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By Bobbie Joe

The Ramthas School of Enlightenment IS a cult!!

It’s registered as “Amusement & Entertainment” on it’s business license. Nothing has ever been proven regarding the existence of the 35,000 year old windbag [Ramtha]! Zero, zip, nada!!

The “experts” being referred to in the article Ramtha the One: We Are Not a Cult Like Nxivm and J. Z. Knight Must Not Be Compared to Keith Raniere were invited to an all expense’s paid trip to the Ramtha compound, and most had qualifications that had nothing to do with parapsychology or pseudo science.

J. Z. Knight used this “study” to try and legitimize herself to her sheep-like followers.

I’d ask the poor guy who wrote this post if he ever bothered to read it?

The author to Finding Enlightenment, J. Gordon Melton, Melton, was paid a ton of money by J.Z. Knight to write the book — so it’s hardly “unbiased”.

Then Knight came up with some bullshit DNA study that she says “proves” that her and rambles [while purportedly channeling Ramtha] have different DNA!

Think about that for a second –  when she channels/rambles, her DNA changes? Yet everything else about her stays the same?

Wouldn’t a complete change in DNA change every cell of the body into the new code?

Why all the bullshit? Why not just have Knight appear in front of a group of respected scientists and journalists when she is channeling/rambling Ramtha?

Her sheep are no longer the deep thinkers they once were, obviously. Her philosophy is all about using the power of your own mind to create the reality you desire. Sounds magical.

What one doesn’t realize is that the training she prescribes to get you there, is also taking away your mind in the process!! Hamsters on a wheel!!

J.Z. Knight says you can reverse aging by following her disciplines, yet her face is full of Botox, fillers and collagen!!

J. Z Knight

She claims there are no victims, unless her boyfriend cheats on her, or she needs to sue someone, then she’s allowed to play victim!!

Anyone who has “all the answers” wouldn’t need to charge people exorbitant prices to hear the “truth”!

Any group that trains you to shut off your inner voice and instincts to trust in another by making your instincts equal your “ego”, is brainwashing you into a mindless follower!!

Nobody willingly joins a cult. They are trying to find a better way to live their lives, and then before they realize, it’s a bait and switch. They’ve let someone else control their own mind thinking they were making it stronger, and more evolved. Blind trust in a charlatan.

Once realized, it takes a lot of time to trust yourself again.

There’s no greater punishment than knowing you’ve disappointed yourself!! Yet, I also believe, there’s no greater wisdom than coming to terms with it and recovering.


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31 commentsOn Guest View: Ramthas School of Enlightenment IS a Cult!! – Leave It Now

  • Por favor investiga al líder de la iglesia luz del mundo

  • You just have to watch her on Merv Griffin –

  • As I noted in a response to the original piece, Melton is a notorious apologist-for-hire serving various cults that other pay him directly or underwrite the institutes and organizations that he is part of. He does have a position at a fairly respectable university, but not quite a prestigious one – and he isn’t considered highly outside of the circle of similar opportunists, and the groups that pay for their services.

    And that’s a good point, if Ramtha were real and had lived in Atlantis, there’d be some evidence – like he’d be able to help archaeologists find its exact location. There have been plenty of finds of what did actually exist of human civilization 35,000 years ago, during the Upper Paleolithic or Late Stone Age – it was rather primitive, and there are none of the physical signs for instance of trade artifacts that would have existed had there been an advanced civilization anywhere, nor cultural indicators such as major advances in linguistic development or agriculture that would have radiated out from any such civilization.

    • Just the thought of entertaining the idea that Ramtha is legitimate is nuts.

      • That’s the “Big Lie”. Similar to Raniere being the smartest man in the world! It’s outrageous! I don’t think anyone believes it when they first walk in, but after you’ve completed your “Beginners” and done something incredible for yourself (accomplishing a goal while blindfolded, basically) while enduring the sleep deprivation and endless hours of talks, the illogical becomes logical. They use “science” to prove their theories/philosophies, and the brainwashing is done in a very cerebral way. I learned a lot about the brain and the body. I read endless books on quantum physics. But at a certain point, you start to notice that the Topics correlated to JZ’s personal drama. If she was happy and in love, we leaned about love. If she was angry and scorned…?? You get the infamous videos of her worst drunken meltdown(s)!

        • Talking endlessly about Ramtha gives her the credibility she wants. Either ignore her or become part of a campaign to discredit her, but don’t just endlessly complain about her on a website that isn’t focused on her.

          • Talking endlessly…? Seriously…? I was answering your dumbfounded query? I didn’t bring up the connection, but was only trying to add context. Some appreciate that in a “discussion” group!

            You have no idea what I’ve done to speak out against this cult, nor what kind of time and effort I’ve applied to helping people get away from there! I suggest you use your “scroll” button if my posts are such an annoyance. Or…post your disdain!? Couldn’t care less…but I caution you…because so far you’re not appearing any more informed with your comments!

