Sources: Clare Bronfman to Be Charged With Additional Crimes

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This one you can take to the bank.

Multiple sources with knowledge of the federal investigation into Nxivm and its key players confirmed that Clare Bronfman, Director of Operations for Nxivm, and a Seagram’s heiress, with a reported net worth of about $250 million, will be charged with additional crimes following the results of the current trial of Keith Alan Raniere.

Her crimes will likely include visa fraud, tax evasion, racketeering, and racketeering conspiracy.

Bronfman was charged as a co-conspirator of Raniere’s and avoided racketeering charges when she pleaded guilty in April to two felony counts. The first count was conspiracy to conceal or harbor an illegal alien [the illegal alien was the first witness in the case against Raniere, her first name is Sylvie] for financial gain. The second count was fraudulent use of the late Pam Cafritz’s identification [her American Express Card] after Cafritz’s death.

Bronfman faces sentencing in late July and sentencing guidelines are from 21-27 months, according to Judge Nicholas Garaufis, who will sentence her.  Bronfman must also pay $6 million in cash as a fine. Her payment is due tomorrow. In addition, she must pay restitution to Sylvie of $96,605.25.

With the latest news, Bronfman may be facing a much longer prison sentence than a mere 21-27 months. And more fines.

Sources say that, in addition to FBI agents, senior agents for Homeland Security and the IRS are presently investigating  – in the Eastern District of New York – with a focus on Bronfman and her role in visa fraud and tax evasion.

The Northern District is also reportedly investigating, but sources indicate that Assistant US Attorney Moira Kim Penza, who has been the lead prosecutor in the instant case, will continue her role as prosecutor regardless of whether the next spate of charges is prosecuted in the Northern District or the Eastern District of New York or both.

In addition to visa fraud and tax evasion charges, Bronfman’s role in the Nxivm racketeering enterprise is being investigated in contemplation of additional racketeering charges.

Among the racketeering acts currently being investigated is her perjury in several legal cases to further the goals of the Nxivm racketeering enterprise.  Among the cases Bronfman is suspected of perjuring herself in are a civil and criminal computer trespassing case. In the criminal case, her perjury led to indictments that were later dismissed against Joe O’Hara and Toni Natalie – longtime Nxivm enemies.

In another case, which involved this writer, she is suspected of perjuring herself when she went before a grand jury in the Western District of NY in 2011 and falsely swore that she had entered into a certain written contract that she had previously testified in a civil court case she never entered into.

Representatives of Homeland Security have been in court every day, as well as IRS agents and FBI agents.  As per her suspected visa fraud, the pattern is similar to what she admitted she did with Sylvie.

Bronfman allegedly would file false visa applications claiming that foreign nationals [usually a slender, long-haired, attractive young women that Raniere would later have sex with] were coming to work for her Ethical Science Foundation – or Rainbow Cultural Garden – at a certain salary. Once the woman was approved and came to the US, Bronfman would make her work for lower wages, sometimes making the women kickback part of her salary or make her work more hours for free.

Oftentimes, women were assigned to do work not contemplated in the visa applications. Women came from Mexico, Germany, UK, Canada, South Africa and elsewhere.

Some of the women became DOS slaves of Raniere and were required to give him blackmail-worthy material which he called “collateral.”

If new charges are leveled against her, Bronfman may face more than a decade in prison, plus significant additional financial penalties.

In her April plea deal, sources told Frank Report, there was no “non-prosecution” clause, which would have precluded the DOJ from prosecuting her for other crimes.  Her April plea deal merely settled the crimes she was charged in the second superseding indictment.

During her allocution, Bronfman cried softly at first and said, “Your honor, I was afforded a great gift from my grandfather and father but that privilege … does not come with the ability to break the law … It comes with a greater responsibility to uphold the law.”

She admitted she “did harbor an individual” [Sylvie] who she helped “live and work in our country in a way that would be undetectable” and made it possible for Raniere to use a credit card belonging to the late Pam Cafritz after she died.

Now, Clare Bronfman will likely face more charges and, it seems, that while many decried her plea deal as being too lenient, there may be justice in the Nxivm jungle after all.


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47 commentsOn Sources: Clare Bronfman to Be Charged With Additional Crimes

  • Yolanda Cortez won’t like this news.

