Update On Trial Schedule & Testimony About Emiliano Salinas

In General

Frank Parlato is attending the U.S. v. Raniere trial today – and has provided a brief summary of this morning’s proceedings.

Trial Schedule
First and foremost is his update on the trial’s schedule.

Today will be a full day with the trial expected to adjourn around 5:00 PM.

Tomorrow will only have a morning session as the prosecution brings its presentation to a close.


Monday will be an off-day for the jury but will likely include a conference between the judge and the attorneys for both sides to review the judge’s charge to the jury.


Closing Arguments
On Tuesday, both sides will present their closing arguments.

The prosecution will go first – and likely take up the entire morning session explaining why Keith Raniere should be found guilty on all seven charges he is facing.

Then, the defense will have its turn to explain why Keith Raniere should be found innocent on all seven charges he is facing.

And lastly, the prosecution will be given a brief period of time to rebut anything the defense has presented.


Jury Charge
On Wednesday, Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis will provide the jury with his guidance and instructions as to how it should proceed in its deliberations.

Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis

Given that the current version of the jury charge document is 140 pages, that will likely take several hours.

And once Judge Garaufis has finished, the jury will head back to the jury room – and begin its deliberations.


Timeframe For Verdict
It’s impossible to predict how long it will take a jury to reach a verdict – especially when, as in this case, there are multiple charges for it to consider.

But many courtroom veterans report that a disproportionate number of verdicts come in on Fridays.

So, it’s possible that Keith Raniere could be finding out his fate as soon as Friday, June 21st.


Emiliano Salinas
The other noteworthy event that occurred today is the number of times that the name of Emiliano Salinas has come up during the testimony of an FBI Special Agent who has been involved in the investigation since it began in the Fall of 2017.

Salinas seems to have been heavily involved in the effort to obtain financial records – and other personal information – regarding NXIVM’s “enemies” and other people (e.g., judges and potential witnesses in NXIVM-related cases; NXIVM’s own attorneys; public officials; etc.).

Emiliano Salinas

It seems odd that so much information is being put on the record about Salinas – who, prior to all the bad publicity concerning NXIVM, was considered to be a likely Presidential candidate in Mexico.

Especially since most of his alleged criminal activities did not occur in the EDNY.

You don’t suppose…?


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55 commentsOn Update On Trial Schedule & Testimony About Emiliano Salinas

  • Question for the informed, have they provided evidence for the charges ?
    Most of the trial they dragged Vanguard through the mud.
    The Jury – This guy is bad, he must be guilty ?
    I don’t know what to expect.

    The array of crimes, according to the prosecutor’s office
    1. sex trafficking,
    2. extortion,
    3. identity theft,
    4. forced labor,
    5. money laundering,
    6. wire fraud and
    7. obstruction of justice
    8. child pornography.

  • He’ll get no more kisses on the mouth from Keith.

  • Frank, that’s so awesome that you attended today! Any more suggestion that Raniere might try to do his own closing argument? I’m wondering if that is even a possibility. As you note, it would allow him to speak without having to undergo cross-examination. In the words of one of the witnesses, that seems like “total bullshit.”

  • Describe for us the look on Vanguard’s face when he spotted you in the courtroom.

  • C’mon we’re not trying to prove Salinas is guilty. We’re trying to fry Keith! I hope this FBI agent’s testimony points back to Keith.

    • Quite right, Somebody. I will be ecstatic as long as Keith Raniere gets 20 years.

      It would be nice if everyone paid for their crimes but in an unjust world, I will take what I can get.

  • Oh to have seen Vanturd’s face when Frank was in court! Please describe that moment Frank. PLEASE!

    • Pyriel,

      I was thinking the exact same thing. LOL

      I would have paid money to see the look on that smug little evil asshole’s face when he saw Frank.

      What a priceless moment……

  • KR Claviger – Was Frank testifying, as Rick Ross did?

  • Hey Frank,
    If the smelly one makes his own closing arguments, does that shut the door on his future lawsuit against his attorney for improper representation?

    • orangecountydreams - OCD

      I will insert my two cents as I’ve been involved in legal mal cases – I would say no. Him making his own closing argument could certainly be a mitigating fact for the lawyer’s defense (i.e., He caused the damage to his case, not the attorneys). But KAR would be free to raise any other defense deficiencies that he believed led to his conviction. Then it becomes a “case within a case” – he would have to prove that had the defense attorneys done things differently, he would have been acquitted.

    • Krclaviger,

      At any point during the trial proceedings did Frank Parlato and Keith Raniere make eye contact?

      If so did Raniere acknowledge his better in any way?

      Perhaps with a frown something else reportable.

