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[Editor’s note: The opinions of Heidi Hutchinson are her own and do not necessarily reflect the views of Artvoice or its publisher Frank Parlato. They are published here in the interest of free speech and open debate. Readers’ responses are welcome.]


By Heidi Hutchinson

There are some who portray Allison Mack as the female villain of the Nxivm tale, who acted independently, in her alleged hatred toward the female sex.

Certainly, it was Allison Mack’s initials straight on, not a sideways monogram of KAR’s, that rests on the pubone of his victims.


Heidi believes as do others that the brand is only Keith Raniere’s initials – seen sideways- and not Allison’s horizontally.

On the contrary, Allison’s warmth toward the other girls is underscored by witnesses such as “Jane” who, on Frank Report, appears to adore her. She did not classify Allison as one of the “mean girls” —whose prying eyes were to be avoided.

In fact, it appears Keith used Allison’s popularity among the DOS slaves to manipulate them. If the slaves failed to do as demanded, Allison herself — not her slaves, mind you — would be corporeally punished by her master  —mysterious to some, but known to Jane as “Keith” — who was the truly cruel (and impotent]  How would our GBD recruit, Jane, know that fact if she hadn’t seduced Keith or tried to seduce him once.

In fact, having to seduce Keith —or winding up naked with him near a camera — is the only cruelty it appears Allison may have inflicted on her downline slaves.

Allison mugs for the camera like a character actress, not a leading lady or any prima dona I’ve ever known.

She’s a “bottom” not a “top” in the parlance of the BDSM world. She offers her tongue, submissively…not unlike the other sheep in Keith’s fleeced flocked.

I haven’t seen a stitch of make-up on Allison Mack’s face in any photograph of her leaving or coming to court for an appearance yet.

Face it, she’s not all that competitive, manipulative or deceptive by nature — IMO.

She downplays her appearance, wouldn’t dare present a threat.

So what if she’s girlishly flirty with the older men — that’s a “Daddy” thing, IMO.

In a moment she feels helpless and clings, subserviently, to the patriarchy — not at all doing so as a “fairest-of-them-all” F-U to her own sex — who are yet helpless to help her, despite Jane’s awesomely courageous effort — and didn’t, doesn’t Nxivm try mightily to condition them — all of them, including the men — out of any urge to do so?!  To rescue a female?

Referencing the borrowed Mexican drug cartel snuff films shown to would-be DOS slaves, wherein women’s heads were chopped off — which, btw, I first caught sight of online with my sister Gina back in 1999, when Ana Fox — daughter of the Mexican President, Vincente Fox, mysteriously joined ESP, [Executive Success Programs] — a cult outfit from bumfuck Albany, NY suburbs — under the reign of Hillary Rodham Clinton at the time.

As to Allison: Keith’s Madison Ave. adman father said it once — Keith’s mother, Vera, was dying sick in bed while raising him alone. Quoting the GBD website: “you can accomplish a lot in bed, tee-hee,”

Allison’s groomers, included the infamous, dead, pedophile wing-woman Pam Caffritz; to whom Allison posthumously tweeted, “I miss you, Pammy” during a fireworks show in Albany, NY on July 4, 2016.

Not at all in character for a “mean-girl,” catty chick.

Allison had many close, female friendships before Kristin Kruek. It was Kreuk who led her into Nx’s net by her own example.

It appears to me Ally worshiped the ground KK walked on and blindly followed in her living footsteps to a point, no one seems to know, exactly where it ends.

There are many more character windows that show Allison was just not naturally the jealous type and cleaved to her female companions. She held slumber parties, she happily entertained her all-girl guests without a gent in sight.

Allison sought acceptance into the “female empowerment” leadership role — taking Pam’s banner — by venerating Keith, Vanguard, as much as Chloe Sullivan held Superman in awe but kept Kent’s Secret.

And here’s the twist:  Mark Vicente testified that Keith “arbitrated” Allison into claiming she “hated” his wife, Bonnie, putting Allison, [with the words KAR put into Allison’s mouth] “at-cause” for the problems with “Allison’s” company that Keith promised her — The Source.

Sarah Edmondson — at the prompting of her husband “Nippy” — describes in the CBC podcast how Keith indoctrinated Nx members in his own misogynistic views. How Sarah would point out the “obliviousness” of a bad woman driver, etc..

