Trial: Keith Talks About Penis Size to Cami; ‘Mine Is Bigger Than His’

In General

By Dianne Lipson

The government said today that it plans to conclude its case by the end of next week or the beginning of the following week.[ i.e.: somewhere between June 14 and June 18th.]

It is not known if Keith Raniere will put on a defense. The defense has the option of deciding that at the very moment the prosecution rests its case.

As for Raniere’s defense, the judge previously ruled that his witnesses have to appear live. He denied his motion to allow witnesses in Mexico to appear via closed-circuit television.

The million dollar question is whether Raniere will testify.

Tomorrow, expert witness Dr. Dawn  Hughes, a psychologist, testifies about victims of sexual abuse. Then Nicole, the DOS slave, a 31-year-old actress, who said she was blindfolded and tied down by Keith Raniere and subjected to unwanted oral sex by an unknown woman [later identified as Cami] will testify.

Now, on to today’s testimony:

The reading of Keith’s texts with Cami continued the whole day, with Special Agent Meagan Rees reading Cami’s texts and Assistant US Attorney Tanya Hajjar reading Keith Alan Raniere’s texts.

Some of it was tedious but we had a few gems.

Keith called Cami his “spiritual successor.” [He had called her sister, Dani, his “intellectual successor.”]

He makes Cami pledge to give him lots of sex, lots of blowjobs. He wants her to dress sexy for him.

He also wants her to write a complete life vow and keeps asking her if she finished it. Somehow, it was never good enough.  He wants her to give herself totally, like “no other woman in history.”

Cami vows to be his forever and always have his back and obey Him.

But that’s not good enough. He says, “obey me totally?”

Cami says, “you’re pushing too much.”  Finally, she gives in.

She writes “Okay, I totally have you as my master in all things.”

Keith says, “Still I can’t trust you. I need extreme collateral and different kinds of punishment for bad behavior.”

It turns out, he’s still upset, deeply jealous of Robbie [designated ‘R” in the messages] who Cami apparently had sex with.


Now, for the squeamish, it is time to stop reading. For those who love and adore their Vanguard – the following might adversely affect your internal representation of him. Stop reading now.

Keith asked Cami, “Do you like his fluid [semen] more than mine?”

Cami is kind of a down to earth person in a lot of ways.

Keith wants to know, “Did you tell him you liked the taste of his semen’?”

She doesn’t want to talk about these things. She doesn’t want to answer, but finally, she does answer his urgent question, “Do you like his taste better than mine?”

She says, “Yeah. It is sweeter.”

He keeps asking more questions. He wanted her to compare sex with Robbie to sex with him.

He wants to know who’s “longer.”

Cami said, “Why does this matter?’

Keith said he knows Robbie’s penis is smaller than his.

Keith says his penis is 7.5 inches fully erect and Robbie’s is 6.75 inches.

“I know his penis is 6.75 fully erect,” Raniere writes. [in 2015]  “Mine is 7.5.”

Cami: ???Wtf??? How do you know that?” Have you seen his penis?”

Raniere didn’t answer that question, instead telling “Guys know these things… men masterbate [sic] together.”

Camus says [quite brutally] “It’s been a long time since you were ‘fully erect.'”

At this point, everyone in the courtroom is smiling or laughing. Everyone on the jury and everyone in the court was smirking at least. I believe the judge himself was trying to look serious but was having a hard time.

Marc Agnifilo, Raniere’s attorney, was trying to suppress laughter at silly Keith, the 13-year-old Vanguard.

As for Keith, he was red as a beet.

Hajjar and FBI Agent Reese continued reading Keith and Cami’s texts.

Keith goes on – decrying how Cami liked Robbie too much.

Keith said, “Because of your passion, you grossly exaggerated the experience [with Robbie.] How will you fix this?”

He desperately wants her to acknowledge his penis is bigger.

Cami writes, “I don’t care who’s bigger.”

Keith wants details about Robbie.  He wants to know if Robbie was circumcised. [Keith is.]

It goes on and on and the lil’ fella was so jealous and hurt about her liking Robbie that he seeks to punish her. It meant a lot to Cami to work for Rainbow Cultural Garden and be with little Galen.

