Bouchey Tells Audience: ‘I Was in Love With a Wonderful Guy’ 

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More than anyone, Barbara Bouchey continues to fight for the notion that Nxivm had a lot of good in it and that she had good reason to be enamored with Keith Alan Raniere.

It is a curious tale she tells.

Bouchey said she discovered – about eight months into their relationship – that Raniere was having sex with three other women. She had thought they were a monogamous couple.  Bouchey nevertheless remained with him, still considering him her boyfriend, despite his other women.

When she later learned he had about 20 other women, she seriously considered breaking off with him and ultimately chose to leave him and his self-help company, Nxivm, in 2009.

Critics of Bouchey say Keith was never her boyfriend. If she knew about three other women, she was just one of his harem. Perhaps his top harem woman, but certainly not his girlfriend [not as most understand the word “girlfriend.”].

The prosecution in the Raniere trial named Bouchey as one of about 20 members of his mostly female inner circle. For the record, and I can’t make this too explicit –at no time during the trial has any suggestion been made that Bouchey was involved in any of his alleged criminal activities. Several of his inner circle women were indicted and others named as co-conspirators. Bouchey was not even remotely connected to criminal activities and seems to have been in the dark about much of it – as she was evidently in the dark about the existence and identity of a number of her sister harem members.

Barbara has explained in the past how her “boyfriend,” Keith, swindled her out of her life savings – about $1.6 million. But this did not deter her from staying at his side.

With knowledge that he was having sex with three other women and his stripping her of her life savings – all within about a year of meeting him – some might wonder why she did not leave him right away.

In a recent story, appearing in Oxygen, entitled, ‘I Fell In Love With The Guy:’ Former NXIVM Member Opens Up About Keith Raniere, Bouchey explains that it was love that kept her enthralled.

As Oxygen reports, Bouchey gave a talk before an audience at CrimeCon 2019 in New Orleans [held last weekend].  She explained to the audience that she has been attending the Raniere trial and what she learned “horrified” her.

“I have moments where I want to barf, moments I can’t speak,” she said. ” I’m crying myself a river in the back aisle of the courtroom. I’m hearing things I can’t even comprehend, and my mind is racing so fast to try and understand what happened during my time there and why.”

Bouchey’s name came up from time to time at trial, including when her nude photos – Raniere loved to take nudes of his harem women – were shown to the jury, alongside about a dozen other women of his harem, including one whose photographs were taken when she was a child of 15.

Bouchey explained to the Crime Con audience how someone like herself — who Oxygen calls “strong-willed, intelligent, and a self-made millionaire by age 40” — could be drawn into the world of Raniere.

Oxygen writes, “When Bouchey first got involved with the group in the early 2000s, Raniere was known as a brilliant and successful businessman. He did not have an overpowering presence, Bouchey said. He was quiet and unassuming. But she was taken by Raniere’s self-help curriculum, finding it ‘profound and life-changing.’”

Bouchey waxed poetic before her audience on Raniere’s powerful mind.

She said, “His mind created the [Nxivm] curriculum and, because it’s so powerful, you start to think differently of him. I began to admire and respect what he created, the overall philosophy of wanting to better yourself, be a more peaceful, loving and compassionate person. As a woman, that becomes very interesting and intriguing.”

Bouchey told Oxygen that Raniere is “an incredibly powerful speaker. He’s very charismatic. He’s funny. He has great wit. He’s an intelligent man, so he can converse on a lot of subjects. He’s a great listener. He’s a calm and composed person. He always speaks very respectfully.”

Speaking of being a good speaker, during the last day of evidence in his trial, the prosecution played recordings of Raniere speaking about women who were raped having their first orgasm and why adults having sex with children is not abuse – unless the law punishes the adult, causing trauma to the child.

“You have to understand, I fell in love with the guy,” Bouchey told the CrimeCon audience. “I didn’t know he was the devil.”

In saying this, Bouchey might appear to some as the ultimate befuddled woman.  She thought he was monogamous. She found out she was one of four. She stayed for seven more years, then found out he had 20 other women – then she left.

