Heidi: Lauren Was ‘Ass-Deep’ in Nxivm but Allison Mack Was Set to Take the Fall

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By Heidi Hutchinson

Lauren Salzman was at least ass-deep in NXIVM at the time of my sister Gina’s death — whether or not it was Lauren who actually penned Gina’s Nxivm death chart in August 2002 – as some have indicated.

Perhaps that was the mysterious writing assignment Lauren testified she was loathe to undertake that so upset Keith Alan Raniere.

Lauren was also square in the “inner circle” when clients were being carried out in stretchers and hospitalized, when Kristin Snyder “disappeared,” etc. all the way up to the moment of KAR’s arrest.

Lauren was even among the harem in Mexico standing by the man she testified she was no longer interested in having sexual relations with as the Federales stuffed him in the wagon.

Curiously, it was only Allison Mack pictured in the video frames sent to Frank Report for publication.

And we still don’t know who was behind “Nicki Clyne’s phone camera.”

Maybe Allison Mack does. She can’t be reading this since using a computer is against HERs but not Lauren’s bail orders. Let’s hope Ally’s asked about that on the stand, but I kinda doubt it will happen.

In my book, Ally was and still is being set up to take the fall and or cushion it for the Salzman’s, Raniere and our Amigos en Mexico — one of whom happens to own that Nation’s bank, another of whom has a huge chunk of the money that was once in that bank to his family name, who were butt-fucking (figuratively speaking) long before Raniere and Salzman had them ‘manifesting the act on the physical plane.’

Another thing — a paradox if you will — why DID Nancy pants casually leave half a million —her escape stash — under her bed at the time of Raniere’s arrest?

My Guess? Dennis Burke and John Sandweg — their long retained immigration counsel — allegedly retained by that shrewd maven of legal business, Clare Bronfman, plum forgot to tell Nance about the FBI protocol (HA!) that might have them showing up at her door with a camera crew and search warrant upon KAR’s arrest so many miles away. Maybe they even reassured old Nan and Clare Bear they were in no danger of arrest themselves. But Nancy kept the money handy just in case.

My, but didn’t they get that armed, retired Secret Service protection detail for Raniere’s bail hearing lined up fast? Along with some other key, distinguished officers of the court?

But, maybe you’re right. Maybe it’s all the fault of one sinister, demented, schizo starlet —former starlet — screaming out bloody murder in the night named Allison “Pimp” Mack — who, like her icon Joan of Arc had visions of grandeur — only Allison’s visions may have only been Hollywood stardom and finding the man of her dreams.

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47 commentsOn Heidi: Lauren Was ‘Ass-Deep’ in Nxivm but Allison Mack Was Set to Take the Fall

  • I m really impressed with heidi she knows alot sorry about her sister keep up thr good article

  • Please, spare us the Heidi stories. Perhaps Heidi and Mr. Shadow can have a sideline conversation.

    • Shadowstate does not converse, he lectures

    • Shadow doesn’t converse, he lectures. And when it comes to Allison Mack, no one has studied her more closely, so you all best listen

      • And no one has deliberately distorted the known facts about Allison more flagrantly than Shadow with Schlock, Bangkook, ET AL running a close second.

    • You don’t like it- Don’t read it…
      If i remember well, YOU said to me that it’s Frank’s blog.
      So shut up and enjoy the ride!

  • I have no doubt that Mack has been set up to be the patsy in this affair. It must have been so easy. Any crumb of approval or admiration would be enough to manipulate her into doing whatever Raniere and the Salzman’s wanted her to do. If she’d gone into legitimate therapy, instead of Raniere’s soul-cracking cult, she’d probably still have her career as an actor, and some real friends. Maybe a husband, maybe some children, if that was what she wanted. But instead, she let Raniere and his posse of psychopaths drain her of life and volition and became what we see today. Her old gummy smile was just her way of saying, “Please love me.” She’ll go to jail for trying to be a good girl in the eyes of a group of degenerates.