One of her collateral requirements now was she was forced to sign a sheet that she resigned from Rainbow.

He took away something she loved. In her resignation letter to Loreta Garza, head of Rainbow, she says she’s resigning for personal reasons and that “it’s not safe for me to be around children.”

Cami also offers as collateral, repossession of any items she may own in the future up to the value of $1 million.

Fuck Toy Texts Read Into Record

Next, we heard texts that are familiar to Frank Report readers – the texts where Keith asks Cami to find him a “fuck toy.”

Keith says, “I have nothing to hide because I own you.”

Cami: Just as you do many others”

Keith: Would you accept a brand.”

Cami: What do you mean like a cow? You want to burn me?

Keith: You don’t want to burn for me?

Cami prefers tattoos, but he tells her branding is more unique and possessive.

Keith: If you understood, you would really want to get the brand.

He tells her that her brand number is “number one.”

Overall, Cami is not doing well.

She texts, “I feel like I’m drowning. I’m struggling.”

Keith: I would hope you would equally embrace these [other] women in your life.

Cami: I just want to be your wife and share your life.

She wants a family and is mourning the loss of “you and me against the world.”

Keith: Give up all your negative pride.

Keith talks about group sex and how “multiple pheromones prevents habituation.”

What I think he means is, if he can be exposed to multiple women, he won’t get bored.

Keith now encourages her to recruit a young slave for him.

Cami seems to be developing a sense of how to prevent Keith from lashing out at her. She keeps calling him “my love.” And other terms of endearments.

Keith said he wants Cami to find someone pure. He wants her to find a virgin.

Cami herself has blown it forever. She will never be pure enough in Keith’s eyes.


Because of her tasting Robbie’s semen. She ruined everything.

Keith: You exposed yourself to another man’s DNA.

He wants to start over in a sense with someone who is pure.

But he keeps wondering if he has the strength, the stamina, to go through all that again [as he did with Cami starting when she was a teen].

Cami: Please let me be your successor.

Keith wants her to find “a pure vessel for us.”  She has to be more than just a virgin. She must not have ever had even oral sex.

He keeps asking her again and again. “How many candidates [for the virgin] do you have? Who do you have?”

Cami doesn’t seem to be succeeding at finding anybody.

Meantime, she says she feels unloved and misunderstood.

He tells her she’s prideful.

At one point, Keith writes, “I almost died last night. I can’t trust you. I almost died.”

Keith goes on to say he’s worried that candidates [for the virgin] that young would not want to be with him, someone his age.

Cami says “Any young girl would be lucky to have you.”

Cami also says she is weeding out lesbians.

Keith keeps pushing her to move faster in this process of finding a virgin.

Keith: I don’t know if I have the energy to devote three to five years to get [a virgin] to where you were.

Cami is searching online.

Cami seems to succumb to Keith. She says, “I choose to be with you. Even though I won’t have a family. I choose you over everything.”

She mentions she contemplated suicide.

Keith is dismissive. “You didn’t think about suicide because of me,” he said. “You thought about suicide because you didn’t want to go to Mexico.”

Keith returns to the topic of her finding him a virgin. He says, regarding this pure soul that they’re looking for, who has to be young, that it will take a girl with a real sense of ignoring social norms to accept the age difference. [Keith is in his 50s. He wants a girl of 15 or so.]

Cami expresses she feels hurt, scared and alone. She expresses feelings of abandonment and wanting support.

Cami: I just want to feel safe. I keep getting rejected. I’m so scared.

Keith urges her to keep looking for virgin candidates

Then he went back to Robbie.

Keith: Do you care for him more than me?

Cami was candid.

Cami: Robbie?  Yeah, I felt like I was family. I felt an urgency to live.

She feels shame all the time. She feels hopeless. She said, “I feel life is not mine.”

Keith tells her the greatest joy is to consider others. In this case, a virgin for Keith to fuck.

Keith expressed doubt however that a young virgin would really want him.

Cami says, “You’re handsome, sexy, strong, loving, talented. You know for a fact. They all want you.”

She knows what he wants to hear.

Keith explains to Cami, “The reason you can’t be my successor is because [Robbie] touched you.”

Cami: I’ll do anything [to atone]. I’ll eat shit.