She thought he was the smartest man in the world. He invested her life savings in the commodities market and lost it all. But she stayed another seven years with him. Even when he lost $68 million of her clients’, Clare and Sara Bronfman’s money, she believed this was a subordinate evil compared to the good that was coming from the teachings of this intelligent, charismatic, funny, witty, artistic man.

“He would play the piano and bring tears to your eyes,” she said. “He slept in my bed. I made breakfast for him in the morning. I sat on the couch with him and watched Star Trek. But don’t let that fool you.”

It fooled her, of course. But she does not want him to fool you. But what does this mean? Why all this soul-baring by Bouchey to random audiences?   What message is she trying to convey?

If she was so strong and intelligent – then how can the average woman hope to protect herself from a brilliant, charming devil?

Maybe the average woman would have left after he told her he was monogamous – and she then found out he had three other women.  Maybe that would have been the point to say, “I’ve been fooled.”

Maybe when he said he had a surefire investment and then lost her life savings – maybe the average gal would have said, “I’m done.”

He slept in her bed – a couple of times per week – coming in smelling of other women and they watched Star Trek together.  But when he started doing the same kind of reckless commodities trading with her clients’ money – and lost it all – an astonishing $68 million – maybe then she should have stopped being fooled.

It’s hard to say.

Bouchey gives a mixed message about the monster. Perhaps she is trying to justify the time she spent in Nxivm – and justify that she was fooled – by trying to extol the virtues of his personality and the value of his teachings – which were, in reality, so abysmal that I know of no one who stayed for any length of time who became more successful. I know a lot of people who lost money and devolved into a confused state where they were easily fooled and often befuddled.

Bouchey herself lost a lot of money and never returned to making the kind of income she made before she started taking the courses and was a self-made millionaire.

Maybe the reality is is that Bouchey was utterly fooled, like many other women, by Raniere and no amount of trying to justify how good he was – or how good the teachings are – will efface the fact that she was fooled and perhaps should not have been fooled or that there is nothing but rot and evil in all the devil’s work.

Keith Raniere and Barbara Bouchey. Photo courtesy Barbara Bouchey.
They were happy together – but he did have a harem.
Keith with Barb and other women he was enjoying. At Barb’s right is Dani Padilla – Raniere first line slave.

Not a real photo: Keith Alan Raniere played concert-level perversion and made the ladies weep.



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67 commentsOn Bouchey Tells Audience: ‘I Was in Love With a Wonderful Guy’ 

  • I think that the best thing from the trial was meeting Daniela. She is so fucking strong. In her own way, she is helping her family find justice. She came back to hunt the Vanguard. To lock him up. Nobody else from her family testified at trial. No other Mexican came up to fight Keith.

    Daniela, you are a warrior fighting for your country. Thank you for existing. Thank you for pushing this fight. I think it really helped save hundreds of Mexican girls. Keep strong, Daniela. You are changing the world.

    Thank you also, Frank, for pushing this. Keep fighting

  • Will this woman please shut up?

  • Excellent article Frank.

    I hope Barbara Bouchey moves on from this chapter of her life.

    I think it must be incredibly difficult for her to realize she wasted so many years of her life with an evil man.

    It’s all so very sad.

  • Bouchey’s case is an interesting one on several accounts, perhaps mostly in general how she was enthralled as a participant in NXIVM’s heady early days, and part of Raniere’s inner circle.

    But one thing that I think needs to be examined is the claim of her being a self-made millionaire. The dirty secret of the financial advising and investment management business is that advisers and managers typically get an annual fee of 1%-2% of investments under management. So if a sweet talker, or a good golf buddy at the country club, or whoever, can convince a couple of friends – say, some Bronfmans – into letting them manage $50 million in investments, then they’re pulling down as much $1 million per year in fees, which can quickly make them relatively well off if they’re not living quite extravagantly. Plus if they’re selling certain types of special investments, or something like whole life insurance, with front-loaded fees, or other vehicles that offer incentives to the investor/manager, the payoff can be even higher.

