Notice to the Public and Press Attending the Raniere Trial

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Here are the applicable rules for the court throughout the trial:

**NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC AND PRESS**The following restrictions will apply during the trial in this matter:(1) Electronic devices, e.g., laptops, cellphones, etc., will not be permitted in the Courtroom (4D South) or the overflow room (6G North);

(2) The Court will provide a media room for the press, located on the third floor, North Wing, Room 322. The members of the press may leave their electronic devices in the media room and return to the room whenever they choose. Reporters who wish to bring their electronic devices into the Courthouse and the media room must fill out a press pass application, available on the Court’s website, While subject to all other restrictions, in-house press need not submit this application. In accordance with the Local and General Rules of the Court, photographic, video, and audio recording in the Courthouse at any time is strictly prohibited. Violators will lose their press privileges;

(3) Sketch artists will be allowed in the courtroom and overflow room with their supplies. They may not, however, draw exact likenesses of jurors or witnesses other than co-defendants should they testify; and

(4) The first row on both sides of Courtroom 4D South will generally be reserved for press. All other seating will be at the Court’s discretion. Please note the signs that will be posted.

Ordered by Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis on 5/6/2019. (Strohmeier, Seguin)

Here’s the link to the judge’s schedule:
According to his Administrative Assistant, the judge normally runs his trials from Monday through Thursday (9:30 AM – 4:30 PM). But she added that “there may be some Fridays with this trial”.
One thing was very clear: i.e., there was no sense that there might be a last-minute plea deal.

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26 commentsOn Notice to the Public and Press Attending the Raniere Trial

  • “Alison Mack, who played Chloe Sullivan, has had a more controversial path since the show ended. Last month, she pleaded guilty charges related to her involvement with a Nxivm, a self-help group described as having a secret society of “masters” and sexually subservient “slaves” within it.”

    Literally no mention of Kristin Kreuk being in NXIVM and being the one who recruited Allison Mack.

    • no mention of Kristin Kreuk being in NXIVM

      The way to avoid bad press: “Put up money, or put out, Honey.”

    • I think that’s just because while Kreuk was involved in NXIVM, she’s not the one going to prison on two felony conspiracy counts. Actresses going to prison is a real headline grabber.

      • The press has made it seem if you were not in DOS, you’re clear. Not true. How many people knew stuff and will never face any repercussions- NXIVM was always a cult and a criminal unethical one for that matter.

        • “NXIVM was always a cult and a criminal unethical one for that matter.”

          The key point is that but for DOS, NXIVM would still be going strong.
          Eliminate the branding and the sex slave silliness and NXIVM could be just a spin-off of Scientology which itself has been around for over sixty years.

        • Perhaps the mainstream press is following the lead of the legal system, which is treating it that way – so far. Only those involved in DOS, or the highest levels of criminality along side of it, have ever been charged. Only local media like the Times Union exposed what was going on in Albany, and local law enforcement and prosecutors were never willing to pick up on it, which I think makes it hard for national media to pick up on the story.

          The real question is whether there are now going to be some prosecutions in Albany, for all the lesser but still significant crimes. I’m expecting that at a minimum, the IRS and ICE will go after some people for tax evasion and money laundering, but given the current laissez-faire environment I’m not holding my breath about that, either.

          • My guess is that if enough wealthy powerful people are implicated with NXIVM this investigation will be quickly and quietly deep-sixed as soon as the prosecutions of Raniere end.


    “This foreign born B+ list mostly television actress who has gone from one almost network show to the next including now, was a part of the sex cult. She has really tried to keep a low profile and I don’t even think the press knows she was in it at one time.”

    This is very possibly Erica Durance. She was following Mark Vicente on Twitter. Very likely recruited by Kristin Kreuk.

    “B+ list” maybe a tad much. Television actress. Foreign born (Canadian).

    • Oddly enough Smallville’s Erica Durance (Canada), Kristen Kreuk (Canada) and Allison Mack (West Germany) were all foreign born.

      And my understanding is that Mark Vincente is finished with NXIVM for good.

    • I’d be very surprised if Erica Durance ever had anything to do with NXIVM. Firstly, because if any other of the Smallville cast had been members Allison Mack would have been advertising the fact on her blog like she did– extensively– with Kristen Kreuk. And particularly so it it had been another woman, with the feminist angle.

      Second, Durance isn’t the type to fall for the grift Raniere was selling. Weak self-improvement new-age find-yourself BS. She’s no California flake like Allison Mack. Durance grew up on a failing poultry farm in the Canadian sticks, she’s hard nosed working class. She even worked night shifts cleaning offices so the family could make ends meet. She strikes me as tough as nails. After she made a name for herself on Smallville she went on Howard Stern’s radio show and more than held her own against the shock jock and his rude frat boy crew. Just to show she could. Allison and Kristen were awed by Keith Raniere; Erica would’ve eaten the pudgy little four-eyed wimp for breakfast, had she ever met him. Which I doubt she did.