Keith tried to make girls hate themselves and one another as much as he loathed them. And most despicably, disguised it as mentoring and empowerment training — a way to help them fulfill their most joyous dreams by putting them through his worst nightmare.

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27 commentsOn Heidi: For the Defense of Allison Mack

  • Allison Mack is not sane. And neither are you shawdow

  • orangecountydreams - OCD

    Well said, Heidi. Unfortunately Shadow will have a massive breakdown trying to prove you wrong. To him, she is the most evil person on Earth, bar none. Why- I am not sure.

    • Because he wants her vaginal lips enveloped around his little pecker. Don’t know why. She’s ugly.

    • OCD,

      Rumor has it that Allison Mack was rude to Shadowstate1958 at a comic con sometime ago…..

    • Lol, Orange. I know, it’s a shame bc he’s not a dumb dude to waste so much energy on a fantasy.

      • There is nothing anyone could ever point out that would ever stop his hate-fuelled attack on her … In his mind she is truelly evil and he has openly said he intends to “make sure she never works again”. He has been asked repeatedly “how many photos of her he has on his computer-” But always avoids answering…
        Stay tuned for his next article “Alison Mack kills kittens”

    • And if people (including Frank) would ignore him, he would give up with his public finger pointing.
      The problem is that because he was published, he Believe he was right!

      But i can’t blame Frank completly as he is publishing many point of view (mostly for clicks but it’s not that bad since he post different point of view)…Also the last disclaimer Fr’ank put is also a good point to do! that’s pretty much like saying “just because you are published, doesn’t mean you are right or that it’s the Truth)

  • Regarding the debate over who’s initials were used for the branding:

    Whether or not Allison Mack’s initials were used is moot and meaningless.

    After Mark Vincete testified it became unquestionably clear that Allison Mack was under Keith Raniere’s complete control.

    Raniere being Raniere probably purposely
    designed the initials himself to be somewhat ambiguous and a play on his an Allison’s initials.

    Raniere after all came up with Official/fish-hole and Forlorn/for Lauren.

    • Potential, he could have made them to be ambiguous on Allison’s initial (especially since they could be seen without the use of a mirror or turning your head upside down)…but i really think it’s just a bad coincidence.
      Monica (who was master to Sylvie) Believe her initial was in this same monogram (Sylvie said it in her testimony).

      I Believe that the coincidence was too big for Raniere not to use it against the other (to put the blame on them)…Even India was said to Believe that the branding was linked to her initial.

      But it’s not crazy to Believe that it was Raniere’s will as he was Always thinking about “who to blame if the blows up”…and seeing the hate he had for Allison…

  • Heidi you are sweet. I don’t agree with you but your opinion is very kind.
    Quick Question…is she still legally married to Nicki-

    • I don’t know that, FR reader. I don’t know Allie or her family. I’ll confess I tried to contact Allie’s family (her sister) a couple of years back — for anyone following my online activities like “Flowers” on here has boasted of — but abandoned that effort when I felt it might lead to more trouble than good for anyone, especially me and my son, at the time.

      KAR & a group of Mexicans calling themselves “The Silver Plume Society” — whom I now know were, in part, members of or directed by “Anima” and “The Knife” — Nx’s Mexican, female entertainment group and and media co. — were playing tricks on me featuring silver feathers and knives (alternating them in some sort of Pavlovian fashion) as their terrorist calling cards. If appeared one of their efforts was trying to link me to Allison Mack, anyway — who, completely coincidentally, was a featured performer in a film festival — “Jules Verne” — that I was helping promote out of Paris and LA. On top of much other weirdness such as permeates the lives of those perpetually hunted by NX’s mostly Mexican — in my case — flying monkey troupe.

      So, I’ve been concerned about Allie for a long while but pretty much powerless to warn her family w/o further risking my own and my defenseless son’s safety and well-being.

      Whatever that “marriage” was or is, I haven’t the slightest doubt it was a sham set-up like everything else to benefit the NX and ESP principle leaders and owners here and in Mexico — and possibly the corrupt political powers connected to them — not their acolytes. Those ever were and are targeted for usary and destruction.

