DOS Slave Nicole Takes Stand – Allison Mack Threatens to Release Her Collateral if She Quits DOS

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By Dianne Lipson

DOS slave Nicole took the stand on the afternoon of June 6th in the trial of Keith Alan Raniere.

She was wearing a white jacket and black slacks. She is very thin and attractive. One spectator thought she was beautiful. Nicole is an actor. She is not a household name, she’s in SAG [actor’s union.] She had an agent. She did a lot of commercials.

She was examined by Moira Penza.

Nicole is different from the other witnesses. She’s more spontaneous. She uses slang expressions a lot and uses the word “cool” to describe things. Her feelings are close to the surface. Like a lot of actors. She almost talked to Moira Penza like she was talking to a girlfriend.

Nicole testified she was living in LA but decided to move to New York because actors there were more serious. She was dating Mark Hildreth at the time. Hildreth, a successful actor, started pitching Nicole on Nxivm. He mentioned Keith Raniere to her. It was 2013.

Mark said he was part of a program that would make her a better person. And he told her about some people in Nxivm, like Allison Mack and Kristin Kreuk. Nicole knew these people were successful actors. And Emiliano Salinas and Richard Branson.

Mark lent her the money for an intensive. Nicole did no research on Nxivm because Mark told her the best way to go was with a completely open mind and have no expectations. Don’t Google Keith Raniere or Nxivm, Hildreth said, because, sometimes, when people don’t understand something, they judge it wrongly. [This was a year after the Albany Times Union came out with their series where woman accused Raniere of being a pedophile and a rapist – which was available online.]

Hildreth said some people who wrote things online had gotten it wrong. It’s better, he said, that she have her own experience. Nicole trusted Mark.

She took the Nxivm course and learned some interesting things. She wasn’t the biggest fan of the secrecy aspect. She thought if something’s good, why not talk about it? That’s what she likes to do. Also, the sashes, she didn’t see why these were used.

After the first intensive. Mark pressured her to take more classes, which she did.

She took a five-week Nxivm acting course [the Source] in Albany. She borrowed money from her parents to pay for the program. Allison Mack taught the classes.

Nicole’s impression was that Allison was passionate about The Source, which was like her baby. Allison wanted to be a serious actor. Nicole also wanted to be a serious actor.

Keith appeared in most of The Source training videos.

Allison spoke about how Keith and she created The Source together. Allison referred to him as Mr. Raniere in the class.

Nicole went to Vanguard Week. She shared a room with Allison and Rebecca. She stayed in the same bed as Allison to save money.

Allison said she was part of this “really cool women’s mentorship group.”

Allison said it was a really cool thing for strong women. This was all Allison was going to tell her about the group for now.

Nicole noticed there was a lot of running out of the room by Allison. Kind of drill. At Vanguard Week, Allison brought all her own food. Allison said she was eating 500 calories a day.

It was only later that Nicole realized Allison had a sexual relationship with Keith.

Nicole thought it was a little odd that Keith was put on a pedestal.

Nancy Salzman referred to Keith as “the smartest man in the world.”

Nicole testified that to her way of thinking “how would you know who’s the smartest person in the world? It sounded like bullshit to me.”

At this point in Nicole’s testimony, everybody in the courtroom laughed. The spectators laughed; the prosecutors laughed, the jury laughed. Even the judge had to cover his face to hide that he was laughing.

Keith’s face was red, and he had his head down.

That was a great moment. And the judge choked out, “Next question.”

Nicole became friends with Emiliano; they would run together. The idealization of Keith felt weird to her, but Emiliano said, “Keith doesn’t want this idealization to be put on him. People project on to Keith.”

Nicole bought into that since Emiliano was well educated; he went, after all, to Harvard.

The next course in The Source was on the way to becoming certified to teach the course. The course was $6,000.  The classes would also help you learn how to enroll actors into these classes – and you would get 50 percent once you were a certified teacher.

At some point, Allison asked Nicole if she was willing to let go of her desire and attachment to having a family. Nicole said no.

Nicole was working long hours at a restaurant, waiting tables. She could barely pay her bills. Things got worse in January 2016. February was very hard. It was her first winter in New York. She was making nothing. She felt lonely. She didn’t know how to move forward in New York. She missed her life in LA.

She was depressed and struggling. She cried on the witness stand as she told her story.  She was describing how much pain she was in. She felt suicidal.

It might be a coincidence that she felt suicidal only after taking Nxivm courses.

Nicole sent emails to Allison. Allison’s philosophy was to question if your feelings are real or not real.

Nicole was scared but oddly calm because suicide would give her an option, a way out.

Nicole said she felt like she screwed up everything in her life. She didn’t know who she was anymore. She felt lower than she ever did before. Nicole is crying now on the witness stand.

Allison said she would come to New York and make time for Nicole. They met at a hotel and Allison told Nicole about a secret women’s mentorship organization. The mentorship program would make everything better. This made Nicole feel hopeful.

Allison said if Nicole wanted more information about this mentorship group, Nicole had to provide collateral. Allison explained there would be a woman above you to mentor you and then eventually you’d mentor someone else. Nicole thought it would be “cool” to have a mentor.

Allison said it had nothing to do with Nxivm.

Allison said the collateral required to learn about the women’s group could be something financial like a house or a car. Nicole didn’t have a house or a car. Allison said she could make a video or write letters that would be hurtful to Nicole’s family. Nicole didn’t know how to react at first. It sounded intense.

Allison said it was “exactly what you need right now.”

Allison explained that she herself wrote a letter for her collateral that her father had sexually molested her when she was young.