    Yolanda Cortez
    June 16, 2019 at 4:07 pm
    Keith has 100 percent chance of acquittal. Why do you think the defense did not even call witnesses ? The government failed. Keith, Clare and Nicki are the best !!!!
    Nicki has been living in a “Big Ass Haus”
    I wonder if it belongs to Clare or Sara or Rose Laura.

    blk master Kusa
    May 20, 2019 at 6:55 pm

    my big ass haus ok
    searching for slave to move in
    Keith inspired my kink search

  • Meh… she will buy her way out. I still think she will walk away with time served (in home detention) after writing another big check.

  • I find Clare Bronfman to be an incredibly sinister and evil individual. She happily took on the task of utterly destroying critics of NXIVM and Raniere. Her weapon of choice, was the use of bogus and unfounded legal cases. The intention being to bring her victims to a state of abject destitution. She largely failed, but that never dimmed her enthusiasm. She believed she was untouchable because of her wealth. Raniere believed HE was untouchable because of her wealth. In my estimation she is every bit as evil as Raniere. Her sentence should be numbered in years, not months.

  • This is quite a refreshing story to read.

  • Of course all the agencies are there! They can smell the money. She’ll have to dish out another boat load of cash and that will be the end of it. Probably not do any significant time. I hope I’m wrong about that though.

    • I wouldn’t count on not doing significant time, she’s rapidly becoming a woman without money, so her leverage is disappearing.

      • orangecountydreams - OCD

        Yes, but $250M is still a gigantic amount to run through.

        I keep wondering if she will fund Raniere’s appeal? Because you know there will be one, if he is convicted of anything.

        I wonder what’s going on with the Fiji island she owns most of?

        • As best as I can tell from spending a fair bit of time looking at publicly available sources, Bronfman probably has $200 million in an untouchable old family trust, and there was another $200 million to which she had access before or after her father’s death. Of that latter amount, the majority has been spent, and so she had to rely on her sister Sara to help her make the $100 million bail. I believe that other accounts peg the sisters has having gone through $150 million together, but the majority of that was Clare’s, with more recent legal expenses on top of it, and so she’s probably blown about $150 million herself, and down to around $50 million in readily accessible assets with even that rapidly dwindling, and at risk of being driven down to nothing with future judgments.

          The old trusts could leave her with as much as $10 million per year in income, but depending on technicalities of their structure, if she is hit with lots of judgments she could end up limited to just money for the expenses that the trustee determines are necessary to support the life to which she has become accustomed – and regardless, that’s not enough money to go off buying major properties the way she has been used to. The interesting question about the island, is whether it will be determined that Raniere really does own a one-third interest in it.

  • Now you know why Clare was fighting so hard to keep that storage unit full of documents secret.

    Storage Wars: Battle Breaks Out Over Documents & Records In Storage Unit

    Storage Wars Part II – Looks Like Clare Bronfman And Her Attorney Dennis Burke Blundered Badly

  • How did Bronfman justify it to herself to sink so low for so long? Twenty years upholding and defending the ethics of the unethical. It is not as if she forgot the differences between right and wrong action.
    She just didn’t give a damn. She became the frigid gangsta moll and relished doing ugly deeds, but her options were always open to say “no” since she held the big bankroll. What motivated her?

    One thing is that looking at her in various Nxivm photos, she almost always had a look on her face as if she were already imprisoned. She could’ve stuck with horses but she turned out to be a cottonmouth instead.

    • She looks like someone who just puked, and hasn’t rinsed her mouth out yet.

    • Clare is pretty stupid and since money literally grew on (her family) trees, she felt worthless and was willing to do literally anything to feel fulfilled.

    • It would be interesting to know just how she construed it.

      I know that in some cases, people really imagine themselves in a shadow war with sinister forces – evidence abounds, of that sort of conspiracy thinking. And the transcript of the conversation involving Salinas, shows that at least at some level, Raniere and NXIVM were propagating narratives about them being under attack by “unethical” people – which Raniere taught meant unethical means were justified towards the end of supporting their supposedly ethical mission.

