A Day in the Life of Keith Raniere: Trial Time is More Much Trying

In General

The vast majority of the inmates at the Metropolitan Detention Center (MDC) are only there for a short period of time.

The Metropolitan Detention Center

In fact, of the 1,600 or so inmates who are incarcerated there, all but about 100 of them are awaiting trial or sentencing.

The other +/- 100 MDC inmates are “cadre” prisoners – which means they will serve their entire sentence there or, if they transferred in from another prison, the balance of their sentence there.

MDC is operated as a maximum security prison.

And its facilities are old and often non-functional.

In 2019, one former warden, Cameron Lindsay testified that “The M.D.C. was one of the most troubled, if not the most troubled facility in the Bureau of Prisons.”

Day-to-day life at MDC is not a pleasant experience.

So, what could it make it worse, you ask?

Going to trial can make it worse – much worse.

As in any prison, the top concerns at MDC are security and safety.

Security to ensure that inmates do not have an opportunity to escape.

Safety to ensure that Correctional Officers (COs) are never put “at risk”.

To address those concerns, MDC has developed numerous procedures and rules – many of which are meant to ensure that all the inmates are in specified locations at certain times of the day (That’s when the “counts” take place).

Trials, however, have their own schedules and requirements – and they do not line-up well with the prison’s normal routines.

And trials pose special security and safety problems because they require prisoners to be moved back-and-forth between the prison and the courthouse twice per day.

At MDC, inmates who are involved in a trial are often housed in the Special Housing Unit (SHU) or in another isolated area of the prison.

That makes it much easier for the COs when the inmates are being transferred to – or returning from – the courthouse.


For Raniere, every day that he has to be at the courthouse is a long and tedious day.

To begin with, he’ll be awakened early – probably between 5:00 AM and 5:30 AM – and walked over to the Receiving & Discharge (R&D) Unit.

Once he arrives at the R&D Unit, Raniere will be immediately placed in a holding cell.

Holding cells at MDC are about 10’x15’ – and having nothing in them except poured concrete slabs to sit on. They are not comfortable places.

Depending on what the COs in the R&D Unit think of Raniere, he may get a breakfast tray or a brown bag with a Styrofoam cup of cheerios, a carton of milk and an apple in it.

Sometime between 6:30 AM and 7:00 AM, Raniere will be taken from his holding cell to the strip out area. There, he’ll stand on a little concrete slab, remove all his clothes, and go through the standard MDC strip search (“Turn around, spread ‘em, pick up your sack, and cough”). Lots of fun.

Next, Raniere will be given whatever clothes he’s going to wear to court that day. I’m not sure how many outfits he has – but they will all be stored in the R&D Unit throughout this trial.

Once he’s dressed in his going-to-court clothes, Raniere will be placed back into a holding cell. There, he will be outfitted with the full array of security devices that are used to ensure prisoners don’t escape – or don’t escape very far – while they’re out of the prison. This will include a set of ankle cuffs, a set of handcuffs, and a body-chain that is looped between the two sets of cuffs and then locked into a “box” that goes between his hands (Once he’s fully shackled, he’ll be able to move his hands about 6”-10” in any direction).

Finally, somewhere between 7:00 AM and 7:30 AM, Raniere will be taken out of his holding cell, passed through a metal detector, and then transported to the U.S. District Courthouse for the Eastern District of New York (EDNY).

U.S. Courthouse for the Eastern District of New York

[I’m not sure if Raniere is being transported to/from the courthouse by U.S. Marshals or COs from MDC. But either way, there will be at least two of them with him every moment that he is out of MDC]

Although it’s usually only about a 20-minute ride from MDC to the EDNY courthouse, Raniere’s ride will probably take at least 30-minutes. That’s because the protocol is to transport prisoners via a different route each day.

Sometime around 8:00 AM, Raniere will arrive at the courthouse – and be immediately placed in a (you guessed it) holding cell (I’m not sure where the holding cells are at this courthouse but they’re most likely in the basement).

This time, he may be placed with several other prisoners who have court appearances that day – or he may be placed by himself.

And, depending on what the U.S. Marshals think of Raniere, he’ll either be left fully shackled or with just his handcuffs on.

Sometime before 9:30 AM, Raniere will be transported to a small holding room near the 4-D South courtroom (He’ll only have handcuffs on at this point). There, he may have a few minutes to meet with his attorneys before the day’s proceedings begin.