Nicole is almost crying as she describes how she did not want to write something against her family.

“My family’s amazing. I love my family. My family’s amazing.”

Allison said to Nicole, “You could write a lie.”

Nicole wrote a letter against her family.

Penza asked, ”You wrote the letter?”

Nicole said yes and started sobbing. The court had to wait a few moments for her to compose herself.  She really burst into tears.

There were other letters about her family that said bad things. She also had to write a letter that would affect her career. She did that as well. But this is all later, after she joined DOS.

Nicole said this was difficult but Allison said the collateral was an exercise in trust.

Allison said besides no one is ever going to see any of this.

Nicole was concerned if someone found the letters. “What if I died and somebody found the letters?” but Allison said the letters would be kept safely. No one would ever see them.

Allison said, “Don’t you want to be the type of person who trusts someone?”

Nicole didn’t mind making a sex video and she gave Allison the first collateral at a coffee shop in a hotel in New York. Once in possession of the collateral, Allison told Nicole about this group that was called the Vow or DOS.

Nicole learned she would have a mentor above her. It would be an intense growing empowerment group, where women would push each other to be strong mentally, physically and emotionally so that women could build the kind of life they wanted. Allison said it would be a lifetime commitment.

Allison said all women involved would have a small brand, like a tattoo.

Nicole thought the lifetime commitment was scary. But everything else sounded interesting. As an actor, she wanted to be strong intellectually, mentally and physically. And emotionally.

Allison gave Nicole 24 hours to decide whether to join DOS. Even though Nicole was scared of the lifetime commitment, she accepted it.

“Looking back, why did you join?” Penza asked.

“I was looking for something to be helpful. I wanted to be working on something to rebuild my career. I wanted to be like Wonder Woman. And that’s how DOS sounded.”

“Based on what Allison told you, what was your understanding of the women’s mentorship?” Penza asked.
Nicole answered “To build your career. It would be women pushing through their fears to be strong so they could help people.”

Allison never said Keith was involved in the group. If Nicole had known that a man was running a women’s empowerment group, she wouldn’t have joined.

Looking back, there were other things that would have caused her not to join the group – if she’d known about them. Namely, that she was giving up her free will. And that more and more collateral would be demanded, and that there were to be daily demands made on her.

Did she know that there was a sexual component to this?

No, she wouldn’t have been interested if she knew that.

And she would not have joined if she knew how the master-slave relationship worked – for instance every morning she had to text her master [Allison], “Good morning master” and every night she had to text “Good night master”. It felt weird.

Still, her initial impression of this group, at first was good. Allison was very loving. Allison would come down to New York, they’d have lunch. She would check in on Nicole and it was nice.,

Allison even set her up with her agency, which was a great agency. She also set up Nicole with her first off-Broadway auditions.

Mark Hildreth moved to New York and Nicole and he were dating on and off.  Allison Mack gave Nicole her first assignment which was not to have sex with Mark anymore.  It was presented to her that this was a distraction. Moving back and forth with Mark was a distraction to her career. Nicole agreed. She wanted to focus on her career.

Her next assignment was to be celibate for three months.

In the meantime, Nicole got a new job. She met a “cute boy” at this job. When she told Allison about him, Allison “flipped out.”

Nicole said the guy asked for her phone number. Allison texted back demanding to know if Nicole gave him the number: “Did you give it to him?”

Nicole said yes.

Nicole thought she could still fulfill her order to be celibate for three months and date the boy.

In fact, she thought it would be a good – a good way to get to know him first, before having sex.

Nicole said, “This would be a cool way to use this first challenge.”

But Allison said that Nicole violated her word by even giving the boy her number; it wasn’t a good thing; that she wasn’t keeping her side of the bargain.

Allison told Nicole that she “needed to fix it.”

Nicole felt “super unnerved” at such an extreme reaction.  She began to think DOS wasn’t the best thing for her.

But with her better job at the nightclub, she could pay her bills. She was starting to meet people. She could go to auditions during the day.

At some point, Nicole’s mom was coming to New York. Allison met with Nicole and her mom. They went to see a play on Broadway called Blackberries. It’s about a young girl who falls in love with an older neighbor and they have a relationship. Allison was the one who bought the tickets for this play.

When they were together, Nicole’s mother asked her about the cute guy she had been interested in.

Later, Allison told her that what Nicole did was wrong. Nicole said she wanted to leave DOS.

Allison told her that wasn’t an option. Did she want to give up her career growth for a boy? DOS was a lifetime commitment.

Nicole started crying. Allison seemed upset but Allison couldn’t let Nicole out of DOS no matter how hard Nicole cried because that would show that Nicole could get out of this by crying harder.

Allison told Nicole that Allison’s master [who was unknown to Nicole at the time but she later learned it was Keith Alan Raniere] said her collateral would be released if she quit. They would release the sexual tape if she didn’t get her act together.

Allison reported that Nicole did get her life together very fast after the threat.

Nicole was scared. “What did I get myself into?”

Nicole was in DOS for one year and two months. And Nicole was repeatedly told if she ever left DOS, her collateral would be released.

An email, on March 31, 2016 from Nicole to Allison reads [paraphrase]. “I’m losing hold of my ability to choose something for myself.”

Allison replied that “It’s all in how you look at an experience.” meaning that it’s her choice to look at a situation differently. Allison said, “Why are you scaring yourself? You made a commitment. You can’t go back. It’s the choice you made. Don’t question it. It just a waste of time to question it. Just do it.”

Another assignment was to reach out to Keith.

Nicole had never met Keith.