      From what I’ve read, the women of NXIVM fit a type. They’re bored rich girls vaguely unhappy with their lives. Dissatisfied with their lot in life as members of the privileged elite, with more money than sense. Their expensive yoga retreats and shopping sprees no longer fill the void. Kristen, apparently, was suffering from ‘crippling shyness’. An actress, for chrissake. Allison, to use her word, was ‘lost’. People like Erica Durance are too busy making something of their lives to suffer such ennui, and have worked too damn hard for their money to give it away to some boastful charlatan.

      So prove me wrong, I’d be delighted. The evidence you suggest here is as thin as the skin on a stick of baloney. Your link brings me to what appears to be an anonymous gossip page hinting at some unnamed actress. As for Mark Vincente, he’s a Canadian film director, she’s a Canadian actress, it’s hardly surprising that she might have once followed him on Twitter; I follow about 80 people on Twitter, most of whom I’m in no way associated. You’re going to have to do better than that.

      It does give me a chuckle, though, because I remember back when Smallville was airing the online fandom had a lilliputian war going on between the Allison fans and the Erica fans. The Allison fans were bitter because they were convinced that Allison’s character Chloe was the “real” Lois Lane. And that Erica, who played Lois, couldn’t be Lois. Nothing could shake them of their conviction that Lois wasn’t Lois, they just got angrier and angrier, right up through the series finale. I sometimes wonder what became of them.

      • Mark Vicente is a nobody. Hardly anyone follows him on twitter. Erica Durance knew people in NXIVM (Kristin Kreuk and Allison Mack) and was following Mark Vicente too, though since all the branding stuff came out, not any more… Never put celebrities on a pedestal.

        And actually, Erica Durance got trashed on Stern’s show. Apparently, he made her cry. He kept pushing for information about the naked parties she held.

      • “From what I’ve read, the women of NXIVM fit a type. They’re bored rich girls, vaguely unhappy with their lives.

        Poor people are too busy struggling to survive to worry about such things as “Smallville” or being “Ethical”.
        Besides Raniere and his female ghouls only cared about money to buy more luxuries for themselves.

        For many poor people, prison is a step up.
        They have “Three Hots and a Cot.”
        For the women of NXIVM, prison will be a brief rendevous with Reality.
        “She’s no California flake like Allison Mack.”

        Kristen Kreuk grew up in Vancouver.
        Canadians regard Vancouver and British Columbia as their version of California.
        Canadian journalist Allan Fotheringham even called Vancouver “Lotusland.”

        Lotusland – coined by Vancouver Sun writer Allan Fotheringham, Lotusland refers to Homer’s Odyssey, in which the hero, Odysseus, visits a land whose inhabitants are befuddled by a narcotic lotus (the “Land of the Lotus-Eaters”). It sometimes is used to describe all of British Columbia.
        “Allison and Kristen were awed by Keith Raniere”

        Neither Allison or Kristen went to college.
        Anyone who went to college, even a halfway decent college, would see through Raniere’s BS in a few minutes.
        The best description I have seen of Raniere is that he is “aggressively unimpressive.”

        • "Anyone who went to college would see through Raniere’s BS in a few minutes."

          Shadow…what about all those college educated Nx-ers-

          • If you’re talking about all those students of the ESP program in cities such as Vancouver, Los Angeles, San Francisco or Seattle, they never got close to Albany.
            And Raniere seldom left Albany.

        • Shadowstate,

          Not all the Mexicans were rich. They were actually not financially well off.

      • LOL at the arrogant Erica Durance stan making pronouncements about her like they actually know what she would or wouldn’t do, yet have no clue. Erica may be trying to sell herself as the earth mother / Hallmark type now, but that’s not what she was or how she broke into the business. Allison worked with ED for 6 seasons and openly recruited other actresses. Prior to 2017, Vicentte’s followers were cult followers.

      • A fan of Erica Durance are you-

        She got her tits out in a film and hosted naked parties at home. She is a whore.

  • Trial Coverage

    Who’s covering the trial for Frank Report-

  • This will be very interesting !
    I wish I could come see in person, however I cannot, I hope we get reports from someone there.
    I have tried to figure the odds, it is very complex, I don’t know.
    I remember the day OJ walked, what a surprise !

  • BarryBarryStupid

    Room 322.

    Nice touch you Skull & Bones mutherfruckers.

  • This may be a sad time for the future of New York State high school track & field. Just think how many state champions and state record holders may have been produced by Raniere at his Rainbow Cultural Garden school.

  • Loreta Davila Fka Yolanda Cortez

    I wanted to be in New York to see Keith get the guilty verdict he deserves but the credit card of Pam’s he gave me does not work.

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