Throughout the proceedings, Raniere will be flanked by two U.S. Marshals (He won’t have any handcuffs on while he’s in the courtroom – but they’ll go back on as soon as he walks out of it). And every time there’s a break in the proceedings, they will escort him back to that small holding room.

[I’m not sure where they take him for the one-hour lunch break but it will either be the small holding room or a holding cell. Either way, some sort of lunch will be provided to him during this period].

Finally, when the trial is over for the day, Raniere will go through the reverse of his morning routine.

First, he’ll be transported back to a holding cell by the two U.S. Marshals who are guarding him.

There, he’ll be bundled back up in the full array of ankle cuffs, handcuffs, body-chain, and the “box”.

Finally, he‘ll be transported back to MDC’s R&D Unit where he began his day. Depending on how long they wait to move him from the courthouse – and the route they take – he’ll probably arrive back at MDC sometime between 6:30 PM and 7:00 PM (Court usually ends around 5:00 PM each day).

Which is, of course, well after dinner time at MDC.

But, not to worry, with a guy as popular as Raniere, one of the COs will surely have set aside a tray of food for him.

Yum-Yum…It’s Dinner

And there’s nothing quite so tasty as a nice cold MDC meal after a fun-filled day.

But before Raniere will be able to eat, he’ll have to sit in a holding cell for a while (How long he sits there is entirely up to the COs on duty).

Then, he’ll be moved over to the strip-out area where he’ll go through another full strip search – and then be given his regular MDC onesie uniform.

After that, he may be taken straight back to where’s he’s staying for the night or left to sit in a holding cell for a while. Once again, that’s entirely up to the discretion of the COs on duty that night.

He may also have to go through a screening by the Medical Unit on his way back to where he’s staying. Depending on the availability of medical staff, that can add 15-30 minutes to the walk back.

But finally, Raniere will arrive back at his cell – and be able to eat his delicious MDC dinner.

Since Raniere doesn’t shower every day, he may choose to go to sleep right after dinner.

Either way, he’ll be able to dream about doing the exact same routine the next day.

Viva Executive Success!


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26 commentsOn A Day in the Life of Keith Raniere: Trial Time is More Much Trying

  • But, doesn’t he have breakfast?? Surely he has a hot meal before this stressful day. It is only fair. After all, he is Vanguard.

    • I thought things “just appeared” when he needs them…?

    • You want him to have a hot meal? How about this? Strap that pile of shit in a electric chair, stuff a hot dog his throat and run 150k volts through his fat body to warm it up. Sound like a plan? If I was warden, electro convulsive therapy without anesthesia would be on the daily menu for this oxygen waster. Him and avatar baby mama wannabe Lauren ” it’s not a nose it’s a birth defect ” Salzman.

  • orangecountydreams - OCD


  • Raniere still has it better than Daniela had it for over a year…..

    ……. Daniela had no real human contact during a full year except for Lauren ” the torturer” Salzman.

    • Sir, I would kindly ask you to stop disrespecting Lauren Salzman.

      She is a LOVELY and DECENT woman who did the right thing and is now a hero.

      Need I remind you that even though she’s 42, she looks 30 and is still fairly hot (i.e. she’s probably hotter than any woman you’ve ever fornicated with).

      Need I remind you that she bravely testified in open court against her former Vanguard, and told the truth to expose this criminal enterprise.

      Need I remind you that unlike Toni, she never participated in the shady company known as Consumer Buyline that took consumers for a ride. Toni was a top salesperson in that company.

      Lauren was merely an errand girl (kinda like how you’re just an errand boy too).

      Lauren never gave orders herself, just like you never give orders in your household but only take them.

      She merely did Keith’s bidding, just as you do wifey’s bidding.

      Any tormenting she did (to other people) was ALWAYS at Keith’s discretion. It wasn’t her fault.

      I would kindly ask you to stop viewing her as a bad person.

      She’s far less evil than Kristin Keeffe. Frank and others here have forgiven Kristin for her many years of EVIL deeds, so I would kindly ask Frank (and others) to forgive Lauren since she’s now on the side of the good guys.

      • Crushed out on Lauren Salzman


        Sounds like you got a girl crush on baby Salzman the cra cra bitch.