This goes on and on and by the time we get to 2010 -2011, she’s not happy anymore.

Cami: I want to reevaluate this relationship. Everything is on your terms. I want it to be a partnership.

Keith: You are very incorrect. [and adds a sad face emoji.]

He speaks about the people who are against him. “I guess I’m under surveillance,” he says. “Efforts are being made to destroy my image.”


Frankly, really no one needs to destroy his image – he does a pretty good job of it all by himself.

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91 commentsOn Trial: Keith Talks About Penis Size to Cami; ‘Mine Is Bigger Than His’

  • “It’s been a long time since you were fully erect.” Ahahahahahaha!!!

    That was awesome! What a beautiful dose of karma for Keith, delivered right in open court!

  • This makes no sense. Why is all of this being presented by prosecutors. It is not a crime to be totally batshit insane.

    • Agree, I have had this thought about 75+ percent of the testimony

      • These are highly capable prosecutors, who are probably getting lots of strategic advice from behind the scenes from their highly experienced superiors, in how to make a case like this – and taking into account the intended audience of the jury. They wouldn’t be doing what they are doing, unless it served a purpose.

    • “But here’s what I am going to ask you to do as the evidence is coming in, I’m going to ask you to look at the evidence from his point of view, through his eyes, because ultimately at the end of the case, His Honor, Judge Garaufis, is going to instruct you on the law.”

      “One of the things you’re going to hear is intent, a concept called criminal intent. There is only one criminal intent that is worth anything in this case that matters at all and it’s whether he has it. That’s it. No one else’s intent, no one else’s motivation, no one else’s good faith or bad faith matters a lick. It’s all him. So one of the things you are going to be doing as the evidence comes in is you are going to be looking at it through his eyes, what does he think about it? What is he doing? And why is he doing it? Never forget to ask why. I’m going to talk about that in a minute.”

      “Why is he doing this? And what you will see is you will see this is something these people signed up for. They are not there to go shopping and eat cake and do these things. They’re there for a reason and they are there to make their lives better and they have signed on to this.”

      – Agniflo (in his opening statement)

      • That’s an interesting reference.

        The quandry it tries to gloss over, or muddy the waters about, is that Raniere might not have thought that what he was doing was wrong – and if that was really the standard, then lots of psychopaths would go free for what are the vilest of crimes by normal measures.

        I think that the prosecution is going try to show that Raniere’s victims were manipulated, coerced or blackmailed into something very different than what they “signed up for.” And that even if Raniere didn’t think it was a crime, that what he did to people really was an offense.

      • context is everything, even in law.

    • Light at the end of the Tunnel

      I hope what these text threads show is that if Cami continued to see this Robbie fella or continued to fight against Keith, she would have been kicked out of her home, ostracized, and thereby homeless and penniless, and an illegal immigrant with possibly no way to get back to Mexico. And Cami was even younger than Dani when she was pulled into Keith’s life, so she probably would have had even more issues trying to figure out how to make a living for herself than her older sister Dani. These texts, while maybe not illegal in and of themselves, paint a horrific picture of Keith and set the stage for the mental and emotional abuse he doles out in the name of ethics. It’s possible that if Cami and Dani weren’t illegally in this country, some of the charges might not hold water. Cami and Dani were basically held captive here in the U.S. because without NXIVM, they would have nothing while here in this country and no means to obtain a job or even get back to Mexico on their own. Therefore, I think the testimony of Dani and the texts between Cami and Keith can be shown as sex trafficking and forced labor, IMO. They practically had their hands tied.

    • I think it is probably setting up the background, for the psychologist’s testimony about sexual abuse. It will be interesting to see where that witness goes with it, but I exppect she will try to explain the nuances of how psychological manipulation and abuse work in the absence of obvious physical coercion or violence.

      Also, it seems to me that this presentation serves to totally undermine Raniere’s credibility, so as to make it almost impossible for Agnofilo to try to make the case that Raniere was just a sort of philosopher leading a community of students, that could somehow be view as more or less normal.

    • It’s very much a crime to have sex with a 15-yr-old. It’s also a crime to blackmail others into doing your will.