    • They all smiled in their mugshot…this has Nothing to do with a “please love me”…she was adored before the cult.They just destroyed everything Allison builded.

  • It’s what Heidi has been saying for a long time, here is more than meets the eye and both for KAR and for other personas outside NXIVM Allison’s fame has served as a good distractor, RAYS if even his fame was what It made a lot of people interested in this story at first and I’m sorry to say but if it were not for I was a smallville fan, I would not have interfered in this story, but I’ve noticed a lot of loose ends and CURIOSES Particular this that the media have barias reliable sources to know about this story and even then most focus on Allison Mack and do not bother to give accurate information, I remember seeing a blog where there was a picture of Allison with Kristen Kreug buying paint which has been together with others of the same time have been circulating on the Internet for a while since the season 5 if I’m not wrong, and in this blog that mentions the photo appears with the phrase “Allison m ack and a friend “there is a tendency to focus on her, even and may not believe it but it is true I have seen several of the profiles on instagram of people who insult her and have all the appearance of being false and I am not saying that all but many of those who check if they had that appearance, as someone who has participated in several discussions on facebook I have learned to recognize not trust me a comment and investigate what kind person is behind and many times you come across this reality of fake prefiles facts only to support or attack an argument or a person on which this trend is being created.

    • Damn right Allison is a distraction along with all the salacious sex club BDSM bullshit worked up around her.

      I hate to say it but another reason I think Allison bears no brand is that an unbranded dead or “suicided” body tells no lies. She was unmarked for destruction. IMO.

  • Heidi you are most kind especially given your level of karmic forgiveness {which mho is actually a beaon of light residually rising out of this horrid dark hotmess }but always remember when you lay down with dirty dogs you usually get FLEASced….

    could you describe further what is a DEATHCHART ….astronomical numerical- if too painful dont but i am most curious what magic they used to convince gina to eradiate herself <=== its just seems incredulous that someone with everything to live for doesnt…..ps mku builds in a suicide persona which will respond if triggered

    • Working on it, Chicky. I’ll post up on it soon but the short of it is:

      Gina kept a journal that was adorned by a front cover with a sort of familiar chart like KAR always uses and taught his acolytes to, as well — similar to the one KAR worked up threatening Toni Natalie over her prideful ways.

      Gina’s chart, composed in August of 2002 (its computer dated) two months before she passed and the journal it adorned were ritualistically displayed at the scene of her “suicide” along with some other curios including a picture of me, Gina and my ex-husband with me torn off the picture. That was under the passenger seat visor of her car, also at the scene. As I’ve mentioned before KAR and this friend of hers — whose name is unmentionable on FR, apparently — were gaslighting me and hacking away at my marriage, trying to recruit me (one of many attempts over decades) extorting me over alleged online cybersex activities they had proof of, exposing alleged infidelities by my ex via info Gina obtained from our computers and worse — pitting me and my ex and Gina against each other — it was all just goddamn insane, trust me.

      Frank has partially published the chart and Albany TU used some passages Gina wrote about Keith but entirely left out concerning another very close “friend” of hers also in the inner circle of NXIVM for decades. But bc TU supposedly had no writing samples for comparison to the handwriting on Gina’s chart — not Gina’s except for some doodles — they never published it. I’ve been told the handwriting is that of Lauren Salzman.

      The chart really needs to be analyzed by the FBI whom until very recently I assumed and was misinformed, already had it w/o my having to deliver it to them personally. I’ve contacted them, they know about it and said they’ll reach out if and when. No word back yet, if ever. I suppose the more obvious NX connected suicides — like Kristin Snyder’s note implicating NX after just a few courses – is more interesting and easier to prove than Gina’s, who spent 2 decades under KAR’s control.

      Or there’s a coverup going on to protect witnesses, like “the Rat,” who admitted publicly to being involved in Gina’s death that Keith wanted or ordered.