Allison didn’t say why this assignment was given. Nicole said it was her first secret assignment. She found it strange that Allison wouldn’t even give her Keith’s contact information but told her to get it from someone else.

Nicole got Keith’s email from Mark Hildreth. Nicole wrote Keith an email but he did not respond.

Allison accused Nicole of being “slow as molasses” in contacting Keith.

Nicole thought, “How do you get the attention of the smartest man in the world?”

That’s how today ended.

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135 commentsOn DOS Slave Nicole Takes Stand – Allison Mack Threatens to Release Her Collateral if She Quits DOS

  • “Allison told Nicole that Allison’s master [who was unknown to Nicole at the time but she later learned it was Keith Alan Raniere] said her collateral would be released if she quit. They would release the sexual tape if she didn’t get her act together.”

    Title is then misleading… Allison didn’t threatens to release the collateral…Her master threatens. Allison is just telling that Raniere will release it.
    So unless the transcript is clearly saying it, the title is wrong.

    “Nicole started crying. Allison seemed upset but Allison couldn’t let Nicole out of DOS no matter how hard Nicole cried because that would show that Nicole could get out of this by crying harder.”
    Seem to me that if it was only about Allison decision, she would have let Nicole go.

    Still, it’s hard to defend what Allison did (hiding some of the fact (even after the collateral), the collateralisation,…)
    But let’s not forget that she was in the same situation herself (collateralised) and not just from the start of DOS but way before…

    The way she try to rationalize the whole situation also show that she wasn’t really in control of her own life (especially with the ridiculous diet and sleep deprivation).
    Kinda scary to see that she was that disconnected with reality while she used to be so down to earth .

    • Mack was “all in” at this point, it is immaterial what she would have done if it was just her decision. When was Mack “down to earth?” When she was in first grade? She dated a rocker who tattooed on his chest, “Will you marry me?” Does that sound like a down to earth woman? And that was before she joined NXIVM.

      • My god…you are as stupid as anonymaker…this interview never happened…I know for a fact that she was down to earth (like all people who knew here before nxivm)

        • What interview do you claim never happened? This?

          ‘My fiance is a musician and he’s totally funky. He had “Will you marry me?” tattooed on his chest. Then he had the date I said “Yes” added. We’re not going to get married any time soon. I don’t want to stress and rush it. I want to be able to enjoy the planning process and I can’t really do that while I’m working and he is on tour.’

          And how do you know it never happened? At a minimum, we have multiple reports that he was a bad character, and theirs was a bad relationship – buttressed by the fact that he has gone on to do little other than rack up a felony conviction, and that his father turns out to be a convicted pedophile, quite the coincidence given that she then went on to get herself involved with Raniere, who rates on those and other ignominious counts.

          Mack PLAYED a down to earth girl on Smallville. How do you know that she really was one? And can you explain what the nature of her relationship with Pete really was, if not a harbinger for what came later with Raniere?

    • The person who communicates a threat, is the one legally culpable – and guilty. You’re always trying to make points about legal technicalities, so don’t you get that?

      Why would you assume that if it were up to Mack, she would have let Nicole go? She seems to have really take on the role of being the DOS hardass – Raniere, after all, made her his henchwoman. Also, as we can see now after Dani’s testimony, decent and strong people actually resisted Raniere, and broke with him when things went too far – all of Mack’s friends who had gotten in with her, had left by the end when she was still playing slavemistress.

      You seem to have a very romanticized notion of Mack. I suspect we’re going to see more and more testimony eroding that, but we’ll have to see how it plays out.

      • It’s not a technicality, she admitted that she was guilty…I’m pointing that she wasn’t the one who decided to threaten…It was Raniere who was saying that if Nicole didn’t “wake up”, he would release the collaterals.

        Why do I assume? because Nicole herself said that Allison was upset by her crying but couldn’t let her go like that.
        She also clearly said that Allison was loving and nice to her…but let’s forget about it.

        Allison couldn’t resist because she wasn’ exactly in the same state as the other, I advise you to re-read the testimony of Vicente.

        “all of Mack’s friends who had gotten in with her, had left by the end when she was still playing slavemistress.”
        First off, no, they didn’t.
        Second, She was stuck…you heard the collateral she gave? yeah? and what about the fact that here, on Frank Report, she was accused to be the one behind everything…She had on one side Nxivm jumping at her throat and on the other, Justice waiting to attack…

        “You seem to have a very romanticized notion of Mack. I suspect we’re going to see more and more testimony eroding that, but we’ll have to see how it plays out.”
        Because to see the fact out of what is said, you need to a very romanticized notion of her…No
        I read her testimony and I see what everyone was already aware of (Allison collecting the collateral) but I also see the wording choosed by Nicole and they clearly show that Allison was never in a position to make ANY decision herself…

        She was in the same position Nicole became…
        She was guilty of the collateral collection (that was already a fact) but she clearly had no control over the decision (nor her life).

    • “she used to be so down to earth ” <===when was this exactly?

      • when she was Chloe on Smallville

        • When she was with her older, abusive, failed rocker fiancee, and they were both getting tattooed for each other – and doing who knows what else? Not really then, either….

        • anonymous you do understand that TV is PROGRAMMING

          • Chicky, you do understand that Chloe was Mack’s TV CHARACTER

          • The real question is whether Mack understands that Chloe was a TV character. There’s been lots of hollywood “experts” who have given testimony in front of Congress because they played a related expert on TV or the movies and made fools out of themselves.

      • I’m the original Anonymous, I’m not the one who said she was Chloe.

        I was before she was deep in Nxivm and before she was in Smallville…

        She started to change a lot around 2011…before that, she was still herself.

