scout Cookies

    Good commentary Brigid. Enjoyed it.

  • I wouldn’t give the younger generation of Nxivm too much credit. Cami is still a Nxivm loyalist down in Mexico. Dani only abandoned her Vanguard because she fell in love with another man, not because she figured anything out. She was devoted to Raniere before that. Mack was still on Smallville when she followed Kreuk into the organization, both were twenty-something actresses at the time. So was Nikki Clyne.

  • “She married Clyne in order to help her stay in the USA so she could be close to Raniere.”
    You’ve got proof of this? No, because there are several problems with this claim…
    Up until now, here, it was accepted that Nicky was under Allison in the hierarchy but then the trial said otherwise…
    Like the fact Allison was not in a relationship with Raniere (at least sexually) until 2015+ (Lauren’s testimony…she clearly said that Allison’s relation started after Dos (and seems like it’s based on fact as nobody contradicted the fact).

    As for the reason for the marriage, you can’t claim it’s fake as nobody can be sure of that! Even court seem to Believe it as it’s not listed in her crimes).

  • Omg, the way Raniere was all, “Emerson, Lake & Palmer?” Twice. In that low info/so bs vid with Allison Mack. What a loser fanboy. Allison was like, “Whatever you said is so deep.” Ha

    The Lamb Lies Down in Halfmoon. Freaking amazing that this pipsqueek was all about trying to neg random women on the occasions he was stopping off at the Mobile station with his SOP idiot man posse on the way back to Knox Woods from Apropos. Ugh. He was such a swarmy creep.

  • Brigid:

    You have never had a good quiche, if you believe quiche isn’t “in”…

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