      If the defense is going to be that Keith is just a creepy sicko & not a criminal sicko b/c all of his behavior went on with willing partners, there is still going to be the fact of that girl’s age, and the fact that she (and her sisters) were brought into the USA illegally, and the fact that he demanded collateral from people for the express purpose of later blackmailing them.

      These are crimes that can’t be danced around. I think the prosecution’s case is like the tax fraud case against mobsters — they’re presenting evidence that goes to the character & public danger the defendant represents, and doing so in such a way that the jury understands how an otherwise rational adult might be gradually brought under the control of this freak.

  • This guy is completely pathetic. Judo champ …. What? I even have the dreaded cankles like Allie Wack (which is disfiguring affliction according to many of the male commenters on FR) and I definitely haven’t ever felt the need to resort to any such blubbering tactics

  • For those of you playing at home, this disproves the notion/story that branding was that turd burglar cankle’s idea. I wonder if she lied in court about that.

    It does, however, prove once again ” How do you tell a nxivm member is lying? Their lips are moving.”

    Vantard has no chill.

  • An irredeemably sex obsessed imbecile! Are the parents of this scum bag alive? Their sentence should be applied TWICE as severely as to him without ANY trial!!! They must also pay for being alive, for the dark days they’ve personally inflicted on humans!!!! I have not come across a more mentally deranged human being! I have not read all of the second half of the article. This human scum has gone off on a tangent I refuse to follow even as part of an article written by a third party.

    • How about YOUR parents? Are they alive? Are MY parents alive? How brainwashed must we be to blame our parents for the stupid and sometimes evil things we CHOOSE to do? I will give you a break, because I don’t know you, that you are simply being sarcastic.

      • @ soccermom1245 I am sorry. You are right. I was not however being sarcastic but I fully agree with your voice of reason. Reading the transcript, gradually got me really infuriated. I got carried away. No one rational can successfully argue against your assessment. Once again, I am sorry!

        • I have had my moments of being angry with Keith’s father. He knows about his son as much as anyone. Yet, it doesn’t seem like he’s done much (anything?) to stop him or warn people about him.

          • I don’t think Raniere’s dad knew much at all, he was never that interested in his son.

          • Nutjob,

            David Miscavage’s father left Scientology and came out against his father…..

            …And I know that because I listen to the Joe Rogan Podcast. Otherwise I never would have heard it through mainstream media.

            How much good would have been done, if any, if Raniere’s dad had come out?

            Plus Raniere have probably sued his father into bankruptcy and oblivion.

            Frank Parlato seems to be the only person sued by Raniere and not bankrupted.

  • If Keith has a 7.5″ penis then I have over a 100 billion dollars. In other words, I’m Jeff Bezos.

    Because I’m sure if a guy had a penis the size of which 99% of men don’t have and would get men into porn, a young woman like Dani would surely have felt it when she supposedly lost her virginity.

    VanGoofball obviously has delusions of grandeur when it comes to himself.

  • Wtf did I just read…!? Wow, this guy is pathetic. I lost it at “red as a beet”.

  • Keith Raniere is the world’s oldest juvenile delinquent.

  • I know, I am Sherlock. But it is gross jealousy. The kind that holds you at gunpoint in your trailer until your brothers with bigger guns come to save you. Mr. Raniere is an evil, disgusting pervert.

  • Once upon a sex cult

    KR is dead meat. He won’t make it out of that cell. No chance in hell. And since he is such a sociopath not capable of feeling empathy or any remorse at all, Karma throws embarrasment right at his face. He thought of himself to be a world leader, now the entire world laughs at him. May he burn in hell. Slowly.

  • “Cami: I’ll do anything [to atone]. I’ll eat shit.”

    This is the absolute bottom. I imagine her willingness to say and do this traumatized her for life. How low can you go? How abased can you be?

    This is an occult practice: ‘Forced eating of flesh, excrement, and other fetid material: This is routine and is generally force fed or given to child as a trick, concealed as something else after the child has been starved for days. “Ritual meals” of blood, flesh, semen, urine, etc., are consumed by all cult members during sacrifices to Satan. (These are commonly accompanied by nausea and vomiting). It is quite common for survivors to be very suspicious of food in general and to avoid many food types due to color or texture.