        • If you really know about Mack’s pre-NXIVM self, can you explain for us her long-term involvement with Chad, the older, abusive rocker fiancee who all her friends warned her about – and whose father turns out to be a convicted pedophile?

          It seems like there’s a certain type of guy she’s been attracted to since she was a teen, though Raniere is of course the extreme example of that. Is she just vulnerable to abusive men, or is there something more profoundly wrong with her that left her particularly suited to become Raniere’s henchwoman and DOS’ slavemistress, even ranking ahead of Lauren Salzman?

          • Correction: Chad was later, Peter was the grungy rocker first love – who ultimately ended up a convicted felon, just like Allison’s Grandmaster is going to.

            Also to be explained, is why Raniere changed when Mack showed up – that sort of weak sauce attempt to string things together, cuts both ways. Before Cali Ally came into the inner circle, there was no BDSM or sex slaving, but then all of sudden they’re ordering cages and shock collars from a company that turns out to be located just minutes from her home in California. What’s cause and what’s coincidence?

    • When Vinny the Leg Breaker pays you a little visit and tells you you missed a payment, Vinny is threatening you. Makes no difference if he says “hey, I’m sorry, I don’t want to break your leg, you seem like a regular guy. But the boss insists, ya know how it is.”

      Allison Mack is Vinny. She’s a racketeer. She admitted she’s guilty of racketeering, in open court and for the record. The above testimony tells us why she pleaded guilty to racketeering. She didn’t plead guilty for a lark, because she thought it would be fun to spend some time in federal prison.

      • I like your Vinnie the mobster analogy. It fits.

      • And this testimony proves that Allison Mack is a Sex Trafficker even if she plea bargained out of that charge.

        • Hmmm no, it’s not …And if you weren’t stupid or blinded by your hate, you’d see it…
          All it proved is that Allison was collecting the collateral for someone else. this is what she pleaded for and that it.

          Do you know what a sex trafficker is? not in your mind but in reality, i mean?

          • Number One: It is not Collateral
            It is BLACKMAIL MATERIAL.

            Number Two: Collecting Blackmail Material is part and parcel of sex trafficking.


      • Well-made point.

        Also, it doesn’t matter whether or not the “boss” did insist – or even threatened Vinny himself, if the didn’t get the money – or whether Vinny is just saying that as a tactic. Vinny is still fully guilty of extortion – and of violence, if he takes it that far.

      • When Vinny pays you a little visit, he is the one threatening you…Allison didn’t, she informed that Raniere wanted to release the collateral.
        Read the testimony instead of writing stupid things.

        And I never said she didn’t admit her guilt…From this testimony, she wasn’t really racketeering (in the large sense of the term), she was just collecting the collateral.

        What i said is perfectly fine as in the text, Nothing fits with the title. She didn’t threaten, she informed that Raniere threatened.

    • Attention, the next meeting of the Allison Mack Fan Club is being held in a disconnected phone booth on New York City’s Hart Island next to all of the Paupers’ Graves.

  • Nicole trusted Mark Hildreth

    I knew he’d pop up again…keeping the truth from a potential victim:

    “Mark lent her the money for an intensive. Nicole did no research on Nxivm because Mark told her the best way to go was with a completely open mind and have no expectations. Don’t Google Keith Raniere or Nxivm, Hildreth said, because, sometimes, when people don’t understand something, they judge it wrongly.
    [This was a year after the Albany Times Union came out with their series where woman accused Raniere of being a pedophile and a rapist – which was available online.]
    Hildreth said some people who wrote things online had gotten it wrong. It’s better, he said, that she have her own experience. Nicole trusted Mark.”
    Is he a pimp or a recruiter?

    • This is exactly how MLM scams talk to people regarding the internets. He’s both a pimp and a recruiter, he’s a multitasker!

    • I’d like to know how Hildreth – and others like him – justified either ignoring entirely what was available online because others told them to, or ignoring the most blatant issues raised such as that Raniere was not the renunciate he claimed to be.

      It may be that he was just another hapless follower too clueless to look for himself.

    • depending on her age he might be considered a FINDER

    • orangecountydreams - OCD

      When someone is asking you for money and advises you not to do any research, ALARM BELLS!!!!!!

      • It’s interesting what this cult & scientology have in common: a practice of luring in people from show biz. Aspiring actors are by definition living on all sorts of margins already. They’re poor, they’re hungry for recognition, they’re ambitious, they’re used to taking risks in front of others, and they’re often far from home and family.

        It’s a perfect little storm of need and vulnerability.

        This woman’s story shows how it works when someone with Allison Mack’s TV credentials or Emiliano’s business/education history vouches for the “program.” Look, other successful people are doing this! I won’t be alone and struggling anymore; I’ll be part of a group that’s strong and dynamic!

        No, honey. You’ll be exploited for some power-mad fool’s fantasy of running a group of slaves for his pathetic gratification.

      • Others paid for Nicole’s classes.

    • I wonder if Hildreth was keeping Nicole from what he “knew” was the truth—-or if he actually believed that Nx’s bad press was “wrong.”

      Is it possible that even coaches and high-rankers like him—but who weren’t Albany Insiders—that they really did not know or believe all that bad press that came out in 2012?

      • Based on what I’ve seen of what’s going on in other high control groups or cults, it’s likely that Hildreth or others did believe that the bad press was wrong, or at least were in denial about it.

        They may also have rationalized it away. For instance, the sex-related allegations that the TU published in 2012 were old, so defenders or true believers might have thought that maybe Raniere overcame some personal issues in that area by becoming a renunciate – and it’s telling, and interesting in itself to note as an example of compartmentalization of information, how almost everyone outside the very inner circle believed that, and had no idea of how he actually lived.

