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Update #1

The jury ranges in age from the late-20s to the mid-60s – with more older than younger members.

Three of the four female members are Caucasian – whereas most of the eight male members are minorities.

As previously noted, the court will not release the names of the members of the jury during or after the trial.


The wait is finally over.

A few minutes ago, Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis entered Courtroom 4D-South in the U.S. Courthouse in Brooklyn, NY – and gaveled the proceedings to order.

Judge Nicholas Garaufis is presiding over the trial.

The crowd lined up outside the courthouse was huge – and started gathering several hours before the building opened for business.

Even those arriving early had to stand in line for 15 minutes just to get through security.

The crowd was a mix of old and young – with slightly more women than men.

And, as expected, there were media representatives from all over the world.

The courtroom will be full – as will the overflow room that has been set up in Room 6G-North.


Rather than putting up new posts, we will simply be adding updates to this post throughout the day. Each such update will be added at the top of the post.

So, be sure to check in on a regular basis to read about what’s happening at the trial.


There have been numerous media reports leading up to the start of the trial.

Some of the more recent ones are as follows:
Rolling Stone:

Toronto Sun:

Spectrum News:

U.S. News:

The Guardian:

Courthouse News:

The Telegraph:


Winchester News-Gazette:

The Times Union:

The Daily News:


Fairview Post:

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27 commentsOn The Trial Has Started – Check Back For Updates

  • I see by the definition of fun your having some today.

    • What’s that definition of fun, Booty? F-U ‘N?

      As in Frank — all of us — finally get to do some “F-U-ING,” maybe taste a bit of justice without fear of Clare’s flying monkeys? For now.

      Yes, it’s nigh time for some F-U-N — as in: Fuck You NXIVM!!!!! Fuck You, Keith Alan Raniere! And all the psychos you rode in on.

      Go with Godot!

  • I see by the definition of fun your having some today.

  • Thank you Frank, this is going to be epic, we are following the news from Germany, we hope justice is done and the bastard gets what he deserves!!

  • Thanks for all that.

    The little graphic of sociopathic traits alongside Raniere’s photo really sums it up. I think the one trick, and the one thing that really throws people off, is that sociopaths or psychopaths can be very effective at appearing to be empathetic, and even trustworthy – when they’re actually quite the reverse. As someone has said, they can convince people that they are a best and trusted friend, while in their head they’re thinking about what kind of beans to serve alongside that person’s cooked liver after they’ve been slaughtered.

    NLP is effective at helping create rapport so as to be able to influence people and even direct their behavior, so it was an all too suitable tool of control and manipulation for someone like Raniere.

  • The day has arrived. Please don’t let us down. I’m looking forward to the look on Keith’s face when he is given the verdict. Will there be a sketch of that? It will be priceless.

    • They owe us a 4k youtube stream. They failed to prosecute 1000 other cultists and it is our only satisfaction.

  • orangecountydreams - OCD

    I sure hope some of the minority males are Hispanic – preferably Mexican. They’re not going to like what Keith has done.

    • I think it’s fraught to make generalizations about ethnic and cultural groups, though there are some that do hold up to some extent – I travel a lot and there are things like physical contact that have to be handled very differently in different countries. But also, we have a group that has been winnowed by both the defense and the prosecution either because they seemed neutral, or even possibly sympathetic to one side or the other. Unfortunately, particularly when it comes to long and demanding trials that a lot of people with normal lives can’t or don’t want to be involved in, juries are often not necessarily really representative of the population, anyway.

      On the flip side, if there were people from Mexico, where 1 in 5 girls marry before the age of 18 (Google just turned that up), and where the FLDS has been able to get away with polygamy for the longest period of time with the least trouble over their practices, they might not find Raniere’s predilection for young women objectionable – and there are probably some cultural reasons, some more complex and less salacious, such as a predilection for male authority figures, that caused NXIVM to take hold particularly in Mexico. Who knows.

      • Exactly. Lev Tahor (another group) where girls mary young were considering moving there from Guatemala. The Catholic Canon law has aged 14 years (or if older local state law) as the youngest age for girls to marry. I thinhk it may even be age 12 age of consent (which was original roman law) in some of the Mexican states.

  • Ayla Ferrone’s has some interesting tweets about the case; she even managed to get a statement from Paul Derohannesian as he headed into court.

    • Thanks for that. I found this of particular interest:

      “Speaking with Raniere’s other attorney Paul Derohannesian just moments ago who says he’s ready for today. Says it’s still too early to know if Raniere will testify.”

      I assume that means he’s not sure that Raniere will follow attorneys’ standard good advice in cases like this, and not testify.

    • Ayla Ferrone also referred to something that Agnifilo said.
      “He said the evidence of branding and the photos were all done willingly by members and meant to be good experiences.”
      Being held down and branded without anaesthetic was meant to be a good experience? Is this guy for real?

  • Do you have any of Marie whites art?

  • Do you have any of Marie whites art?

  • If Keith is lucky, the jurors will be a combination of smug idiots who think only stupid people could believe what a sociopath like Raniere was selling, people like Frank and other misogynists who actually believe some of Keith’s drivel about men and women, and/or some right-wing, liberal hating types who think that NXIVM’s “libtard” followers got what they deserved.

  • Gotta wonder whether Raniere is concerned about all of the attention given the packed courtroom or his ego is filling the entire space.

  • Justice for all

    Thanks krclaviger for keeping us updated. For some of us, this has been a long time coming. Looking forward to the updates as they roll in.

  • The list of traits fails to mention parasitic. For decades, Keith had others do the dirty work, earn the money and pay the bills so he could please himself and avoid all accountability for his actions Let’s hop that is about to change..

  • Opening remarks are a bombshell. 15 year old Mexican girl CF was Keith’s first sex slave and she performed oral sex on the woman who was tied to a table in a shed or shack that we have already heard about. NY Post has the details.

  • The accused leader of upstate sex cult Nxivm allegedly recruited a 15-year-old girl from Mexico as his first “sex slave” — who is expected to testify against her former “master,” prosecutors divulged for the first time on Tuesday.

    But “the defendant wasn’t interested in mentoring,” said Hajjar. “Instead, he had sex with all three daughters.”

    Prosecution going at it, good thing the others plead, –

  • Thanks for details of the trial. Wish we had a live feed. I would love to see his demeanor and responses. And the verdict!!!

  • The trial is also being covered by the Daily Mail.

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