      • heidi

        there is so much to unpack here …. i look forward to your more developed presentation because i feel deeply the chart could have much significance with built ins like symbology …..those in the know read it on a deeper level than those ignorant of the gist …. like throwing up the illuminati handsignals that say masons would immediately understand whilst it flies right over our collective heads but honestly words are swords and have great power reflected within whilst much of the root significance has long since eluded us even tho we speak these words everyday …beleive me those children in florida were chanting switch words in a very organzied fashion on 9/11 to increase the magic they deployed against us …. if this seems confusing think of spelling {not casting spells but yes words and spells are well why words formed in the first place} and texting and how much is eroded corrupted between the two…..

        the layout of the photos as you describe them you solo then gina and your x with you cut out feels contrived planted …. to leave some family karmic spill out for others to find and conjecture about <===red herring

        obvious why they would want to separate gina from you and your x {two people who could have possibly recognized her own signaling for help that those not family never pick up on ,,,,,or deliberately ignore} but to want to separate you from your husband {how misery loves company these are the most miserable folks} well that speaks directly to Vanclueless motivations yeah you did turn him down {if my memory serves me well from prior frank reports at some public weekendy thing where both of you as sisters would have been quite the cherry on top} he was gonna MAKE YOU PAY for that {perhaps that humiliation he felt as so public is the kernel where the idea of offing GINA springs from im sorry i type what i feel …mho ginas suicide was not organic to gina it was manufactured it served multiple purposes to multiple people with their own agendas around her and she wasnt the first he triggered off in fact i think he was power tripping with real taste for the ultimate manipulations and devastations left in the wake thereof <===i do not know anyone involved in nxivm these are just my raw impressions ….

        ps ;…. i trust no police in nys not to lie cheat and steal for deep state the EMPIRE state {these folks are delusional and stop at nothing for power lust and greed all those sins} i think nxivm is a closet tucked away mku monitored deep state program which is why ndny will never bring up this case mho and i wish more than anything to be proven wrong….

        FBI as it functioned up to now would never get to the bottom of anything of this nature ….they are here to obscure these events not bring truth to light in fact they are evidence destroyers especially when the clintons swimmin near by ……

      • stay strong, Heidi

        You may never get a full picture of or complete justice for what was done to Gina, but I hope there will be an outcome to this trial that will give you a little peace, Heidi. I hope it leads to KAR and his jackals never again being in a position to harm anyone – whether by incarceration or by public exposure.

  • Breaking ! First-line slaves were preparing for group-oral-sex ritual with Vanguard as he was arrested in Mexico

    Daily Beast quoting Lauren Salzman testimony:


    “In March 2018, Raniere had moved to Mexico following several investigations into allegations of a sex cult within NXIVM. To affirm their belief in NXIVM and DOS, the seven women agreed to partake in a recommitment ceremony. The ceremony, she said, was to include “group oral sex” as a way to do “something special for Keith.” The only people in the house in the Mexican gated community were Raniere and the seven women, one of whom was Mack, an actress most famous for a role on Smallville.”

  • From Tuesday's testimony

    “In March 2018, Raniere had moved to Mexico following several investigations into allegations of a sex cult within NXIVM. Lauren Salzman said Tuesday, to affirm their belief in NXIVM and DOS, the seven women agreed to partake in a recommitment ceremony. The ceremony, she said, was to include “group oral sex” as a way to do “something special for Keith. [They were] preparing to have group sex with founder Keith Raniere and his “sex slaves” when authorities burst into a Mexican compound to arrest him.”

  • Kristin Snyder was not murdered. Her death was not ‘mysterious’ either —- because she left a SUICIDE NOTE written by her own hand.

    Even her own parents admitted that she made crazy comments beforehand, showing that she was losing touch with reality. Snyder actually said that she believed she was the cause of the Space Shuttle crash.

    Snyder was a LUNATIC near the end. She CHOSE to take out a canoe and flip it over on purpose. It’s called SUICIDE. It was intentional. It doesn’t matter how ‘experienced’ she was with canoes, she was TRYING to kill herself you dummies. That’s not ‘mysterious’. It’s just tragic.