  • And Mark Hildreth is on Twitter. Just in case anyone wants to inform him he was mentioned in today’s criminal trial.

  • Allison Mack is one insidious, evil, manipulative beast. How anyone can excuse the calculated emotional and sexual abuse she inflicted upon this woman is beyond reasoning. Allison effortlessly morphed into a female Keith Raniere. She was sour from the start. He only played on her darkness.

    • Maybe someone who understands that Something happened to her for her to change like that (like the Dangerous diet (confirmed by the victim), the sleep deprivation (confirmed too), the pressure she was Under (also in the testimony)…The fact that Allison was in the same position as the victim?
      Just maybe one of those or all of those…

      The reality is the testimony shows that Allison didn’t inflict anything…the victim go as far as saying “she was loving”…
      But whatever you say…read the testimony to fit your ridiculous vision while sane people read properly the testimony.

      Oh and Lucky some of the FR readers aren’t in the jury…I’ve never seen people so biased.

  • Once upon a cult

    AM is crazy and diabolic as fuck!! This is sooo creepy and scarry, but also describes exactly how the brainwashing works and how they brake you in order to dominate you. A subject for a Netflix horror series right there!!

  • F*ck you Keith Raniere

    Sooooooooooo awful. I hate Keith Raniere.

  • the noose around Raniere just got much tighter.

  • Darth VanDouche

    Hildreth sounds like a douche just like his (former) mentor. He was still drinking the kool-aid until 2017 and he never even made a statement about his involvement like his former girlfriend Ms. Kreuk did. He just slinked away and hasn’t been hit with any negative publicity due to it. Not that I’m calling for it. I’m just emphasizing the discrepancy. I haven’t read one article here or elsewhere questioning his involvement or bashing him like I’ve seen a number of the same for Ms. Kreuk, who at least had a little bit of good sense to leave him and the group back in 2013. So much bashing of the females have occurred here and elsewhere, but what of the men who followed this total loser?

    • 1) Kristin Kreuk only made a weak lying statement because she was forced to by the media. She didn’t admit her role in the cult or even mention anyone by name. There are many things she has not acknowledged or admitted to.

      2) She did not leave NXIVM in 2013. She was still coaching with Lucas in 2015. She was simply away filming a television series. Each season would of lasted about six months and there were four of them.

      • 1) Whether you think it is weak or not, or that she was lying when she made it, doesn’t change the fact that she made a statement. That’s all I said.

        2) According to an article posted on the Frank Report three high ranking NXIVM members said she left in 2013: So unless you have some evidence that shows otherwise, it seems pretty conclusive to me that Ms. Kreuk left at the time she said she did.

      • She was still coaching with Lucas in 2015

        Can we hear from Lucas to verify this…or from any of the many others who must have seen KK coaching then?
        Why are you the only person who seems to know this?

        • “The only person”. Which “person”?

          • As far as I can recall, the claim has only been made under posts by Anonymous – in comments similar enough that they sound as if they’re made by the same person. If there is more than one person making the claim then they should step forward and identify themselves somehow – and most importantly, provide actual corroboration of some sort.

      • I’d never heard of Kreuk before, so I don’t understand what the big deal with her is.

        Despite her being just one among quite a few actors who were involved and who used their visibility to promote NXIVM, she seems to be the focus of an inordinate amount of attention.

        Even if she did something again in 2015, that doesn’t mean she didn’t leave in 2013 – or really even got entirely back in again. It’s fairly common that that members of high control groups or cults will manage to leave, and then get drawn back in. From the testimony of the women so far, we can see how they were subject to all sorts of lures, promises, social pressures and manipulations – especially if they were thinking of leaving.

        • Actually, saying you left a group in 2013, but still being involved with them in a professional manner years later is not leaving the cult. She claims she left in 2013 but didn’t admit what she was doing beyond that time. She lied, plain and simple.

          • Of course you may be right.
            But since you always make the same claim but no one else corroborates your claim, you are less credible than the 3 high-rank insiders, verified by Frank, who all say she left in 2012/13.

          • Yes, it can be.

            There are, for instance, examples of people who leave other high control groups like Scientology, and even go so far as to speak out against them, and yet then somehow get involved again.

            People do such things in personal relationships as well. The Bronfman girls’ parents got divorced, remarried again, and finally divorced once more.

            Back to Kreuk’s case, you seem really hung up on it, and only one limited interpretation of whatever it is that you think you somehow know – for which you can provide no actual evidence, or corroboration.

        • The big deal with Kristin Crook is
          1. She’s hot;
          2. She got Mack involved with NXIVM;
          3. She is active with a TV show and in social media;
          4. She’s hot;
          5. She made a lame statement and refuses to discuss further;
          6. She was involved a lot more than just a student; and
          7. She’s hot.
          Any other questions?

          • Scott,

            I thought 1-10 is she is hot?

            If she looked like Rosey O’Donnel or the ugly Kardashian sister nobody would care.

    • If you don’t want to call for negative publicity against Hildreth (and why wouldn’t you?), I will. He’s a dirtbag. How’s that?

    • OMG. So true. Good point, Van Douche.

  • Thank you so much for all your detailed journalism. As a survivor of an abusive relationship, it’s cathartic to read about a monster going down. I hope the many survivors of this story find help and peace.

    One thing I’d like to ask: why is it that the DOS women’s weight is always made a point of? We know they were on starvation diets, we know Keith’s preference for thin women. I understand talking about what everyone was wearing; it paints a picture. Commenting on their weight doesn’t seem right, they’ve been through enough scrutiny.