    Some survivors seem anorexic and others compulsively eat to combat “taste memories”.

    • I had a college roommate who was trying to join a fraternity, and they blindfolded him and told him (and the other candidates, one at a time) to reach into a bucket of water, pick up what was in the bucket and eat it. It turned out it was a peeled banana. He was accepted as a frat bro. So if you think a lot of people aren’t conditioned to do this kind of stuff, think again. They don’t need everybody, just a few who are willing to do it.

      • NEWS ALERT:

        Shocking Revelation!!!!

        Scott ‘Tex’ Johnson went to college!!!?!?!?


        I figured he attended Phoenix College online for 2 weeks, but never actually attended a real college.

        I wonder if the college Scott attended was accredited?

        My reality has just been changed. Maybe the word is flat?

    • The document you cite was written during the Satanic Panic hysteria of the 1980s and is utter nonsense. Here is the FBI report debunking it along with all similar claims of satanic “ritual” criminality

      Just google Satanic Panic. Wikipedia has a pretty good article. It was a moral panic that the news media helped fuel with sensational coverage of alleged Satanic groups allegedly snatching children, committing ritual murders, drinking blood and yes, eating excrement and human flesh. It was all nonsense of course, but it led to actual trials and convictions in the US. The Fells Acre Preschool case was one of the more notorious of these. Again, just google it.

      The report you cite is self-evidently absurd. Scroll to the last pages; listed among the criminal Satanic symbols is the name of the Australian rock band AC/DC (DC is supposed to be short for Devils Children!), along with Ozzy (as in Ozzy Osborn). Signs of satanic involvement include teens playing Dungeons and Dragons.

      This moral panic ruined lives. Self-righteous crusaders victimized young people for having long hair, listening to hard rock music, for daring to be different. Let’s not go there again.

    • SoccerMom,

      Your comment:

      “Ritual meals of blood, flesh, semen, urine, etc., are consumed by all cult members during sacrifices to Satan.”

      … is 100% false.

      Whenever I take unholy communion, at my santanic cult all libations that are consumed are 100% fair-trade certified™, organic, and GMO Freeby™ anf come from my own body the way God intended.

      FYI Soccer Milf:

      Semen is only one percent sperm; the rest is composed of over 200 separate proteins, as well as vitamins and minerals including vitamin C, calcium, chlorine, citric acid, fructose, lactic acid, magnesium, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, vitamin B12, and zinc

      Semen is the ultimate libation at only 10 calories per a tablespoon. Eat your heart out SoccerMilf !!!

  • I says, LittleMan Vanguard is the epitome of “male insecurity”…he was probably poppin Viagra like popcorn, “See? It still works…”

    It is mysogonistic of me to say it, but Vanguard did do 1 thing well: he proved how dumb some women can be, in some ways.

    Women like the Bronfmans, had tons of money they did nothing for…and were looking to do something meaningful with their lives…they were ripe for a con artist, and Raniere saw that weakness, and the opportunity that access to that kind of wealth offered.

    Basically, he manipulated a large group of extremely gullible people.

    • “It is mysogonistic of me to say it, but Vanguard did do 1 thing well: he proved how dumb some women can be, in some ways.”

      V only “proved how dumb some women can be” if you ignore all of the men involved as well. Is Frank really dumb for willingly going to work for KR when he was warned by the likes of Roger Stone about the group. Frank didn’t quit working for them either, he had to be fired. And even 2 years after he was fired and involved in the real estate lawsuit, he was publicly defending the Bronfmans and Keith. Apparently it took the male Frank until 2015, more than 7 years after he was fired, more than 3 years after he was named in O’Hara’s lawsuit and more than 3 years after the TU series exposed Keith as a pedo and rapist, for HIM to realize how evil Vanguard was and begin calling KR and the group out publicly.

      Although Frank has now apparently flip flopped on Vicente’s intelligence, how “dumb” was MV for believing Vanguard for 12 years, shooting all of those stupid videos, opening centers and recruiting the likes of Sarah Edmondson for him. How about Dr. Brandon Porter, Jack Levy, Jim Del Negro, Emiliano Salinas, Alex Betancourt, Anthony Ames, Scott Starr and the 120+ men in SOP. Just because the male followers don’t get much attention on here and KR wasn’t interested in them sexually, doesn’t mean there weren’t plenty of them.