  • As an aside frank p i love the new tails its great to have your persona at the end of the comments….well done {i can actually see why someone had suggested little stevie with the pic you chose }

  • I think that Salinas’ involvement in spying, is an indication that he probably bought into Raniere’s conspiracy theories about enemies being after NXIVM – and we certainly seem him forwarding such notions, including that everyone like Frank who Raniere had tried to stiff was really “extorting” money, in the transcript of his conversation posted the other day.

    My take is that Salinas wasn’t indicted because he wasn’t quite as clearly involved in the conspiracy that is at the heart of this case as the others, and would have been more difficult than was worth the effort to try to get extradited for his role – plus since any crimes of his were more Mexico-based, it’s being left up to Mexico to prosecute.

  • You don’t suppose.

    I like the presupposition. The sheep will think as they are told.

  • Frank Parlato went to court today, walked in and out with his freedom intact. And there sat Raniere, unable to go anywhere unsupervised. This is already fabulous and Mr. Parlato hasn’t even said “boo” about it yet. How sweet it is!

  • Girl Scout Cookies

    Perhaps Salinas was mentioned for the court record in case there is any future retaliation, and to serve notice. Now it’s documented.

  • Just watched The Candidate on Netflix. You can think for yourself


    Is this a common occurrence not to offer a defense presentation?

  • Krclaviger & Frank,

    I might be annoying, but two other respected guest commentators want to know if Frank and Vaingard locked eyes.

    It’s the crescendo the two of you can’t hold out forever.

    Unless of course Frank wants to have bigger announcement curtain raise later.

  • I would hazard to guess if there were going to be a serious effort to indict Emiliano Salinas, the government would play its cards close to the vest so as to not tip him off about the potential charges.

    It appears that most of the defendants, Clare, Allison, Nancy and Kathy, do not have any cooperation deals that would require them to cooperate and testify against Emiliano since they are not testifying against Raniere.

    In any event, mentioning Salinas’ name so many times might serve to scare Emiliano away from New York and NXIVM for several years.

    • Also, I’m guessing that Salinas will never again be able to travel to the US, for fear that there is a sealed indictment against him, and he could be arrested. That will at least crimp the style of a jet setter and international businessman who went to graduate school in the US – assuming he isn’t eventually openly indicted and even extradited.

      • A sealed indictment would certainly crimp Emiliano’s lifestyle.
        No more Harvard alumni reunions for him.

        When we get up in the rarefied world of criminal behavior by politicians and public figures the issue of indictment and extradition also becomes highly politicized.
        The example of Julian Assange is a case in point.
        For over six years, Assange had been holed up in Ecuador’s British embassy.
        Ultimately, a change in Ecuador’s government and lots of US pressure resulted in Assange’s expulsion and arrest by British authorities.
        Even now, it could take months or years to extradite Assange to the US.
        As for Edward Snowden, as long as Putin and his allies control Russia, there is no way Snowden will be sent back to the United States.

        In Emiliano’s case, even though the Salinas family is loathed, many Mexicans don’t like being bossed around by the hated Yanquis.
        I would like to see Emiliano indicted and extradited but even if the US government tried to do so it would not be a sure thing to get Mexican cooperation.

    • “It appears that most of the defendants, Clare, Allison, Nancy and Kathy, do not have any cooperation deals that would require them to cooperate and testify against Emiliano since they are not testifying against Raniere.”

      Allison did, she even cooperate on atleast 2 points , the usb key and the allocution…
      But it’s not Allison who decide if she can or not testify…
      It’s only up to the prosecution.

      • Could this be the ultimate punishment? The aspiring actress, denied the performance of her life?

      • Allison Mack’s allocution was a fraud.
        Allison Mack’s allocution was a deception.
        Allison Mack’s allocution was bogus.
        Allison Mack’s allocution was insincere.
        Allison Mack’s allocution was fake.
        Allison Mack’s allocution was contrived.
        Allison Mack’s allocution was manufactured.
        Allison Mack’s allocution was fictitious.
        Allison Mack’s allocution was phony.

        Allison Mack’s allocution was a sham

        Allison Mack’s only regret is at being CAUGHT.
        Did Allison Mack confess to using the sexual services of her slaves?
        Hell No!

        FR: You said Allison had several female slaves. Did Allison have sexual relationships with her female slaves?
        Jane: Yes.

        Did you forget the fact that Allison PIMP Mack used the sexual services of her own slaves?

        Did you forget the fact that Allison Mack’s bogus acting school “The Source” was really a front for recruiting attractive young women into the sex slave operation?
        Did you forget the fact that Allison Mack’s bogus acting school charged exorbitant tuition and that Mack pocketed the overcharge?
        Allison Mack charged about twice what similar acting schools in New York charged.
        Established schools like Stella Adler and the Actors’ Studio.