        How do you know what Salzman did in NXIVM? Were you there?

        Lauren Salzman was on the executive board for NXIVM and was in charge of education. She made bank while in NXIVM because she was fucking the Master Vanturd and was Mommy Dearest #1.

        If Lauren Salzman was an off the street student who took a course she might not of gotten so far up the latter of “success”. She did have to give out to move up.

        Lauren Salzman only testified to get a lighter sentence. She only took a plea deal when there was no chance in hell she’d win at trial.

        In the end, Lauren Salzman couldn’t hold it together to testify in cross examination because she betrayed the man she is still in live with.

        Only a cra cra bitch buys the grat and powerful Vanturd lies that she did for as.long as she did.

        Lauren Salzman stayed for the money. Her sister was never really into NXIVM and she had her father and grandparents. She only possibly wouldn’t have had her mom.

      • Bangkok,

        Very funny……. and you actually make some good points.

        I personally hope after Lauren pays for her crimes she gets back with her old high school sweetheart or you Bangkok…

        And she goes onto live happier ever after…..

        The End 🙂

      • DirtyRottenBastard

        Once Bangkok learned about Lauren’s heavenly large labia he was hooked.

        Heaven and Hell can not keep him away from her purple meat curtains!

        Christ their so large Keith Raniere, “could grab them through her pants” as reported in the Frankreport.

        Now that’s some large ass labia!

      • The “I was following orders” didn’t work at Nuremberg and won’t work now.
        Lauren is fully responsible.

  • I have a nagging question: what if he forgets to pick up his sack before he coughs? 😐

  • This will seem like life at The Ritz a year from now assuming he gets any real punishment.

    • I think the boys in Cell Block D will find him most entertaining. They have certain needs that he can help with.

  • Oh dear. This will play merry hell with his biorhythms. As we know, Vanguard usually sleeps during the day, and spends his nights thinking really deep thoughts and arranging fridge magnets.

    • orangecountydreams - OCD

      He once complained to MDC it was “too light” in his cell to sleep. However, it’s well known that when free, he used to do all his sleeping during the day – after long nights of walking, volleyball, and fuckery.

      • “He once complained to MDC it was “too light” in his cell to sleep.”

        To quote him directly: “There are no ultimate victims; therefore, | will not choose to be a victim.” So shut your face Vanguard, and do some Rational Enquiry.

  • I hope Scott Tex Johnson does not get mad at me for asking, but Scott do you have a new T-Shirt & ball cap business?

    Honestly, Scott, I like the non-NXIVM ball caps and some of the other t-shirts. Seriously I think some are funny and clever. Congratulations on implementing/executing a good plan. I like the “I Podcast!”.

    If you want a NXIVM not t-shirt from Amazon order from the link below:


    • If you like them, why don’t you buy some of the items? You can be the first to leave a comment. Don’t chicken out like you did for my radio show. Come on, niceguy. LOL

    • Definitely Scott’s shirt. I can tell by some of his other items. The “Talk Baseball To Me” t-shirt. And the “Foxy Grampa” underpants.

  • They all made a guilty plea because they knew they were headed for prison and wanted to get a lighter sentence. I doubt that there was a speck of genuine remorse in any of them. If there was any way they could have gone back to business as usual they would have. They enjoyed what they did.

    • I fully agree.
      Lauren cried for herself, not for her sins.
      Nancy had a gleeful smile akin to the cat who ate the canary after she pled out. Again no remorse.
      Allison? No remorse though she uses her waif like look well in convincing some she is.
      Kathy? Lol Loyal to the end and late to plead out.
      Clare finagled her way out with money.
      Money talks. Clare has always used money.
      Not one is remorseful.
      I’m not a fan of shunning BUT in this case I suggest we shun all of them, for as long as they live.
      Maybe Clare will relocate to France. The French are known to accept people like her. Baby Doc of Haiti found refuge there.
      Ayatollah Komeni was a welcome guest in France.
      Clare, as Sara does, will fit right in with the criminal element in France. After all it’s in the Bronfman blood.

      • Clare Bronfman is truly evil. She was an enthusiastic wrecker of lives and families. Her goal was to utterly destroy people. I wouldn’t put anything past her, up to and including murder by proxy. Little Keith said on camera that he’d “had people killed.” If that is true – and I believe it is, who would he turn to as fixer but Clare Bronfman?

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