    • The weight issue goes to the heart of the women not being able to think straight, same with the sleep depravation. Both are critical to Raniere’s “success,” and to leave them out of the conversation would be foolish.

    • I don’t think it is meant in a scrutiny kind of way. More like 100 pounds is well under the healthy weight of what a woman should actually be. In reality a healthy woman should be well over this. I think it just helps readers understand visually who is still is in the 100 pound gang and those who aren’t anymore.

    • Glad you got away from your abuser, Anon!

      And I would normally agree that any body size inclusion is unnecessary and perhaps even politically incorrect. In this case however, with Keith’s daily obsession with their weight and constant demands for dieting, I do believe this is useful information – that these victims were at a weight where any further loss could be a health hazard to them.

  • And NIcole is not Nicki Clyne!

    This testimony should make it clear to one and all that ALLISON MACK is a willing and eager PIMP!

    This testimony should make it clear to one and all that ALLISON MACK is a willing and eager EXTORTIONIST!

    This testimony should make it clear to one and all that ALLISON MACK is a willing and eager GANGSTER!

    • @ Shadowstate1958, I fully subscribe!!

      • One of the most shocking parts was how casually Allison accused her own father of sexually molesting her.
        An accusation which I presume is false.
        This false accusation on top of false accusations that Allison’s own nephews had been molested.

        After seeing Allison Mack’s tortured relationship with the truth one wonders who would want a serious relationship with this woman.

        • Shadow, how do you know that Allison “casually” accused her father? We know Nicole struggled with the letters due to her testimony. Why are you stating as fact that Allison casually did it?

          • Shadow – When you’re done rubbing elbows with the movers and shakers of the entertainment world, I’m still hoping you can explain how you know Allison was “casual” in her accusation against her father.

          • Nutjob:

            How curious that you use the phrase “movers and shakers.”
            It turns out that one of Allison Mack’s friends in NXIVM is Geoffrey Goldberg.
            Geoffrey is a dancer and choreographer in Brooklyn who manages a dancing group called, what else, “movers and shakers.”

          • Nutjob,

            Shadowstate is actually Harvey Weinstein. He is a mover and a shaker as well as a shagger.

        • ok i dont know allison or her mack daddy but hey why presume he didnt rape her
          there are daughters who get raped by their dads or close family members {funny how no one beleives them}

          she was a child actress; there are families that SELL their children out FOR THE PART happens all the time on set and stage ….

          dont assume anything about anyone anymore this is a rough trade crowd they trade their own children {madelyn mccann remember her} money fame drugs human trafficking gots to pay to play

          ps nxivm will only be eclipsed in dipravity by the upcoming ray chandler reveals……

    • I’m disappointed in you, Shady. You let NINE people comment before you could unleash.

      • “I’m disappointed in you, Shady. You let NINE people comment before you could unleash.”

        Actually I have a life.
        And I also have connections in media companies.
        The kind of companies that green-light TV and movie projects.
        And this kind of testimony will sink Allison Mack’s acting career lower than the Titanic.

        • geez shad-y you would think at least the guys at nickelodeon would still wanna SMELL HER FEET!

          you know media you should get this one ;0

    • That’s right, Mack and Clyne are what is referred to in the MLM world as “crossline.” In other words, they are not vertically aligned above and below each other in a line of sponsorship, but across from each other. Nicole is Mack’s downline, Clyne is Mack’s crossline.

      However, Mack isn’t on trial, Raniere is. While this information MAY cause the judge to give Mack a longer prison sentence than she otherwise would have received, it may not, because Mack wasn’t given the opportunity to defend herself. Will Mack testify against Raniere and say he told her to make these threats? Stay tuned, because just like Raniere’s crank, “it won’t be long” before we find out.

    • Get a grip! Everyone knows Allison was a perpetrator she was also a victim. Read the transcript… she didn’t threaten to release it. It says Allison master(Ramires) would release it. Your hatred for her is as bad as Raniers hatred is for all women.

      • She didn’t threaten to release it? Read the transcript?

        Here’s what the article says: ”Allison told Nicole that Allison’s master… said her collateral would be released if she quit. They would release the sexual tape if she didn’t get her act together.”

        THEY would release it. Not HE would release it. And who told (threatened) this? Raniere? No, it was Allison.

    • Nickvi Clyne is probably busy trying keep whatever is left of DOS alive. Those that remain won’t need to be threatened with the exposure of their collateral, because they are still loyal to little Keith.

  • Allison Smack eagerly became little Keith’s partner in crime. She wanted it, and she chose it.

    20 years minimum.

  • Light at the end of the Tunnel

    I have previously posted that most, if not all, people joined NXIVM with the purest of intentions, and I stand by that. However, it’s very scary to see these good people turned into evil beings. One commentor did say that some of these evil henchwomen were also trapped. I have thought and thought about how these women came to be the way they are. Obviously, there are years of indoctrination. And by the time they are getting into the really immoral, hurtful, and illegal acts that Keith has bid them to do, they are also trapped. So even if they knew what was asked of them was wrong, even if they didn’t want to do what was asked of them, they too knew the hell that they would be put through if they tried to disobey orders or tried to leave. Even going to the police may not have worked in their favor. These women would have no job/money, perhaps also become homeless. They most certainly would have been sued to the moon and back. I’m not justifying anyone’s actions. But the way people come to be who they are and what they do is incredibly complex. John Tighe discussed this regarding how many prisoners were doomed from the start based in their horrific upbringings. So while many in NXIVM did horrible things and should most certainly pay the legal consequences, Keith should go to jail for life, much like abusive parents who have have abused and ruined their children’s lives. How many people’s lives did Keith ruin beyond repair? It’s gut-wrenchingly sad.