    Can Heidi disprove any of these FACTS-

    What’s the matter Heidi, cat got your tongue- 🙂

    That’s what I thought.

    I can’t really comment on Gina’s suicide too deeply since Frank will delete any comments about Gina. He’s very protective of Heidi and tends to confuse legit criticism with abusiveness, which are two different things.

    I’ll only say that it doesn’t matter how many NXIVM women were seen leaving Gina’s room that night, since authorities determined that she used a firearm to inflict that tragedy upon herself.

    Therefore, legally speaking It doesn’t matter if other people at NXIVM encouraged her to do it, since that’s not murder. If somebody dies by their own hand then it’s just not murder.

    What ‘crime’ does Frank and Heidi expect authorities to charge Keith for, regarding those suicides-

    It’s not a crime to make somebody so sad that they choose to end their own life by their own hand.

    I’d like FACTS to be presented by Frank and Heidi — rather than using ’emotions’ to imply a bunch of things which have no basis in reality.

    Those suicides are tragic but they are still SUICIDES and not murder. Nobody is gonna charge Keith for any crimes regarding those suicides. Why can’t Heidi and Frank just accept the truth- Why do they spout all these wild conspiracy theories-

    • id like to know which authorities you are so confidant in …. {authorities have been very neglegent in this whole NXIVM cult albany child trafficking ring …. pay to play they swing all day } and ps if frank is protective of heidi perhaps its because he is a gentlemen <===rare beastie these days

    • Bangkookery,

      For your ponderence: One thing that struck me about the Kristin Snyder story is the fact that Gina and I knew someone who claimed he was, likewise, responsible for the space shuttle disaster.

      This someone was very close to us and to one of Gina’s close “friends” developing “the business” that would become ESP / NXIVM. KAR himself, in fact, also knew this probably delusional person whom Gina wanted very much to help using KAR’s guru guidance to do so.

      Now, there is a new age-ish concept re: collective conscious which is similar to “the butterfly effect” in science and what Actaeon reports is a “woo-woo” interpretation of particle or quantum physics that was often discussed in early EM’s with Keith and further explored by our scientifically minded brother who, in addition to being nuts, went
      AWOL from an intelligence agency that might, in fact, have had something to do with the Space Shuttle.

      Imagine my shock when a woman in Alaska who had the same delusion our diagnosed bi-polar brother, Eric had, goes missing after taking an EM from the same guru groupies. Even among delusions there must be some differences based on some personal experience I suppose.

      [ I believe Marc Agnifilo knows about Eric from
      his client as I was asked about “Eric” by Anish at CBC and got the wrong Eric — she also asked me about “computer”’ so I thought of Eric Rudd who Gina worked with at CBI first before I knew CBC also interviewed and, likely, shared info with Keith’s lawyer.

      I now believe the odd single word CBC queries for me were from Keith and were a reference to our brother and the suicide images found on “Gina’s” computer drive by the Albany TU — I hope the FBI knows was a computer given to her by KAR she had used while working for CBI — as Jim Odato knows. And that there’s other evidence Gina’s job title should have been “Rat” experiment.

    • Suicide my ass!

    • Bangkok, you miss the point. Nobody says that Gina and Kristin were murdered directly. We think they were pushed to commit suicide with hypnotism, suggestions, manipulation, etc. You may be right about the impossibilities of any criminal charges, but there is a moral need for tye victims closest ones to known all the truth. I don’t understand why you so nervous about all that. Is that stuff concerning you directly- Or you just a stupid bully like Raniere who enjoys harrasing people-

  • they are still SUICIDES and not murder...