    I don’t know exactly what Bouchey did – and it would be interesting to find out, though one question is who could really give us the straight skivvy. But the fact that she never again was as successful in the financial business, suggests to me that she likely was sort of a one-hit-wonder, working some angle that was more about luck and social connections – and probably “farming” monied members of the NXIVM community in particular, perhaps especially heirs with more money than sense. It’s not surprising that Bouchey is nostalgic for the days when things happened to be going her way.

    • Girl Scout Cookies

      Interesting perspective and highly plausible.

    • I don’t know this for sure. But my understanding of the “self-made millionaire” part is that she had accomplished that before she met the Bronfmans and before her NXIVM days.

      • That’s possible – it is kind of how it’s been portrayed, though I think what we have heard is largely Bouchey’s version of it.

        Her inability to repeat her earlier success suggests to me that she had hit on some lucky combination of circumstances and connections, a fairly common phenomenon in such matters. Her dalliance with NXIVM and the loss of her personal assets to Raniere indicate someone more a networker and promoter than solid businessperson.

        • It might be a bit tough for BB to find clients these days.

          • I’d thought of adding another paragraph explaining that I can appreciate that Bouchey’s entanglement with Raniere and NXIVM ended up having significant consequences – including having them vindictively pursue her long afterwards.

            But I still think it goes to the basic point that Bouchey’s success such as it was likely came though some lucky combination of factors – and we can see that she’s a vigorous self-promoter. If she was consistently able to actually deliver superior financial results as an advisor, she’d have clients lined up to give her their money. Investment advisers are really selling trust and reassurance, since almost none of them can really outperform the market averages, especially when their fees are taken into account. Bouchey’s involvement in NXIVM, and particularly her personal losses to Raniere, rightly call into question her judgment and trustworthiness, regardless.

            Also, I have trouble applying the label “self made millionaire” to people who just craftily work some angle, rather than creating a product or service of real value. It’s not uncommon that once the particular circumstances that they relied on change, such people go bust and are unable to recreate their success.

            Scientology is an interesting, and somewhat comparative, example. Their recruitment, internal promotions and fundraising are all based on manipulative high-pressure sales techniques, pushing things with fantastic claims but no provable results, and so that’s the real-world skill of sorts that participants in their programs learn. Almost all their members with money are making it through some sort of sales or marketing effort, usually a borderline scam using boiler-room style sales techniques to push products and services of no real value, and not infrequently they get busted for actual frauds as well.

    • Also a very good Point! If your Glory Days are being the ‘top NXIVM Investment Advisor’ and ripping people off – of course life sucks if you can no longer do that and make hefty commissions.

      Ohhhh…poor me. Sure, whatevs Barb

    • AnoyMaker,

      You forgot to mention that Barbara lost her life savings of 1.5 million or so…..

      ……But she also claims to have grossed over a million dollars a year at one time.

      It’s simple math and does not even come close to adding up.

      I never brought it up before because I thought everyone else saw through it as well and did not want to be mean.

      It’s a glaring lie.

      • BB could have been a big spender and she didn’t say for how many years she made more than $1 million/year.

      • Thanks for the reminder of the numbers.

        Here’s what her website says – and note that the $1 million was indeed gross:

        “by age 25 she decided to embark on a career as a financial planner….
        By age 40 [circa 2000, when she joined NXIVM], Barbara was financially independent, managing $90 million, with gross revenues annually exceeding $1 million, placing her in the top ½ percentile in her industry.”

        It also shows her in front of a fancy property that housed her business, so presumably she had fairly high overhead including probably several staff – and possibly even associates, she also refers to bringing a brother into the business. Roughly, if she was only taking a salary of half of the business’ gross or $500k, less 30% taxes, and spending approaching $200k per year, then indeed after 15 years it would have been about right that she’d have had something over $1.5 million socked away.