    • From the testimony yesterday, I would say these women so debase themselves they cannot face the real world – “Cami: I’ll do anything [to atone]. I’ll eat shit.” That is pretty ridiculous to us, but she meant that. Who can face the world having traumatized themselves in such a perverse way?

    • Those who ended up in NXIVM’s inner circle, were a somehow strangely select group.

    • orangecountydreams - OCD

      Good points. I continue to believe that many of these followers started out with good intentions. Whether you want to argue that their search for meaning was naïve or shallow is up to you. When one wakes up in a nightmare, she doesn’t want to believe it. She wants to believe all that was said to convince her was somehow true, No one wants to admit to being tricked by a simple conman. I was, once, and it’s still a source of pain and shame. Never again.

  • Village Diane,

    Great reporting. I like the fact that you really make an effort to describe the witness. I felt like I was in the court room.

    Thank you!

  • So Mark Hildreth brought up Kristin Kreuk’s name in 2013 as a NXIVM member…

    Also, didn’t “Jane” the DOS slave say that Mark Hildreth cheated on Kreuk? If so, was it with Nicole?

  • Too bad everybody didn’t laugh at Raneire about 35-40 years ago, or he would still be where he belongs, doing computer programming for a New York state agency.

    • Girl Scout Cookies

      Yup. Good point.

    • Well like everything else. I imagine is programming prowess is a lie. If he does any kind of programming more than likely a cut and paste script kiddie.

    • orangecountydreams - OCD

      Well, I laughed in ’91 or so at his CBI promo piece with Eddie Albert. I’m sure many others did, too. But he still commanded an unswervingly loyal group. Bowl haircut and all.

    • Good point. It’s amazing his BS worked as well as it did.

  • “Keith’s face was red, and he had his head down” and previously “As for Keith, he was red as a beet.”
    Perhaps Mr. Raniere has come down with a serious case of rosacea. No, he is simply realizing that the curtain has been pulled back and he is a FRAUD! All the world can see him for what he TRULY is = a liar, a prideful idiot, etc.

    Actually, this brings to mind something Biblical again. From the Old Testament – 1 Samuel 16:7 But the Lord said to Samuel, “Do not look on his appearance or on the height of his stature, because I have rejected him. For the Lord sees not as man sees: man looks on the outward appearance, but the Lord looks on the heart.”
    And a dark heart it is.

  • Sort of sad and ironic how Shadow, Omar, Frank and others condemn KR’s sick obsessions and evil desire to punish those who he felt wronged him or didn’t behave in the way he desired yet can’t see their own similar sick obsessions, especially with regard to some of the women.

  • Is Allison on the list to testify?

  • Imagine how much trouble people could save themselves by just saying “no” instead of bending over backwards trying to cooperate with something, aspects of which don’t feel right, acceptable, intelligent, respectful or appropriate. I think that we all get big or little hints from within ourselves and all too often overlook those feelings, perhaps because of wanting to be “nice” or not wanting to be excluded, getting attached to being part of something. But what if that “something” is a toxic mindfuck? Don’t ignore the hints from within. One could walk away having listened to one’s own mind, before any cult robot/bastards have a chance to trap another sucker for suffocation in their sado-masochistic power-grabs.

    One small background thing about me is that no one is able to get me to recruit or proselytize. It is that simple. You might as well hold your breath and turn blue. And go drum up your own customers. Really, go get fucked. Trying to push or influence others to join anything goes against my own way of living. To me, telling somebody else what to think or how to live serves nothing and no one. It goes against my feelings of what is respect. So you see, I am useless! I am not willing to be possessable and am not at all cooperative about being used.

    This is what I don’t get over about Allison Mackcrack and similar acolytes. Who is willing and choosing to fall so low? What is the reward for giving up one’s conscience and common sense? Who is it who decides that it is fine to go along with collecting negative and if necessary, false collateral, to sanction branding, going hungry, sleep deprivation and to foster one guy’s obsession with emotional and sexual abuse?

    Who is refusing to think for oneself about all of this being NO DAMN GOOD for anyone? Who chooses to be a cheerleader for this shit? And Mack didn’t merely act like Raniere’s cutesy but creepy cheerleader. She fed her ego with this garbage, seemed to enjoy representing herself as one of his shining examples. She acted like a star ambassadress. She tried to sound so authoritative while trying to get herself more slaves, spewing half-baked concepts fabricated to conceal the ugly truth. Hook, line and sinker is a choice, too. I guess that what matters now about Mack is who is she now?

  • Smack was both a perpetrator and a victim, but she was much more of a perpetrator than she was a victim. She worked hand in glove with Raniere, to devise a trap that victims would never get out of. According to credible reports, the branding was her idea. I do have a degree of sympathy for her, but not much, because I think she caused much more suffering for others than she herself experienced.

  • Lol what a bunch of stupid bitches

    • I thought Nicole was blindfolded and her wrists tied down. How do they know the table pictured is the one used, and how did she reach down to feel the hair of the person performing oral sex?

  • Imagine living the rest of your life with that brand – a permanent reminder of a horrific act of abuse. It will never go away, because it was meant to be forever. So how could it ever be forgiven or put right? Forever is a very long time.

  • Looks like they heated the water too fast and the frog jumped out. Just like most MLMs, Nicole never had a downline.