    True, but circumstances (not all of which we know now) could still make Nx culpable—-
    “A Massachusetts woman who sent her suicidal boyfriend a barrage of text messages urging him to kill himself was jailed Monday on an **involuntary manslaughter conviction** nearly five years after he died in a truck filled with toxic gas. Michelle Carter was sentenced to 15 months in jail in 2017 for her role in the death of Conrad Roy III, saying her actions caused Roy’s death.”

    • Raniere himself said on camera, that he’d had people killed. I believe him.

      • me too paul and he derived such pleasure from the experiences of powertripping that he couldnt help himself and keep his big trap shut mho

  • “And we still don’t know who was behind “Nicki Clyne’s phone camera.”

    Nicki Clyne is behind Nicki Clyne’s phone camera.

    Heidi, read about Occam’s Razor.
    The simplest explanation is the correct explanation.
    Occam’s razor is the problem-solving principle that essentially states that “simpler solutions are more likely to be correct than complex ones.”

    But Nicki Clyne was not indicted and she’s cruising around Half Moon in a nice new white BMW.
    Sex Cult Still Going- Allison Mack’s Wife & Other Members Spotted Near NXIVM Base
    Nicki Clyne resurfaced in upstate New York this week, eyewitnesses claim.

    Former neighbors of the Smallville star claim that Clyne has been galivanting around her old Halfmoon, New York neighborhood with young women believed to have been involved in NXIVM as well.

    “Nicki Clyne is driving around in a white BMW picking up girls on Flintock Lane where she once lived with Allison,” an eyewitness told Radar.

    “It’s crazy because there seems to still be a lot of NXIVM women getting together around here and they aren’t hiding,” the eyewitness continued.

    While NXIVM reportedly shut down after Raniere and Mack’s arrests last spring, neighbors watching Clyne and other NXIVM members out together in Halfmoon is worrisome, a source tells Radar.

    “They’re up to something,” said the source. “We wonder if NXIVM is still running behind closed doors.”
    Shadow: Is Nicki Clyne very dumb or very devious-

    Viva Executive Success, Nicki!

    And when Nicki becomes the Vanguard of the Mexican financed New NXIVM, she has just the right job picked out for Allison.
    Cleaning the toilets at the Apropos restaurant building assisted by Lauren Salzman.

    • Quote for Heidi to ponder:

      From when America was Great.

      “America loves a winner and will not tolerate a loser.
      This is why America has never and will never lose a war.” George S. Patton

      Allison Mack and Lauren Salzman are losers.

      • Agreed, Shadow…Americas will always produce the soldiers that win wars, as long as there is no epidemic of bone spurs.

    • You need to put Occam’s razor down before you hurt yourself with it, Shadow.

      Do you think “only the shadow knows” about Occum’s razor-

      And Don’t you think somebody who knows about it might not be able to use it to manipulate others by what they conclude is “the most simple solution.”

      • Heidi,
        Nicki Clyne cooperated in setting up the arrest of Raniere by the Federales and she framed the phone shot to include Allison in the picture.
        Nicki also made sure to mention in the video that “Lauren is getting the car.”
        Why was that-
        Was Nicki jealous of Allison and Lauren in some way-
        Historically Mormon sister wives have always been jealous of each other because multiple women are competing for one man’s attention and affection.
        And Nicki cooperated with the government in other ways.

        And now Allison and Lauren are convicted felons and Nicki is cruising around in a BMW with a stable of girl friends.
        Who is the winner of this story, Heidi-

    • Shadow, thanks for mentioning Occam’s Razor, which is another good tool to use when analyzing cult dogma and cultish thinking.

      Occam doesn’t tell us which is the correct explanation, that would actually have to be proven – it’s just that simpler explanations are more likely to be correct, and more complex ones are less probable. The principle is also sometimes stated in terms of making the fewest assumptions, or not making unnecessary assumptions.

      Conspiracy theories rely on all manner of explicit and implicit assumptions, and complexity, and thus nearly all fail the Occam’s Razor test.

  • Heidi, you are very compassionate, and seem to have a better understanding of women under Raniere’s spell than anyone else, so I have enormous respect for your perspectives.