        The gross figure she used was misleading, but the numbers actually seem plausible. I still suspect it was based on a fortunate mix of social skills and networking connections, that she has never been able to repeat.

        Interestingly, someone who is probably her brother now has a solid firm of his own with $400 million under management.

  • I’m beginning to believe that Raniere’s Kool-Aid was so strong it made people completely crazy. She is trying to justify herself and justifying some romantic bullshit. Instead, she should have been sitting up in the stand and explaining in court how this creep robed of her money and lied to her in her face over so many years.

  • Barbara could still be in denial. By living in love memories or rose-colored glasses, she can avoid the reality and realization that she was duped.

    So she might be delusional.

  • Ach ! I zzaw Herr Hitler do zo much good to Germany : Jobz in ze (armament) induztry, Volkswagen, Hugo Boss uniforms for ze army, etc. Mein Gott ! They were ze good old timez ! Iv only Barbara wazz there !

    • They say under Mussolini at least the trains ran on time…

      It’s true, in the aftermaths of terrible dictatorships, tyrants who caused humiliating defeats and the destruction of their homelands, there remains a certain percentage of the population who are nostalgic for ‘the good old days’. Same for some of these Nexians; never mind that they lost money, saw their careers crash, and were cheated on by their Mr. Wonderful, they will forever remain loyal. Some people never learn.

      • I can attest the trains all over Europe ran on time when I backpacked it for about 10 weeks in the 1980s, except for Italy and Greece. But both countries had excellent and cheap food.

  • Bouchey Tells Audience: ‘I Was in Love With a Wonderful Guy’

    BB is singing a song from South Pacific:

    I’m as corny as Kansas in August,
    High as a flag on the Fourth of July!
    If you’ll excuse an expression I use,
    I’m in love, I’m in love,
    I’m in love, I’m in love,
    I’m in love with a wonderful guy!

    • I wonder if Sultan knows this article states that Kristin Crook was arrested, and it’s been out since April. Shame on you for not protecting your idol, Sultan!

    • Thanks for that link. The article is based around an interview with a longstanding expert and author in the field of high control groups and cults, Janja Lalich.

      There’s a good overview of how people get involved to varying degrees, and it’s worth noting that even Lalich acknowledges how the trap is baited – “Of course some of the people gained some good skills from it”:

      “To learn more about NXIVM’s members, and its recruitment process, the Cut spoke to Janja Lalich, a professor of sociology at California State University in Chico, author of Take Back Your Life: Recovering From Cults and Abusive Relationships, and founder and director of the Cult Research and Information Center.

      How does a group like NXIVM initially recruit people?
      It’s important to remember how NXIVM represented itself with these courses that were going to improve your career, essentially, so they recruited a lot of people who were in the acting industry, and especially young women, so it became very, very popular. Thousands of people took their courses, which allowed people to think, This must be okay, my friends have done it, this actress is part of it, etc. We’re often motivated by peer pressure, so NXIVM recruiters were very, very good at what they did in luring these unsuspecting people into their courses. Of course some of the people gained some good skills from it, but as with most cult groups, the recruiters would then target certain people to bring further and further into the inner circle. Over time, a lot of these women in particular — though men were also involved — became very dedicated, and started going to upper-level sessions, following all the rules, believing that Raniere was this godlike person, and it kind of went on from there. “

    • Lalich: “We’re often motivated by peer pressure…”

      Sure, if we’re twelve years old. I’m not buying it. This person is a Sociology professor, yet early in the interview she cites the Stanford Prisoner Experiment, seemingly unaware that it has been soundly debunked. Why do people join cults? As far as I can see, they’re gullible and they are fools. Above all, they are weak willed, they eagerly play follow the leader, uncritically, never pausing to ask the question, is this good for me? Never pausing to ask questions at all. So I disagree heartily with Prof. Lalich, we are not all vulnerable to joining a cult.

      If someone claims to be the smartest man in the world, it’s obvious to the meanest intelligence that he is a liar. A boastful liar, and anyone would be stupid to give him money to be instructed in the art of leading an ethical life. Ethics taught by a liar?! Can people no longer put two and two together?

