A Few More Tidbits From Jaye’s Direct Testimony – and Then on to Her Cross-Examination

In General

Before we turn to her cross-examination, let’s look at a few more tidbits of information that Jaye revealed during her direct testimony.

She had to provide new collateral every month.

And it was due on the 1st of every month – “just like rent” according to Jaye.

Most of the collateral that Jaye provided involved pictures and movies.

“Acts of Care”
Her “acts of care” included buying mani-pedi sessions for India – and small gifts of jewelry for India and Allison.

She also had to run various errands for both India and Allison.

Allison Mack [l] and India Oxenberg [r]
And she, of course, was never paid for any of this work.

DOS Diets
Jaye testified as the dieting got more intense, several of the DOS women “looked sick” and others started losing their hair and/or stopped menstruating.

This is similar to the information that we’ve heard from the other former DOS members who have testified during the trial.

Expenses & Income
She described The Source training sessions as being “very expensive” but noted that “there was a payment plan” (We know from other witnesses’ testimony that NXIVM’s “payment plans” often turned into permanent indentured servitude).

Jaye went from being a highly-compensated model in Los Angeles, CA to an $18/hour “go-for” working for Delegates, a NXIVM-related company run by India Oxenberg.


The first NXIVM event she attended was a 5-day Intensive in Los Angeles that was taught by Jim DelNegro in November 2016 (Wonder if Jimmy is still running the Precision Development real estate project fro the Bronfman sisters).

She also took The Source Intensive course that was taught by Allison Mack and Mark Hildreth in Vancouver – and a Jness weekend in Clifton Park at Rosa Laura junco’s home there.

The 5-day intensive cost $5,000, The Source Intensive cost $11,000, and the Jness weekend was a bargain rate of $500.

Also in attendance at the Jness weekend that she attended were the young Mexican girls.

She only paid for a portion of the $11,000 fee for The Source – and was supposed to pay off the balance by recruiting more people to take it (She still owes a few thousand dollars).

When she let it be known that she wanted to start a T-shirt company, she was referred to Keith, who told her that he already had a T-shirt company.

In addition to modeling, she also served as a Poker Host in Los Angeles – and gave massages to clients.


The cross-examination of Jaye was relatively brief.

She was asked about her education prior to joining NXIVM – and then asked if she got anything positive out of the NXIVM training she took.

According to entries that she made in her journal at the time, she described The Source training in very positive terms.

“It helps me as an artist”, she wrote.

And she also described it as different from other acting classes she had taken because The Source training was about “releasing traumas”.

She was then asked whether the dieting requirements were really a way for the women to learn discipline – and to learn the importance of keeping their word.

She responded that even if it started out that way, it soon became controlling and abusive.

Jaye was questioned extensively about the “farewell letter” that she wrote – especially about all the positive statements that were in it.
She basically explained that she was trying to get away without any hassle – and said a lot of things that she really didn’t believe were true.

Summary & Conclusion
Jaye has been described as a “very strong looking woman” and her testimony – both on direct and cross-examination – seems to have reflected that fact.

The cross-examination was perfunctory – and probably is indicative that the defense attorneys have decided that “beating up” the former DOS members has not gone over well with the jury (Duh?).

Agnifilo is still objecting about the prosecution being able to ask former DOS members about their current perception of what they went through while they were involved with the group.

Despite his objecting, that kind of testimony is likely to be allowed throughout the remaining part of the trial.

All in all, another strong witness for the prosecution.

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13 commentsOn A Few More Tidbits From Jaye’s Direct Testimony – and Then on to Her Cross-Examination

  • “Acts of Care”
    Her “acts of care” included buying mani-pedi sessions for India – and small gifts of jewelry for India and Allison.
    She also had to run various errands for both India and Allison.

    I thought that Allison Mack and her defenders claimed that Allison NEVER profited off of her slaves.
    Now Allison Mack wouldn’t lie would she?
    Or maybe a better question is Allison Mack wouldn’t tell the truth would she?

    When Allison Mack claimed that her nephew was sexually abused was that the truth or a lie?
    When Allison Mack claimed that she herself was sexually abused was that the truth or a lie?
    How could anyone tell what the truth is based on what Allison Mack claims?

    • And India , moron? She is seen as a victim and yet she profited!

      Can you be ANY STUPIDER?moron!

      You sound more ridiculous everytime you post, low life!

      • First, it was all Kristen Kreuk’s fault.

        Now it’s all India Oxenberg’s fault.

        But it is never Allison Mack’s fault.

        • Jesus Christ Shadowstate, everyone knows that cankled women are pure of heart, mind , and of body.

          Why the honorable Mr. Parlato publishes your diatribes against the most famous cankles of all I will never know.

          Cankles is how God marks the chosen ones…….

  • I think Jaye was another frog (DOS member) that was thrown into the boiling water (directly into DOS with very little or no time in NXIVM). Raniere obviously thought that even his semi-erect days were numbered.

  • From the Albany Times Union.

    “Later Tuesday, a retired IRS criminal investigator specializing in money laundering cases testified that the credit card and bank account of Raniere’s longtime girlfriend and NXIVM associate Pamela Cafritz was charged for more than $328,000 after Cafritz had died of cancer, including $15,000 charged on Nov. 7, 2016 — the day she died.”

    Ransacking a dead woman’s bank account while her body’s still warm.


  • After reading the testimony of Nicole and Jaye is there any doubt that Allison Pimp Mack engaged in casual cruelty against other women without batting an eye lid?

    Is there any doubt that Allison Pimp Mack is a Sado-Masochist who enjoyed inflicting pain and controlling other women?

    • Yes, there is doubt about those things.

      No doubt you will hate her no matter what.

    • Where do you get your info? low life!

      I don’t see anything that goes to prove Allison was anything but a victim herself…At least, at the same level as India!

      And Sado Masochist? Masochist, maybe (though I doubt she had a choice) but there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING that shows any kind of physical abuse toward anyone but herself!

      • How do you manage to continually overlook that Allison was at the top of the pyramid over all the other slaves, acting as Raniere’s henchwoman, running the collateral DropBox and everything? That’s why the grand jury indicted her, and she plead guilty; she bears more responsibility than all but the handful of people at the top, that she was one of.

        She may not have directly abused anyone physically – but neither did Raniere, and do you think he’s innocent of cruelty and abuse?

        Where do you get your info? You don’t seem to actually have any real insight into her personality, such as how she interacted with other women, or her relationships with men, in both of which areas she must have had some troubles that were at least magnified in DOS, so whatever you think you know is obviously very superficial, and doesn’t help at all to explain what she did get herself into with Raniere.

  • Clyde Willington III

    I sincerely hope someone in law enforcement is reading this.

    It’s surreal how India initially came off as a saint and ‘survivor’ from this disgusting cult. In my opinion, India Oxenberg is almost as guilty as Allison Mack and should be charged for any and all relevant crimes she committed.

    Grant C. Jaquith, the US Attorney for the Northern District of New York, must take legal action against India as well as the rest of this degenerate group after the EDNY has completed their work. If no action is taken by Mr. Jaquith, then he is not capable of fulfilling his responsibilities. A resignation is the least this person (and his directives) can offer to the general public if he takes no action against NXIVM.

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