    • Clare has no self esteem. KAR gave her power, which led her to a false pride. That’s what he did with the rich kids. Pumped them up with a purpose to save the world from itself and they would willingly spend Daddy’s money. All the money in the world will never make her happy. She loves torturing people. She loves control. She also deserves everything she gets an more.

  • This is the strategy Penza has been working on. Moira Penza is a hell of a smart girl. She´s a real badass.

    • Penza has Nothing to do with this…Her way to handle her time at the bar proves it…
      Someone else is the brain of the prosecution .and whomever it is, he isn’t badass or smart but do ok-ish…trial sentencing will demonstrate if it was good ok or bad ok…because at this point, nobody can be sure Raniere will pay for his crime…

  • I wonder if Nancy will have the chance to explain that all those boxes of money in her house were legally obtained, and that all due taxes were paid on them. The IRS might be interested in what she has to say about that. No honest person keeps large amounts of cash just laying around in boxes.

    • No smart person keeps large amounts of cash just laying around in boxes – and plastic shopping bags as well, if I recall. I think that shows how hapless and poorly planned the NXIVM operations were in many ways.

    • Yes it was very silly of them and not very wise. It is often tax cases that are easiest to stick than cases that adults chose to enter cults. Look at Rajneesh – drummed out of the USA because of tax charges.
      FLDS – prosecution for similar things – not paying full wages for children, food stamps fraud.

  • In her April plea deal there was no “non-prosecution” clause, which would have precluded the DOJ from prosecuting her for other crimes. Her April plea deal merely settled the crimes she was charged in the second superseding indictment.

    So…you are saying that the plea deal and fines and 21-27 months in prison stands? And any new conviction penalties will be additional or concurrent?
    Q: Can the plea deal be used against Clare in the next trial?
    Q: Because she could back out of the plea deal if the sentence was more than the agreed upon 27 months…can she back out now because of the additional charges, hoping to beat ALL the old and new charges at trial?

    • Clare’s plea deal is totally separate from any new charges. So, Yes, the 21-27 months in prison, the $6 million fine – and all the other punishments – remain intact. Her only recourse as regards the plea deal is to attempt to have it overturned based on “ineffective counsel”.

      Any new charges will be different than the two charges to which Clare has already pleaded guilty.

      And just for good measure, the U.S. Supreme Court reaffirmed today [] that defendants can be charged both at the federal level – and the state level – for the same crime. Not that I think it’s going to happen but this means that the New York State Attorney General – and the District Attorneys in Albany County, Kings County (Brooklyn), and Saratoga County – could replicate any federal charges brought against Raniere et al for crimes that were committed in those three locales.

  • Clare may have also lied after her plea deal, and the DOJ is bringing back the previous charges as well. Better keep her away from any hack saws, so she doesn’t cut off her ankle bracelet and escape.

  • I have figured that at a minimum, the IRS and ICE (customs) would pursue major financial violations, civil or criminal, and, in particular, go after those with deep pockets – most obviously, one or both of the Bronfmans. The interesting question will be to see who else they pursue; if it comes down to a case that could go to court, I think they will almost certainly have to charge smaller players in order to get some to cut deals and testify.

  • John Tighe’s innocence…..

    ……..If this latest news comes to fruition there is a chance new information will surface to exonerate John Tighe.

    • Look dummy, I agree that Tighe might be innocent and may have been taken down by corrupt police.

      But the ONLY way information will ‘surface’ (which proves him innocent) is IF law enforcement officials admit, under oath, that they framed him — which has a ZERO PERCENT chance of happening, you dipshit.

      It doesn’t matter what ex-NXIVM members say to the Feds about what happened to Tighe, as it’s all just hearsay. NXIVM members were not privy to the state troopers’ plan for busting Tighe.

      Why not?

      Because I seriously doubt that NY state troopers would trust NXIVM members enough to tell them that they plan to frame Tighe with bogus charges. That’s a criminal offense which would end their careers (and send them to jail) so I doubt they openly talked about their plans with ANYBODY.

      Now get a clue. Jeeze, you sound almost as delusional as Heidi does sometimes. 🙂

      • Bangkok you always have to piss on everyone else’s parade.

        What the matter Bangdink mommy forgot to pull out your butt plug?

        Or was mommy too loud last night with the pool boy?

      • Bangdookie,

        Where in my comment did I state law enforcement framed Tighe?