    In partial response to a reply you made to me in the last week, that ended up rather deeply buried in a long thread, I tend to be suspicious about Mack’s level of culpability – but I’m by no means certain, and waiting for testimony and evidence that gives us a better idea. I do sometimes make assertive rebuttals to the apologist arguments of Mack fans like Anonyme/Frenchie, that might make me seem more fixed in my perspective than I actually am.

    I do wonder, for instance, what it was that made Mack particularly suited for the role as DOS slavemistress, over even others like Lauren Salzman. And was she set up, or was she such a hard core loyalist that she agreed to take the fall for Raniere-

    Oh, and the way that Nancy Salzman casually left cash strewn around her house in odd places rather than, say, a safe – or better yet, somewhere really cunningly and safely hidden – suggests an odd level of disorganization. People involved in financial frauds like pyramid and Ponzi schemes are typically like gamblers in denial – dynamics that echo in NXIVM – and often don’t really expect their schemes to fail, and so haven’t planned for it, even though in hindsight and from the outside, we would have expected them to be clever enough to have a backup plan.

    • You are a moron till the end…
      “I do wonder, for instance, what it was that made Mack particularly suited for the role as DOS slavemistress, over even others like Lauren Salzman. And was she set up, or was she such a hard core loyalist that she agreed to take the fall for Raniere-”

      Even with proof that she was not the leader and that being said by many of the people involved, you still carry on with your stupid idea(l) that it’s Allison t(he master…
      She was no one in this , she was just the scapegoat but it failed (except for people like you who are stubornly obsessed)

      You really are unable to reflect unbiased.

      • Are you able to read bang-cock- Because it seems we don’t understand Heidi’s piece the same way at all. She appears to confront Shadow’s point of view about Allison’s importance and evilness. But once again you show how much you’re such a retarded moron, who has a kind of loser teenager obsession agaist one girl he hates nobody knows why, but this feeling is quite important for him. On your tomb they will probably write “this guy was so lazy and useless to society; his teenage frustration grew up into misoginy, and his spend most of is boring and stupid life hating in harrasing some women he never met, alone and nude in front his computer. What a shame for humanity! “

        • I think you misquoted there (or misunderstood if not) as my message is against Anonymaker (and also against Shadow)

      • No, we have no real “proof” yet about the extent of her leadership role, the only testimony so far relevant to that is from Lauren – who was not so close to Raniere by the time DOS arose, and not regularly having sex with him like Mack was.

        Mack certainly wasn’t a “no one,” she was one of the first line slaves and the one who managed the account for collecting the collateral, as well as the one who reportedly kept DOS running after Raniere was jailed, all of which essentially puts her second in command.

        You seem to have some cult-like thought stopping going on, quickly putting out of your mind inconvenient facts like those.

  • Michelle Carter is only serving 15 months in jail for talking her boyfriend into committing suicide. LOL.

    It’s a joke sentence.

    After parole for good behavior, she’ll be out in 6 months probably. LOL.

    Heidi is wasting her time.

    Plus there was ‘direct evidence’ against Michelle Carter. She was on the phone with him while he did it. When he chickened out, she talked him back into it. There was also several months worth of text messages helping him plan it out.

    That doesn’t apply to Gina’s case.

    There is ZERO evidence of anybody else instructing her to commit suicide, other than Heidi’s suspicion (which doesn’t count for shit).

    Suicide modules don’t count for shit, especially if there’s no evidence that somebody actually helped Gina to do it.

    Let’s see the evidence Heidi.

    Heidi will never get anybody charged with her sister’s suicide since there’s no ‘evidence’ from that long ago. It’ll never happen and I think she knows that.

    Even if it did happen, they’d be serving a few months max. What a joke.

    Heidi is wasting her time IMO.

  • “we still don’t know who was behind “Nicki Clyne’s phone camera.”
    Holding the phone , probably Nicole…
    Sadly, she was always acting like she cared for Allison but several things seem to show that she wasn’t.