        • WE WERE BRAINWASHED into believing in false gods and negating any belief in ourselves. Ramtha, NXIVM, NERIUM, AGAPE, SCIENTOLOGY, LDS, FLDS etc. their recruitment, indoctrination and methods are all the same though their goals may differ and techniques are more or less extreme.

          They operate the same way ISIS does. The same way a spider catches it’s prey in an invisible net and holds it for consumption sooner or later.

          Mind conditioning through hypnosis is real and where it’s become necessary to educate the public about it, more progressive school systems are doing so for the protection of the public not to justify crime. Right now schools here in LA hold demonstrations on it and how to resist it.

          At least acknowledging it is a first step toward conquering the beast. It’s annoying this trial refuses to go there and IMO is a travesty of justice for defendants who succumbed.

          Extreme groups can condition inductees to believe they will achieve their innermost dreams and use drug or otherwise induced hypnosis to turn people into zombies.

          Allison was not in on the grift, IMO and, therefore, more vulnerable. Lauren and Nancy had the advantage of being the predators who are being protected by those they preyed for including but not exclusively Keith.

  • Why not just have Knight appear in front of a group of respected scientists and journalists when she is channeling/rambling Ramtha?

    When you edited my statement with this, it doesn’t make sense. It should read “Why not have Ramtha appear in front….”. Meaning the 35,000 year old, 7 1/2 foot, cinnamon skinned warrior “lower his vibration” and just show himself?? Then you don’t need “experts” or DNA “proof”, do you?

  • As a former member of NXVIM and Ramtha, I just want to say I fell in a deep depression back in 2007 after I learned about Ramtha’s 2012 Prophecies…. that never happened. Check out the website It’s from former Ramtha’s students.

    • I imagine AOC is quite depressed now as well, since the planet will implode within a dozen years. I’m depressed she got elected in the first place.

      • Scott,
        If you think of AOC as a clown, she’s hilarious.
        I’ll bet she’s the best bartender to ever be elected to the House of Representatives.
        I can’t wait until she grows up and runs for President.

    • Thanks for speaking out. Keep doing it forever.

    • That’s when I quit, in 2007. The end of the world, underground bunkers…fear, fear, fear!! I decided I’d like to get hit by the first wave, so as not to suffer the aftermath. But I was still a “believer”. My one fine morn came after I’d heard JZ had split with her dude. It was like someone tipping the first domino of Red Flags that I’d tried to train my mind away from, but thankfully it just filed them all. My critical mind prevailed!! And I have said this before, but it’s like one of those “dual” pictures, where you can only see the “young woman”? Then they ask you if you can see 2 women in the picture, so you look again, with a tiny change in perspective, and then all you can see is the “old hag”. That’s JZ to me, the old hag!

  • Similarities between Keith Raniere and an Australian charlatan …as well as Truth Church pedophiles…fathers raping daughters…ministers protecting abuses…

    Serge Benhayon established his religion, Universal Medicine, in 1999 after allegedly receiving a spiritual epiphany while sitting on the toilet.

    “I just gave myself a time to sit and feel that moment and I could feel something really, really beautiful,”

    Mr Benhayon claims to be the reincarnation of Leonardo da Vinci and calls himself the “Ascended Master” or “One of The Hierarchy”.

    He also tells his followers that they have experienced at least 2300 lives each.

  • Hi Sir, what about Emiliano Salinas and Rosa Laura Junco?, how far are them from jail?

  • ‘Any group that trains you to shut off your inner voice and instincts to trust in another by making your instincts equal your “ego”, is brainwashing you into a mindless follower’

    !00% on point. Thank you.

  • Heidi Hutchinson

    Hmmm, that Ramtha poster looks awfully familiar. Now, where have I seen it before? Was it the sis-teen chapel? Or was it at Joe Bologna and Rene’ Taylor’s house in Beverly Hills when I lived with them as a writer’s assistant and Rene’ thought it was Ramtha, her guru, who gave her Da Vinci’s idea for a poster? Guess I never should have said anything about it then either. That was long about ‘89, ‘90 on my particular timeline. Behold the hand of god.

  • cast the first stone

    there is a time for most people and even for most societies when reason recedes and blind belief in obvious preposterous leaders takes hold.
    don’t disparage followers of JZ or KAR or others like them, because you haven’t taken a long hard look in the mirror and realize that you have been blindly following a charlatan despite ample evidence of fraud, just because you desire something he says only he can give you

    • You realize all of the cults together represent a teeny-tiny percentage, not exactly “most people” or “most societies.”

      Who would that charlatan be?

    • Speak for yourself.

    • Cast the first stone,

      I understand to whom you are alluding to.

      Let me point out to you that there are no pious individuals on the earth today, nor have there ever been, nor will there ever be.

      There are no saints only sinners who become heroes.

      Frank Parlato, Toni Natalie, Dani and Nicole and a host of other people that have fought NXIVM prove my assertion.

  • The best line in the Bible:

    Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s
    clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.
    Matthew 7:15

    • Wow……

      People that blindly follow politicians on the Left and Right should follow that sage biblical advice.

  • You’re right. Nobody willingly joins a cult.. But most people with ethics and stands usually leave when they realize whats happening.

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