  • ‘Mark said he was part of a program that would make her a better person. And he told her about some people in Nxivm, like Allison Mack and Kristin Kreuk. Nicole knew these people were successful actors. And Emiliano Salinas and Richard Branson.”

    So Hildreth said Richard Branson was in NXIVM. And Branson would have people believe that he simply rented out his Necker Island resort to them.

    • Yes, Branson could have been lying. But KAR or the insiders could have lied to the other members like Hildreth that Branson was in Nx just to claim another famous member as a recruiting tool.

      • Good point. Dubious groups like NXIVM often attempt to legitimize themselves by association with known figures – hence the actors and celebrities they courted. But they often overstate their case – as sloppy thinkers they may make mistakes, and as ends-justify-the-means thinkers they may outright lie.

        If Branson were actually involved, there should be corroborating evidence for it, such as confirmation from people who were in courses he took. As far as I’m aware, there is no such thing.

    • Branson rents out the island like a hotel when he is not using it.
      Donna Karen does the same thing with her place on Parrot Cay in Turks and Caicos.

      Branson probably knew the Bronfman girls through their father.

  • Ja ja ja ja ja de que le sirvió a Carlos Salinas pagarle la educación en la mejor universidad si el hijo es un completo tonto dejandose convencer por Keith

  • So Mack was getting half of the $6k fee that each student paid for these classes. Interesting. That forms part of what the Nxivm pyramid scheme that the government named in its indictment. Mack had a strong incentive to hook people into this organization. I suspect this is one reason she thought Nxivm was such a good thing– it was certainly a good thing for her. This partly answers my question about why these seemingly intelligent people never realized the operation was a scam, how it was empowering women when in fact it was literally slaving them or helping to make anyone a better person. The answer is simple: money.

    It wasn’t “grooming”, or any kind of diabolical mind control. It wasn’t even indoctrination. These people were profiting from the exploitation of others. Self-interest is a powerful persuader, and nobody is as easy to fool as oneself. So that’s why Mark Hildreth told Nicole not to google Nxivm, told her it would “make her a better person”. What’s good for Mark is good for everybody else– right? He had no beef with the organization. Nor did Mack; she had her BMW and her condos. Why poke around, why ask inconvenient questions, why think about it? Everything’s going splendidly.

    There’s no mystery here, no diabolical plot, not even anything particularly evil. It’s just a bunch of selfish, thoughtless, self-centered people doing what profited them. That is, after all, how pyramid schemes work. Even Raniere was no evil genius, it’s not like he invented pyramid schemes. His Consumer Byline was the same grift, and it imploded too. Nxivm just took somewhat longer to hit the rocks, and it only lasted as long as it did and became as big as it did because he was lucky enough to get the Bronfmans to bankroll him.

    Hannah Arendt famously wrote of the ‘banality of evil’. It was in reference to the trial of Nazi war criminal Adolf Eichmann, who as it turned out did what he did not out of any fanatical hatred or perverted ideology, but simply out of self-interested careerism. Not that this made the slightest difference in terms of his guilt; Eichmann was hanged for his part in facilitating the Holocaust. If Adolf Eichmann was banal, then far more so is Keith Raniere. His highest ambition, as it turns out, was for nothing more than pussy and pizza. And if the leader of this cult is a nonentity, his minions are even more insignificant.

  • orangecountydreams - OCD

    “Keith’s face was red, and he had his head down.” People like this do not take criticism or humiliation well. I am trying to figure out what Hell there will be to pay, for those who are perceived to have caused it.

    He is, and always has been, dangerous.

    We like to think he is impotent now (in terms of retribution against enemies), but I’m not so sure.

    I still think he will later sue his attorneys for malpractice, no matter what the outcome. Unlike others here I do not fault them for taking on the case – everyone accused has the right to a vigorous defense.

  • orangecountydreams - OCD

    Dear Keith:

    You are physically unattractive and spiritually ugly. You smell bad, according to many reports. Your so-called intellect is lacking and abysmal. You have the emotional maturity of a 13 year old boy. You have no discipline or moral fiber.

    You’ve hurt and devastated many people, including former “lovers” (though you do not know the word “love”). You chuckled at their pain while lying back and sucking down foods you denied you loyal followers. It seems you have no relationship with your father or any family member. In fact, one of you sued the other in a court of law – probably for monies owed and not repaid.

    You have, over and over, demanded and commandeered money you did not earn.

    You do not know the meaning of the word “ethics”.

    You are cruel. I hope the only protein you ever get for the rest of you life is bologna. I hope your mattress is hard. I hope you get bored with jerking off in you crappy cell.

  • Add Nicole to the list of women Raniere tried to break.

    “Raniere also once pulled out a bag containing $10,000 in cash when she complained of money problems, and told her he was trying to “break” her.”

    My unofficial tally of women Raniere tried to break is at 4.

    Dani, Nicole, Allison, and Gina.

    Raniere has verbally admitted to trying to break Allison and Nicole.

    • Some others either came broken or were easily broken. Raniere had a small team of women meeting this criteria who supported his evil ideas and enabled these ideas to take advantage of others since his college days. As a result, depending on your definition of being “broken,” there were dozens to thousands of others who were broken and several thousand who were scammed. These are paltry numbers compared to other MLM scams, though NXIVM takes the cake in known titillating stories and the number of crimes beyond mere illegal pyramids and RICO fraud.

      • I think that a lot of them were people who’s ambition outstripped their abilities. “Allison says I’ll easily get the best roles if I come to Vanguard’s Word Salad Seminar.”

        Kathy Russell was very close to being offered Prima Ballerina by the Bolshoi.

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  • she didn’t reach down, but she could feel the long hair of a woman between her thighs

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