        A good part of Allison Mack’s cooperation will be repaying the overcharges she gouged out of students,
        ‘Isn’t that right, Anonymous?

        Anonymous, Do you like being an mouth piece for a PIMP and a SCAM ARTIST like Allison Mack?

        How is the weather in Allison Mack Land?
        Are the leaves on the Lollipop trees coming out in Allison Mack Land?
        When Pea Onyu comes to Allison Mack Land, Pea Onyu serves her own special recipe of Lemonade.
        Drink Up!

        • It Can Only Say One Thing

          Mack, Mack, Mack, Mack, said the hair lip duck. Mack Mack Mack, Mack.

          • Mack, Mack, Mack, Mack is a Quack, Quack, Quack, Quack.

            If Allison Mack were so innocent then why did she agree to forfeit a 200,000 dollar townhouse to the US Government?

  • Frank in the courtroom? That’s the cherry on top! Frank, I hope you’ve got your feet up, drink of choice in hand. Bravo, Sir, Bravo. Job well done.

  • Emiliano Salinas
    The other noteworthy event that occurred today is the number of times that the name of Emiliano Salinas has come up during the testimony of an FBI Special Agent who has been involved in the investigation since it began in the Fall of 2017.

    Salinas seems to have been heavily involved in the effort to obtain financial records – and other personal information – regarding NXIVM’s “enemies” and other people (e.g., judges and potential witnesses in NXIVM-related cases; NXIVM’s own attorneys; public officials; etc.).

    Sad that most of the sheep here cannot see the forest through the trees. Research some of my past comments on here if you want to get a clue.

  • I’m curious about all the same things as everyone else – could KAR feel his #1 nemesis in the room? Was there any exchange? However – at this point, we all know there is going to be an appeal by the defense and it’s likely going to be granted. They aren’t even bothering to present a defense because the judge shit the bed when he stopped Lauren’s cross. Maybe at the next trial, we’ll get testimony from Allie and Clare. We’ll all be tuning in but this whole complicated thing I’d probably going to be a do-over.

    • Question for Frank

      Question for Frank — If there is an appeal, didn’t the defense fund run out? (It’s so hard to believe they burned through 14.3 million dollars, but that’s what the headlines say was in that fund). Did they really run out? Otherwise, how is Raniere going to afford it? Unless he just taps into whatever money he has stashed away somewhere?

  • Emiliano a presidential candidate? No way! His father, Carlos Salinas, had shared responsibility with Ernesto Zedillo for the worst economic crisis in Mexico. A lot of people lost their jobs, homes, vehicles and savings. Several companies filed for bankruptcy… But by the end of Zedillo’s term, the country was back in reasonable shape (although their party, PRI, had no credibility). The transition to democracy was enabled by Zedillo.

    Salinas family are seen as “pure evil” in MX. There is no way to forget what happened and let one of them be president again.

    This is what Forbes says about Raul Salinas, Emiliano’s uncle, in The 10 Most Corrupt Mexicans Of 2013:

    “Raúl Salinas de Gortari is largely responsible for destroying his brother Carlos Salinas de Gortari’s presidential legacy by becoming a symbol of corruption and impunity. Raúl spent ten years in jail convicted of a high-profile political homicide but was acquitted in 2005. In July, a Mexican judge exonerated him on the final charge pending against him of “unlawful enrichment” and ordered $19 million dollars deposited in twelve bank accounts and 41 properties be returned to him. The decision outraged Mexicans. It was perceived as one more proof of abuse of power by Mexican elites.”


    The Salinas family is like our OJ case in the sense that they got away with what they did, but everybody believes they are guilty as hell.

  • Frank Parlato is a hero.

    He worked tirelessly for years to get the truth out about the NXIVM criminal enterprise.

    All the threats, bogus legal cases, and intimidation, didn’t knock him down.

    They just made him more determined.

    He never let his passion overcome his cool head.

    And look where we are.

    Frank Parlato is a hero

  • Mexican media have covered this trial broadly, perhaps more than the US media.

    Salinas will never be president.

    He’ll only ever be a wannabe.

    • It seemed that at least initially, it was only getting coverage in Mexico on Twitter, and some alternative media outlets. Has that changed as the trial has gone on, and perhaps particularly once Dani started to testify?

      Did Salinas ever really have a chance at being a political heir, or was he just another politician’s kid muddling along in his father’s shadow?

    • Anonymous_apostle

      Salinas Junior was never going to be his dad. He is just a good looking bisexual playboy. Junior could not even fill one of his dad’s shoes.

  • Good stay ignorant. However you read the whole thing. Keep reading the same 5 or 6 noisemakers who constantly pollute the blog with their endless jibbershit. More your speed skippy..

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