      • I don’t follow your online activity, Heidi. After you wrote an insulting comment to me for no obvious reason (as I had never addressed you previously ) I plugged your name into Twitter search to see if you had an account. I saw that you were following Clare Bronfman, so I mentioned that here, as it seemed strange considering your opinion of her, and I wondered if someone else was posting under your name.

        Anyways, online activity done while using your real name is easy to look up….but certain people who post here have found my anonymous posts on other forums, and I find that to be concerning.

      • Thank you Heidi, I enjoy reading you.

        As I try and sort through all of this information on FR and elsewhere, I began to wonder about the marriage. It sounds and reads like Nicki is still involved in NX and the media was hounding Allison before her court date and it was never reported that her wife was seen going to her parents home. Or maybe I missed that coverage- Which is why I asked. But the lack of visitation of these spouses seems to suggest the marriage was a sham as you said and purely for the Visa, ESP/NX other motives etc….Just seems odd that the one person/friend/wife who actually had legal rights to see Allison is not. I would guess there is more going on there.

    • An it’s your right to not agree but it’s not an opinion…even if i Don’t know all the details from the nxivm period, she was a good person , loved(adored by many) because there was Nothing bad in her.
      She was influenced by the wrong person and dragged into Nxivm …then got caught into a vicious net.

      And what kind of question is that- She probably is as the marriage can’t be demonstrated as a fake one.

  • I don’t think she’s insane, but I do think she’s ‘broken.’

  • Weird and fascinating . You seem smitten with Mack or your idea of her, maybe that’s why you try to lay blame on others for Mack’s own choices. Do you blame Catherine Oxenberg for bringing India to the cult and paying for her intensives even though she was warned by Callum that it was a cult. Did you weep while reading about how Lauren was manipulated by her mother when she was only 21. Mack was 23/24 when she was introduced to ESP and according to people who were actually there at the time, by the end of her first meeting, Allison was more than willing to go off to Albany with her new best friend Lauren. Her roommate at the time said she worshipped Barbara Bouchey (not sure why you are trying to pretend that it was someone else) and all they heard for 3 years was how wonderful Bouchey was. Apparently whatever profile attendees fill out or however Allison was reacting or behaving during that first meeting, made her a target. Susan Dones said Allison had “sucker written all over her face.” In less than two years, Allison had turned over her money to Barbara and the cult, something they couldn’t get the other Smallville actress to do. Of the 25 people the prosecution showed as being in NXIVM’s inner circle, why was Allison allowed in and trusted by the psychopath Keith but not Sarah who joined earlier, recruited thousands and ran a center-

    • Thank you for that sweet comment and it’s cool you don’t agree but there are just so many parallels in Allison’s story with my sister’s, Gina Hutchinson’s, and that of some others I know and know of — after all it’s a criminal pattern repeated again and again that I can see how Allison was converted into the tool, “fuck toy,” fall girl what have you, they set out to turn her into.

      I have less pity for the Salzman’s who knew far better, were in on the grift, IMO. Perhaps, Bouchey was as well, IDK and don’t presume. I do know Barb was/is a true believer who was fleeced herself and that she was managing Allie’s funds, I believe, at one point. I’d compare Allie’s “Pimp Mack” role to be closer to what Pam’s was in the old days — and that’s not a very flattering one — Pam’s story also
      runs very similar to Allie’s— from nice girl with money aplenty to…oblivion after a near lifetime of abuse and abusing others — including children in Pam’s case.

  • Heidi,
    In Dante’s Inferno the deepest Circle of Hell is reserved for those who engage in betrayal.
    While preaching female empowerment Allison Mack ushered young women into female sexual slavery.
    What was called White Slavery in the old days.
    Allison Mack betrayed those young women.

    I don’t care that Allison dresses like an impecunious college student.
    I don;t care that Allison wears little or no make up.
    I don’t care that Allison is always smiling

    The most devious people are often smiling and joking around.
    My late Uncle Bob knew John Wayne Gacy and said that Gacy had the warm personality where he would be your friend within five minutes of meeting you.

    It makes sense that Allison would be a “bottom” since she was trying to lure young women into the World of Masochism.
    I don’t care that Allison was a character actress as opposed to a leading lady.

    And please don’t talk to me of the Patriarchy.
    In today’s world men in business and the professions bend over backwards to help women succeed.

    More women now graduate from college than men.