        BangBaby your reading comprehension is worse than Lauren Salzman’s dyslexia!!!

        NXIVM IT people or hacker freelancers probably framed Tighe.

        Who do you think recently hacked the Frankreport twice?

        A certain heiress that has deep pockets and can blow money on foolish endeavors….
        …and hates having her name mentioned on the Frankreport would drop 5k at the blink of an eye.

        I guarantee Frankreport will be hacked again just give it time.

        Post more heiress articles.

  • orangecountydreams - OCD

    “Representatives of Homeland Security have been in court every day, as well as IRS agents and FBI agents.” Good. No matter what the outcome of this trial for Raniere, I don’t think the story’s over by a long shot.

    Another poster brought up the question of how the hundreds of thousands in loose cash will be explained away.

    I still think that many DOS members turned over valuable assets to Raniere (Mack for one) as a pledge of loyalty. How can Agnifilo claim it “wasn’t about money,” so there is no criminal enterprise?

  • Hilarious that the Bronfman fortune was built on crimes and then lost on stupidity.

    “In 1923, the Bronfmans purchased the Greenbrier Distillery in the United States, dismantled it, shipped it to Canada, and reassembled it in LaSalle, Quebec. The Bronfmans shipped liquor from Canada to the French-controlled overseas collectivity Saint Pierre and Miquelon off the then-Dominion of Newfoundland, which was then shipped by bootleggers to Rum rows in New York, New Jersey and other states.

    In 1928, a few years after the death of Joseph E. Seagram (1919), the Distillers Corporation acquired Joseph E. Seagram & Sons from heir and President Edward F. Seagram; the merged company retained the Seagram name. The company was well prepared for the end of Prohibition in 1933 with an ample stock of aged whiskeys ready to sell to the newly opened American market, and it prospered accordingly.

    Although he was never convicted of criminal activity, Samuel Bronfman’s dealings with bootleggers during the Prohibition-era in the United States have been researched by various historians and are documented in various peer-vetted chronicles.

    In the 1930s, when Seagram set up business in the United States, it paid a fine of $1.5 million to the US government to settle delinquent excise taxes on liquor illegally exported to the US during Prohibition. The US government had originally asked for $60 million.

    After the death of Samuel Bronfman in 1971, Edgar M. Bronfman was named Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) until June 1994 when his son, Edgar Bronfman Jr., was appointed CEO.”

    Those were the days! A man makes an honest living selling whiskey. The family used the money to make even more money.

    “In 1981, cash-rich and wanting to diversify, the U.S.-based subsidiary Seagram Company Ltd. engineered a takeover of Conoco Inc., a major American oil and gas producing company. Although Seagram acquired a 32.2% stake in Conoco, DuPont was brought in as a white knight by the oil company and entered the bidding war. In the end, Seagram lost out in the Conoco bidding war, though in exchange for its stake in Conoco it became a 24.3% owner of DuPont. By 1995, Seagram was DuPont’s largest single shareholder with four seats on its board.

    In 1986, the company started a memorable TV commercial campaign advertising its Golden wine cooler products. With rising star Bruce Willis as pitchman, Seagram rose from fifth place among distillers to first in just two years.”

    Enter Edgar Jr, who seems to have been catastrophically bad at business management.

    “In 1995, Edgar Bronfman Jr. was eager to get into the film and electronic media business. On April 6, 1995, after being approached by Bronfman, DuPont announced a deal whereby the company would buy back its shares from the Seagram company for $9 billion. Seagram was heavily criticized by the investment community—the 24.3% stake in DuPont accounted for 70% of Seagram’s earnings.

    Standard & Poor’s took the unusual step of stating that the sale of the DuPont interest could result in a downgrade of Seagram’s more than $4.2 billion of long-term debt. Bronfman used the proceeds of the sale to acquire a controlling interest in MCA, whose assets included Universal Pictures and its theme parks. Later, Seagram purchased PolyGram and Deutsche Grammophon.

    In 2000, Edgar Bronfman Jr. sold controlling interest in Seagram’s entertainment division to Vivendi, and the beverage division to Pernod Ricard and Diageo. By the time Vivendi began auctioning off Seagram’s beverages business, the once-renowned operation consisted of around 250 drink brands and brand extensions in addition to its original high-profile brand names.