    • I thought Viagra worked? I think Raniere didn’t believe in any drugs, that’s why two of his early followers died from cancer at a relatively young age. That’s also why there were “dozens” of abortions, according to Raniere’s own lawyer.

      Also, it has become clear from the information on this website and confirmed in the trial reporting that a lot of information was compartmentalized. In other words, nobody knew everything and everybody was kept in the dark about a lot of things, and different things for each person. This makes your entire comment BS. No matter how gullible they may or may not have been, Raniere is the one who lied to them and committed criminal acts.

  • ya know …. there is a little blue pill for that. SO much easier than procuring 15 year old virgins.

  • The presentation of the case is tedious. I understand the prosecution wants to build a case but one could question the relevance and quantity of the minute details and if this will distract the jury from the main points. The prosecution will need to connect the dots or the jury will be left to figure out what Raniere is being charged with. It is not a crime to be immoral, manipulative and self centered. It is a crime to coerce (blackmail) others into a sexual relationship especially when below the age of consent.

    In the end, I think the prosecution will convince the jury however it only takes 1 confused person to cause a mistrial.

  • He’s incapable of having a normal relationship because of his extreme insecurity. Underneath all his nonsense lies a massive inferiority complex. Over-compensation, much?

  • Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who’s the shortest of them all? If Raniere jacked off with other guys and a ruler (which is absurd, by the way), then why does he need Cami to tell him who is longer? Looks like Robbie is the winner of the Dr. Pepper contest:

    All MLMers know how Cami feels, it’s hard (pun intended) and frustrating trying to sponsor a downline.

    • That’s a good one Scott!

    • Vanguard’s early life and how it could have turned out if he had met the English band The Macc Lads and drunk a pint of Boddington’s beer…

      Failure With Girls by The Macc Lads

      I’ve got an ugly face with spots all over the place,
      I haven’t got any mates and my clothes have gone out of date,
      I go to the pub on my own and drink my orange alone
      I sit and stare at the crack, but they just turn their backs
      I want to chat them up, but I stare at my feet,
      Then I go home and I beat my meat,
      I’m dead shy about the size of my dick
      And chips n gravy make me sick

      I’m a failure with girls -I don’t know why
      I’m a failure with girls -they make me cry
      I’m a failure with girls -they’re so unkind
      Only wish I could could say that I don’t mind

      A Macc Lad said: ‘Sonny, take note!’
      And he poured a pint of bitter down my throat,
      It was the first pint I’d ever had, and I turned into a real Macc Lad,
      My clothes started looking real flash, I grew a tattoo and a moustache
      And my car grew a go-faster stripe,
      Now I pull crack every night
      I’m not weak anymore, my dick measures 3’4″,
      Don’t you call me wimp-
      Its 3’4″ even when its limp.

      I’m dead macho with girls – I never fail
      I’m dead macho with girls – Coz I sup ale
      I’m dead macho with girls – Thanks to Boddies
      Only wish that I didn’t have VD

    • Scott,

      You stated, “Raniere jacked off with other guys and a ruler (which is absurd, by the way).”

      No shit Scott it’s absurd…..

      Do live in a town populated by retards?

      Because I cannot understand why you believe your observations are so profound?

  • So the little fella has a little fella…maybe he should be renamed “Vanflaccid”?

    I wonder if the realization has set in yet for Mack, Salzman, Bronfman, et al? And to think that it may not even end with this trial.

  • It’s my understanding that the girls father Hector is still involved with Nxivm in Mexico. I hope to hell he his following the testimony of his daughters. He needs to know what he put his children into and start making amends ASAP if that’s even possible. Shame Shame Shame on you and your wife.

  • Can't stay awake

    No wonder Barbara Bouchey is sleeping so much in court during the trial. Who wants their ex-boyfriend on display in such a revealing manner?

  • Side note….loved the Cami to Camus typo. As for the rest…..ugh, how much time did this guy have to obsess and destroy this much? What a child. Seems endless…..

  • So, umm, Wondering if Scooter, Shady, niceguy, and BangCock wanna hang out tomorrow night? We can shoot some pool, throw some darts, and maybe a little group masturbation? BYO ruler.