    Women Earn More Degrees Than Men; Gap Keeps Increasing
    May 28th, 2013

    “According to data from the Department of Education on college degrees by gender, the US college degree gap favoring women started back in 1978, when for the first time ever, more women than men earned Associate’s degrees. Five years later in 1982, women earned more bachelor’s degrees than men for the first time, and women have increased their share of bachelor’s degrees in every year since then. In another five years by 1987, women earned the majority of master’s degrees for the first time. Finally, within another decade, more women than men earned doctor’s degrees by 2006, and female domination of college degrees at every level was complete. For the current graduating class of 2013, the Department of Education estimates that women will earn 61.6% of all associate’s degrees this year, 56.7% of all bachelor’s degrees, 59.9% of all master’s degrees, and 51.6% of all doctor’s degrees. Overall, 140 women will graduate with a college degree at some level this year for every 100 men.”

    Every day I see heroic empowered women working hard and studying hard to try to be successful.
    They don’t need help from a slave master like Allison Mack.

    And before any troll calls me a misogynist both my doctor and financial adviser are women.
    My mother earned a Master’s Degree and my Aunt Sally had a PhD in Biology.
    I have known strong empowered women my whole life and Allison Mack is a fraud.

    • It’s not trolling to point the fact shadow…at this point ,you’d be more respected if you were a troll because you are one of the few who is still obsessed.
      You never make a good point ! NEVER.
      That is because your hatred is absurd, you know NOTHING about Allison and show Everyday a little more the kind of person YOU are.

      You think that people judge you as a decent human being- NOBODY right in their mind would do such a thing.
      You are the devilish person around here because even when proved wrong, you blindly continue to worship your devilish fantasy about Allison. You are the one with the issue here!

      BTW , you are frequently talking about John Wayne Gacy…As it has NOTHING to do with Allison (she isn’t a murderer you tool) , i assume you are obsessed by him too-
      Get help old man, your broken record will send you straight to a retirement home.

  • From what I saw on the Vincente film, Mr. Raniere appears to be gauging Vicente’s level of tolerance to smut, to see how much he is willing to let go by, or oppose.

    When Vincente refused to engage in the smut-talk, it appears Mr. Raniere was rather embarrassed and feigned the interaction to be a teaching moment with “now you’ll never look at the word official again the same way”.

    In the cold light of day it seems extraordinary that in a few short sentences, he used the viewing of a wedding album to turn the conversation to a beautiful woman without panties, then to the biology of the vagina. And very well spoken with delicacy and refinement.

    IMO, You were being groomed Mark, to see how tolerant, you would be of greater sexual impropriety. Your film could be interpreted as a video depiction of the “approach phase” of the grooming technique in live time.

    Note it’s subtlety. That same technique could be used to approach everyone in the environment, varying details to fit their gender and personal boundaries which you might be trying to measure, manipulate or destroy.

    I’ve been watching this issue for months but that film was the first real insight I got into seeing the way Mr. Raniere interacts with people normal situations. It’s confirming many of my suspicions about what was really being done.

    It makes me feel profound compassion for all the women involved.

    Show us some more vids, Mark.

    • Agree. Keith probes for reactions so often it’s second nature. Note in the vid where he even utters to himself more than Mark, “you don’t notice those things…” before his little head wheels start churning in another direction.

      In one of the posted Allison Mack interviews with Keith where she emotes, Keith suddenly becomes inquisitive about why the outbreak of tears.

      But, of course, that’s the only the scientist not the NLP con artist in him doing the probing. Not.

      Mark made a narrow escape.

  • Amanda Snapchat 5

    Barbara Bouchey presents herself as someone who did not know what KR was up to. SHe thought she was the offical GF all these years. Why are people claiming she managed Macks’ money” I read a deposition where Bouchey blamed Camila for wearing a hot red dress for KR. How she had this ridiculous teenage crush on him. How can you blame a teen-

    I guess maybe KR really transformed women to hate each other- So maybe Barbara was also manipulating Mack-

  • Girl Scout Cookies

    I totally agree with your opinion Heidi. Great post. And, well written!

  • Big thanks to you Heidi, Well written, well said and spot on!

  • I feel sorry for Allison Mack. She’s done some terrible things, which she’ll have to pay for, but I’m pretty sure that if she hadn’t fallen (or jumped) into Raniere’s clutches, she would never have become a convicted felon.

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