    In 2002, The Coca-Cola Company acquired the line of Seagram’s mixers (ginger ale, tonic water, club soda and seltzer water) from Pernod Ricard and Diageo, as well as signing a long-term agreement to use the Seagram name from Pernod Ricard.

    On April 19, 2006, Pernod Ricard announced that they would be closing the former Seagram distillery in Lawrenceburg, Indiana. However, the distillery was instead sold in 2007 to CL Financial, a holding company based in Trinidad and Tobago which then collapsed and required government intervention. They operated the distillery as Lawrenceburg Distillers Indiana. In December 2011, the distillery was purchased by MGP Ingredients, headquartered in Atchison, Kansas. It is now known as MGP of Indiana, and continues to be the source of the components of Seagram’s Seven Crown, now owned by Diageo.

    In a 2013 interview with The Globe and Mail, Charles Bronfman (uncle of Bronfman Jr.) stated that the decisions leading to the demise of Seagram was “a disaster, it is a disaster, it will be a disaster…It was a family tragedy.”

    Well, if only having a few hundred million instead of billions qualifies as a family tragedy, I suppose. Maybe seeing Clare in handcuffs will expand the definition some.

    • Had Edgar, Junior held on to DuPont Chemical he might now have interests in DuPont, Dow, Corteva and the oil company Conoco Phillips as well as Seagrams.

      DuPont de Nemours, Inc., commonly known as DuPont, is an American company formed by the merger of Dow Chemical and DuPont on August 31, 2017, and then subsequent spinoffs of Dow Inc. and Corteva.

      But Edgar Junior had dreams of being a Music Mogul just as music streaming came along and allowed consumers to buy individual songs instead of whole albums.
      The end result was that the whole music industry was upended.
      It was as if the Bronfman family had bought the horse buggy industry in 1910 just as automobiles were coming into fashion.

  • Outsider thoughts on Clarebear

    I hope these charges come to pass and quickly. That should insure the final nail in NXIVM’s ability to relaunch is delivered, especially if they are able to seize Apropos and the other properties she conditions of her bail.

    Question for Frank or Clavinger: In the case of Sylvie, I believe she testified that she was actually in debt to Clare. is that debt forgiven? And in the case of the $96+k that is owed to Sylvie I assume that is the value she was underpaid. Does Sylvie have the right to sue for triple damages in say a Civil case? I always thought Sylvie and Clare were pretty close in age and friends from the equestrian world. I had no idea that it was always employer/employee and that Sylvie was always subordinate to Clare.

    What about the lost wages for Nicole and Dani?

    Note to Homeland Security, IRS and INS: Rosa Laura Junco and Ceci Salinas also engaged in hiring nannies for Rainbow Cultural Garden –

  • Interesting—who will be charged and made to flip on Clare?

  • If true, it’s good news as it was anything but justice for her to avoid jail completely (because in the end, she didn’t even get a day!)…

    Still, what about Nancy…in the end, she is the “architect” of this whole cult and she is a co-conspirator of a lot of crimes…yet, there is a chance for her not to spend a day in jail.

    And if the rumours of her being back in Nxivm are true (I doubt it’s true but who knows), she must pay for her previous crime (obviously, if true, she isn’t Learning her Lesson).

  • She is a young woman with many good years ahead of her. I wish her the best.

    I do not believe many of the rank and file members should be punished for minor offenses because they pose no danger to the public.

    Personally for me there are only few NXIVM upper members and the various parents who handed there children over to Raniere that I have a problem with.

    The worst NXIVM parent is the delusional mother that wanted to give Raniere her virgin child to conceive a Avatar baby…..

    ……For me personally that is one of the most disgusting and disturbing things to come out at trial.

  • This pattern of sequential court cases seems familiar – only this time Clare is on the receiving end of things. The wheels of justice turn slowly, but eventually they’ll grind her down just like she’s been financing the grind on others for years. Karma just rolling along.

  • So strange…the MSM and people like Bill Maher constantly joke about how pizzagate style crimes are just conspiracy theories from people like Alex Jones. Bill Maher wouldn’t lie, right? He says it with such a weird face like anyone thinking it may be true is an idiot.

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