      I expect a twelve year old child to make lousy decisions, that’s why children have parents. I expect adults to be able to look after themselves, and I don’t see how this Sociology professor making excuses for foolish behavior is in any way productive. People need to develop self-reliance and resilience. The world can sometimes be a hostile place, there are people out there who will cheat you. Making excuses for stupidity is not okay. Hopeless naiveté is not okay. Going through life as a spineless victim isn’t on.

      Adults motivated by peer pressure. Christ on a bike!

      • While I think that Lalich is a good expert resource, I can’t say that they have everything right.

        However, there’s actually plenty of research indicating that many if not most adults are susceptible to peer pressure to varying degrees. We might like to think we’re perfectly rational creatures, but that’s not necessarily the case, at least for a lot of people.

  • What is Barb Bouchey’s Kool-Aid spiked with?


    Laudanum is a tincture of opium containing approximately 10% powdered opium by weight (the equivalent of 1% morphine). Reddish-brown and extremely bitter, laudanum contains almost all of the opium alkaloids, including morphine and codeine.

    • Shadowstate,

      Barbara is taking the Kool-Aid™ these days intravenously.

      She is so far out in left field she is up in the bleachers.

      Barbara cannot be dissuaded. She legitimately believes what she is saying.

      It’s kind of heart breaking that she is defending something that destroyed her life and the lives of so many others.

      I feel pity for her.

    • Makes me wonder what you studied at university…

      • “Makes me wonder what you studied at university…”

        Actually I learned about Laudanum in high school, not the University.
        Furthermore my parents had degrees in Science and my mother told me about use of opiates as pain killers.

        At one time the use of Laudanum and other opiate concoctions was quite common in medicine.

        “Mary Todd Lincoln, for example, the wife of the US president Abraham Lincoln, was a laudanum addict, as was the English poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge, who was famously interrupted in the middle of an opium-induced writing session of Kubla Khan by a “person from Porlock”

        Those English Romantic poets of 200 years ago would compose their poetry while dosed up on Laudanum and other opiates.

        Kubla Khan

        Kubla Khan; or, A Vision in a Dream: A Fragment /ˌkʊblə ˈkɑːn/ is a poem written by Samuel Taylor Coleridge, completed in 1797 and published in 1816. According to Coleridge’s preface to Kubla Khan, the poem was composed one night after he experienced an opium-influenced dream after reading a work describing Xanadu, the summer palace of the Mongol ruler and Emperor of China Kublai Khan

        In Xanadu did Kubla Khan
        A stately pleasure-dome decree :
        Where Alph, the sacred river, ran
        Through caverns measureless to man
        Down to a sunless sea. (lines 1–5)

        It’s a pity so many people don’t know about culture and history.

  • She is definitely the “kool-aid mom on the block”

  • Barb is similar to a child or dog that Hitler was friendly to, because her experience was mostly positive, at least until Raniere kicked her in the teeth.

    • Scott,

      I noticed that you are not posting as much anymore and when you do you’re much nicer. 🙂

      Did you get a new girlfriend or a new job? I like the new Scott Johnson.

      • I’m posting as much as ever, it’s just that not all of them are published. I call it as I see it. For example, I see that you chickened out of my radio show. I don’t like people who chicken out.

  • Double Anonymous

    BB also seems to love the spotlight or the soapbox. Is her goal to use this experience to become a professional victim of injustice?

    If I wanted to move on with my life, I’d get off that platform and start living my life again: build another business and find someone else to love.

    • Good Point!!!

    • come on, Ms. Bouchey - fess up.

      she mistakenly has her identity all tied up with raniere’s – if she faces the truth about him, she’ll have to face truths about herself, uneasy, perilous truths..after the early life she had, that might not seem possible. even if …it is! and she’d be a better more rounded more powerful woman if she ever did.