    • Nutjob, Holy shit that was soooooo funny, I actually laughed out loud!! Thanks for that!

    • surely you mean ‘masterbation’ !!!

    • None of them, or you and most other commenters on this website, for that matter, are even “brave” enough to share their names. Why do you think I would even want to be in the same room with the rest of you? Find another coward if you want to have a masturbation party, count me out.

      • Scott,

        Your not brave. You will not even masterbate with a hunch of heterosexual guys. 😉

        Scott you really are “Scott 3-inch Johnson”…..

        What’s the matter you embarrassed?

      • Understood, Scott. Omar, Joe, and Mitch Garrity will be sending you an official invite. (Frank opted out and you’ll have his spot)

        Deez Nuts is in for you – I’m really hoping we’ll have an AZ Mafia sighting!

    • LOL Nutjob…..

      …….Circa-Jerks just don’t have the same draw that they used to for me….

      I have not taken part in one since partying with Ben Szmekus, Roger Stone, Frank ‘The Dong’ Parlato and Stormy Daniels at the infamous party…..

    • Don’t forget me!

  • Bravo Cami. You can have the biggest cock in the world, which for this compulsive liar is nothing, but what’s the use for that if you can’t get it up. Idiot.

  • I can’t wait for Vanguard Week this year. It will be the best ever. Keith will be spending it alone, but he can spend it playing with his tiny penis.

  • Raniere is absolute evil.

  • Diane,

    Thanks for sharing that antidotal courtroom testimony.

    I think it is great that Raniere was publicly humiliated because in court. 🙂

    For someone as “prideful” as Keith Raniere that must of been the ultimate humiliation.

  • Just for you, KAR.
    The Winker’s Song (Misprint) by Ivor Biggun.

  • Girl Scout Cookies

    Keith’s BIGGER dick, is all in his head. Poor guy. Maybe someday he will run for President.

    • asexuality lookin good right bout now...

      Well… Maybe his dick will run for president. It has its own identity after all – KAR named it. It probably woulda been his BFF if it could only keep UP with his busy schedule.

    • Raniere will be the President of the prison Ben Dover Club.

  • Hung Like a CASHEW is a better description of VanSmelly.

    I know, let’s ask Kristin Kook if that was the biggest weiner she’s blown.

    Tee Hee. Tee Hee.

  • With this crowd, I try to minimize assumptions. It’s not the town I live in, it’s this website that I post on that has a lot of retards. After all, YOU said you would be on my radio show as long as Frank was on it first, thinking that Frank had not been on it, but he already was. You were just looking for an excuse to not be on it, while trying to project a tough-guy image, but you had no intent to be on the show. Talk about absurd and retarded. LOL

    Now THAT’S profound! LOL

    • Scott,

      You even replied in the wrong place I just found this post by accident and middle aged boredom on Friday night.

      Hope you have nice weekend!

  • Nobody has seen a performance like Vantards since Dana Carvey in “The Master of Disguise”…

  • An article on the Frankreport about large penis size or lack there of garnered over 80 comments.

    Why. am I not surprised?


    To Village Diane:

    *Please take note add the word penis to the title of all your future articles to increase readership.

    Also add the names of Alllison Mack or Kristin Kreuk or Marilyn Monroe to all future articles to increase web traffic even if the actresses have no relevance.


    Keith Raniere and Nancy Salzman plagiarized Scientology. If Marilyn Monroe was alive today she woud be in her 80’s. Nancy and Keith copied auditing from
    Scientology. Scientology program even had modules

  • orangecountydreams - OCD

    He’s a bit ignorant (shocker!). He seems obsessed with length. A woman only has a certain number of inches of feeling in the vagina – after that (higher up), it’s pretty much numb and just pressure. So a 7 inch as opposed to a 6 inch might not give any more pleasure. (When did he care about anyone’s pleasure but his own, anyway?) What matters is width, and apparently he is failing in that department. His filthy, stinking, herpes-infected thing is likely to atrophy from lack of use.

    I hope you enjoyed all your sex, Keith, at the expense of others. I suspect those days are gone.

    And, does anyone even care?

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