    Those who are still close to her (but outside the cult) said that Allison was considering to leave (again) at the end of 2016…
    But all the sudden, Nicky get her to be married in february.

    There are several time where Nicki could be behind the framing of Allison too.

    The whole secret discussion between Allison and the Salzmans (after Raniere’s arrest), where India was supposed to be framed…
    At first, it is said that Allison was against the idea but after sometime with the Salzmans (and there “therapy” method), she repeated what Lauren was saying…The story itself is interesting but WHO gave the info to Frank-

    Who posted the video that NICKI made (and this shortly after Raniere was arrested)-

    Who was talking in the background asking them to follow Raniere-(for me, it sounds like Nicki)

    Who is at the moment around the HQ of NXIVM –

    I suspect Nicki decided to pin down Allison (for whatever Reason)…
    It’s even more believable if you look at pictures taken during the weekend Allison was in Prison…

    You can see India looking depressed (which fits the Vicente’s assertion that India cared for Allison) but Nicki- not a care in the world…

    At first, i thought it was because Nicky wanted out (being suppostly one of Allison’s slave) but we know now that she is a frontline and she is still supporting Nxivm…

    For her defense, Seeing how Raniere played a game of ‘jealousy’ between each girls…she could be hating Allison because of things he said.
    Divide to conquer.

    It’s just an opinion thou…

  • Lauren was ass deep in NXIVM. Recruited by her mother at a young age and indoctrinated for a much longer period of time.
    Indoctrination seems to be the primary sympathy Mack receives for her part in crimes committed and just plain shitty behavior. It would seem logical to extend the same to Lauren Salzman.

    As was stated by someone else, in her testimony Salzman used the word “decided”. Slow boil, indoctrination, peer pressure and all the rest, regardless they all chose. Even Mack in her statement to the court if I recall used similar terms of deciding and choosing.

    They were victims of Kieth, NXIVM, each other and themselves. They were perps as well. Had things gone even a little bit differently they’d still be doing what they were doing. It wouldn’t surprise me if after they’ve done their time many of them end up on an island in Fiji, reunited family, living out what’s left of their dream. Salvaging what they can, living with regrets and waiting for Vanguard

    • Whatever you say…so Lauren who was for 20 years a perpetrator with pure cruelty etc is now at the level of Allison which is connected to little (or close to Nothing) and was WAY MORE abused than Lauren…
      What’s your agenda, mitch- Show stupidy- Become the new Shadow- just shut up…

      • Lol. Nice display of critical thinking and comprehension.

        Shut up- How about this; read what I wrote again. Then read it again.
        You’re silly

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  • It is clear Frank knows less and less and is only pushing false agenda, politically and personally. By perpetuating stupid spec/lies!

    Allison was first in DOS and more dedicated/in love with KR. Than Lauren. A Mack also waited until the end to plead out. Fall lady means she is innocent or not as involved. Allison is on tape with KR talking about how/where/what to brand. She should get max

    • Suuuure….Everyone is conspiring to save Allison…And the record showing the CONTRARY are made up.
      Wait, before you leave, you forgot your tinfoil hat.

  • Heidi : about what you say on your sister’s death chart. You wrote about an old friend of her whose name cannot be written on this blog. Is it Kristin- The one we think is the Rat (it’s either her or Karen, no other possibilities)- If we follow the Rat, Gina was pushed to commit suicide. It is probably true, but remember the Rat was probably writting her message to alert the autorities about all the crazy criminal stuff surrounding nxvim. Maybe the Rat did also spread some rumous she wasn’t sure about- For exemple, the think about Adrian filming his own sisters having sex with their guru. Till today, it seems just a rumour and nothing else. Adrian is now free from the cult and can tell everything to the autorities. Maybe there will never be crininal charges for your sister’s death, but I trully wish that with Kristin and Karen’s upcoming testimonies, you will once and for all know all the truth.

  • All the comments have disapeared?

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