  • Barbara misunderstood the true meaning of the Vanguard. She still has true love for him. She is just angry but she will come back to him I think when he is acquitted. She is in love with him as are all of us who still believe in the goodness of the tech. Barbara, let me ask you a simple question: how could good (the tech) come out of evil? Impossible and you know it. The good news is that when Keith is freed this week, he will forgive you and you may rejoin him.

  • Barbara Bouchey has been defending nxivm all along. I believe many people had honest intentions regarding what was going on. Including myself. I took classes for a year back in 2003. It seemed right and honest. But Barbara was behind the scenes. She was part of the inner circle and she knew what Keith’s intentions were, especially being his “girlfriend”. The only reason she needs to keep spewing this “Nxivm is good” garbage is to justify that she wasn’t a criminal. She has to keep saying she was not behaving badly. She 100 percent was and her justification just proves it. Nxivm spoke of very nice ideas. But at the end of the day, Keith had no intentions of helping anyone but himself.

  • Light at the end of the Tunnel

    I feel bad for Barbara. Many commenters on this site say very negative things about Barbara, but at least she had the sense to finally leave after she uncovered a lot of questionable and criminal activity, which I fully believe she wasn’t involved in or had any knowledge of until she put the pieces together and was able to confront him with the other women who left. And she worked hard at exposing him. Like EVERY woman who got roped in by Keith because of his calm demeanor and convincing words, she had some wonderful years. And she longs for those years, even while she simultaneously acknowledges that Keith is evil. I imagine this isn’t completely unusual. And she’s been building her life and business back up. That’s pretty amazing to me. And she well may not be able to get her business to where it used to be simply because she is forever connected to NXIVM. Yes, she left, but the connection is there. I believe she was very successful in her own right before she became involved in NXIVM. She was beautiful and kind. She only accepted high net-worth individuals.

    I don’t recall if I was ever officially introduced to Barbara, but I remember participating in an intensive and I remember seeing her for the first time. And I immediately knew that if she wasn’t part of the harem at that point, she soon would be. After being on the fringes of the inner circle for a couple of years (but fortunately too stubborn to get fully pulled in for a several reasons), it wasn’t hard to figure out their plans for Barbara. She was successful and beautiful, and perfect for their inner circle. But if ever there was a strong woman, it is Barbara. I wish only the best for her.

  • Barb on the Stand

    So suprised that the defense did not use her as a witness. Obvious why the prosecution didn’t.

  • Maybe it’s menopause and some ass pellets could provide relief for the chaotic feelings, and this isn’t intended as a mean joke. She might really not know what is ailing her. Hormonal rebalance can provide some amazing help, almost overnight, for both physical and emotional menopausal or even peri-menopausal symptoms. Very often past residual pain, trauma and anger recycle themselves during menopause, and it can be distressing, disruptive. Many women don’t recognize our own menopausal symptoms and privately feel as if we’re going crazy. The sudden emotional arcs can be alleviated. You feel like you have yourself back again! Immense relief is available, and it makes a world of difference.

    If this has anything to do with what BB is experiencing, I pray to heaven that she takes care of it.

    A romantic relationship that ended ten years ago, why would anyone choose to allow something that far in the past to continue to be a source of stress, unhappiness or even emphasis? Maybe BB hasn’t been able to completely let it go because she hasn’t resolved the emotional conflicts and disappointments inevitably built into any “intimate” relationship with Raniere. I hope that Barbara cuts the head off of her inner self-blame. It is insidious and depleting, draining her self-dignity.

    If she is doing the Raniere/Bouchey rounds for attention, that’s another story. The only persons who seem to need to ascribe any positivity to the rot of Raniere are those who are still caught up in the illusions which he used to further his position of undisputed supremacy over others. But really he is an example of human wreckage, made more complicated by how long he was able to keep it “up.” He never needed BB; anyone would’ve done. Anybody DID do, during their entire affair. I think that she dishonors and insults herself by opening her mouth to give him any credit whatsoever. She cannot be blind to the results of Raniere’s actions.

  • Contrary to Frank’s article, Barbara Bouchey wasn’t fooled.

    She also didn’t fool herself. Nope.

    She simply placed her bet on a losing number at the roulette wheel and is now screaming that the wheel was rigged.

    But what she’s really screaming about is the fact that she lost.

    She’s no different than any other SORE LOSER.

    In fact, if NXIVM’s roulette wheel had actually paid her off (i.e. if Keith had doubled her money and not lost interest in her aging body) then she likely would have stayed with Keith and never left, thus reaping the benefits of her dangerous bet.

    Unfortunately, the consequences of her dangerous bet are that she lost her man, her life savings, her reputation and years of her life trying to rebuild everything.

    Frank calls himself an investigative journalist and a ‘hard hitting’ truth teller.

    Yet he selectively chooses which NXIVM women to call ‘evil’ and which to ‘pity’ as decent human beings who merely got ‘fooled’.

    Frank trashes Nancy, Lauren and Allison as evil witches even though they turned against Vanguard and did the right thing.

    Yet he pities women like Bouchey and Keeffe, describing them as misunderstood angels who simply got fooled or fooled themselves.

    This is no coincidence.

    Frank makes these ‘distinctions’ not based upon facts, but rather based upon his personal friendships with these women.

    This is the OPPOSITE of what a ‘hard hitting’ journalist does.

    Frank is a poser IMO.

    Frank is a guy posing as a journalist but is really just a guy looking to impose HIS OWN VIEWS of these women (and of NXIVM) onto his gullible readers. Frank seems to view his readers as sheep.

    IMO Frank Parlato created this blog not to tell the 100% truth, but to foist his biased opinions upon the world.

    Yeah, Frank does tell the truth about NXIVM in many articles. He does tell the truth to some degree.

    However, he also BULLSHITS and OBSCURES inconvenient facts when speaking about women that he personally views as friends or at least acquaintances.

    For this transgression against the truth, and for his HYPOCRISY when referring to himself as an investigative journalist, I will pray to Jesus that Frank gets cancer of the butt.

  • Ladies and gentelmen, the utter truth is, Barb is a criminal.

    • I find it interesting that she has said she is crying herself a river in the back of the courtroom?! Not once have I seen this…

      How did she meet Nancy Salzman exactly, and how did she become so chummy with Sara Bronfman that she could just walk into her house to discover her walking out of her bedroom with Llama Tenzin (Saw this in audio transcript with Kristen Keefe)? I heard her say to someone she knew Lauren Salzman since she was 12? What’s the story with her true history with NXIVM? And for that matter, the Bronfman family..

      • Barbara had known Nancy Salzman for 10 years as her therapist before taking her first Intensive in 2000.
        Lauren would have been 12 in 1990.

      • Barbara has trouble with the truth. Everyone was told that she owned this mansion on Union Avenue in Saratoga Springs. Truth was she rented the place and used it as her office/home.
        Her highest level of education is a high school diploma.

  • The true meaning of the Vanguard, Pea is: 1. A video game from the 90s. 2. A self-obsessed idiot and self-appointed guru from Upstate NY, who is a sex maniac pedophile with a compulsive gambling addiction and a controlling sociopath with a predilection for illegal activities and Ponzi schemes.

  • Barbara wears a ring on her wedding hand. At first, I thought it was because she had moved on when doing her NYC explanation, but from previous photos, it seems it has been around for a long time before that.

    BB needs to take off this ring fence material so honest blokes can start to acknowledge her, and she can go forth in whatever life she chooses to do.

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  • Now Barb is making a career of this instead of moving on.

    I think I smell a rat and the rat us the resurrection of the good in NXIVM (pardon me while I vomit in the emisis bag).


    Sara is moving on. You should also.

    Even Eva Braun thought Hitler was a swell guy but we all know he wasn’t.

    Get a job. Disappear and live the rest of your life quietly.

  • We saw when Barb was on Megan Kelly that she is still in love with Keith.
    Geez, don’t need a PhD to see that!

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