Exclusive Video: Emiliano Salinas With Sister Cecilia Salinas Dance and Sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to Nxivm Sex Cult Leader Keith Raniere

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Emiliano Salinas – however he may try to distance himself from his master, Keith Alan Raniere AKA Vanguard – the leader of the criminal sex cult Nxivm – was enamored and fully captivated by his lord and master.

These exclusive videos, taken on Raniere’s birthday, August 26, 2016, show Salinas with his lover, Alex Betancourt, and his sister, Cecilia Salinas [daughter of former Mexican President Carlos Salinas], dancing and bowing before their leader. They sing the song “Happy Birthday” to Raniere, who can be seen in the audience at 2:06 of the second clip.

You will note that Emiliano and Cecilia, as well as Alex Betancourt, are wearing Green Tee-shirts – this represents their high rank in Nxivm [they earned the Green Sash] the third highest rank.

Alex ‘El Duce’ Betancourt with Emiliano Salinas at Vanguard Week. Behind them are cult devotees Esther Carlson and Jimmy Del Negro.
Emiliano and Alex take a bow before Vanguard.

Keith Raniere [in blue shirt and shorts], Nancy Salzman and Pam Cafritz in the front row. Emiliano [green shirt] and Alex [red] in the second row.

Here are exclusive videos of Emiliano and his Mexico City troop of followers of the august and perfect Vanguard.

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54 commentsOn Exclusive Video: Emiliano Salinas With Sister Cecilia Salinas Dance and Sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to Nxivm Sex Cult Leader Keith Raniere

  • I wonder how many of the women on stage and in the audience Raniere f*cked? The saddest part is the little girl, who hopefully doesn’t have a clue what’s going on.

  • Oh dear, oh Dear, Mrs. Barbara Bouchey & other former NXIVM members:

    Allegedly, Barbara Bouchey and a few other NXIVM members have all made claimes to have paid their taxes and never heard of anyone in NXIVM saying “taxes were bad and not to pay your taxes.” ” I never heard anyone say not to pay your taxes”. ” After all those years this is the first time hearing this information about taxes.”

    A NXIVM accountant testified the following today at the trial,

    “Another witness, James Loperfido, a former accountant for NXIVM, testified that Raniere’s goal was to pay “zero tax.” He said Raniere had once played a documentary for NXIVM members that encouraged people not to pay taxes. It was played at “V Week,” the multi-day festival on Lake George to celebrate Raniere’s Aug. 26 birthday.”


    I guess no one at NXIVM ever discussed cheating on their taxes…..

    ….. no NXIVM members just discussed how their taxes were wrong and unconstitutional…….

    Barbara your credibility just plummeted with me…….

    Barb did the “program”, teach you to lie?

    I guess Barb did not attend movie night at V-week that year.

    • Light at the end of the Tunnel

      I can’t fathom how Bouchey could not have heard about Keith or NXIVM trying to evade taxes. Heck, he spewed this stuff two decades ago to little ole me, whom he was trying to get me into his harem at the time. He said taxes aren’t actually legal. NXIVM’s love of cash (Kathy Russell paying a year’s worth of rent in cash), underscores this.

      • I am fairly certain Barbara Bouchey made the claim never to have heard conversations or other informational exchanges regarding taxes.

        I suspect Barbara Bouchey did not herself cheat on her taxes but may have made some suggestions or advice to Raniere regarding such issues and did not want to incriminate herself in someway.

        • You’re correct Niceguy.

          Bouchey was a certified financial planner who was trading and managing accounts for Keith personally, but she apparently never submitted 1099’s to the IRS using the PERSONAL NAME and SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER of Keith Raniere.

          (If she had done that, Keith would have been audited immediately for not filing tax returns)

          How do I know that she was managing money for Keith ‘personally’?

          …Because Bouchey already admitted that she personally loaned $1.5 million dollars to KEITH RANIERE for trading purposes and that he was required to pay it back to her (but he failed to do that).

          *Bouchey doesn’t claim that the NXIVM corporation owes her that money. She claims that Keith personally owes her that money. That means Keith OWNED that money being traded. That means it was Keith’s money while it was being traded.

          What’s the significance of this?

          It means she opened a trading account for Keith PERSONALLY but without using his PERSONAL name and SSN on the account. This is shady stuff.

          *When you trade on behalf of another person like that, the IRS requires you to report all gains or losses via Form 1099 using the PERSONAL NAME and SSN of THE PERSON WHO OWNS THE MONEY.

          It’s not kosher to report those gains/losses via 1099 using your own name or the name of a corporation.

          Why not?

          Because the IRS needs to know the name of the TRUE OWNER of that money (and according to Bouchey’s $1.5 million loan, it was Keith she loaned that money to).

          Anyway… By not submitting 1099’s to the IRS using KEITH’S PERSONAL NAME and SSN, she made it possible for Keith to fly under the IRS’ radar for years.

          As a financial planner, she should know better than this.


          *Frank, this is a fair comment that is backed up by Bouche’s own statements and basic IRS rules. Please don’t delete it just cuz you like Bouchey. If you feel I’m mistaken about anything, please correct me.

          • *Just to clarify one statement:

            It’s perfectly kosher to submit a 1099 using the name of a corporation if the corporation is the actual owner of the trading account funds (of course).

            But because Keith was the personal owner of the funds (via a loan from Bouchey) it’s just not kosher for a 1099 to use any name other than Keith Raniere.

    • ^^^^
      The accountant’s testimony that I quoted in the above comment is from a June 1, Times Union article regarding the testimony of NXIVM’s accountant at the trial.


    • What year was the movie shown? Barb may have left NXIVM before it was shown.

  • The Times Union opinion piece by Rex et al made my heart sparkle. Talk about a massive come uppance and a great reminder about how importance the press is. It is essential in a democracy.

    • I look more on it as a fridge “lock” or the reasons not to go in the fridge. All the messages do seem to be lies though, even to Kathy, and have been for quite some time.

      In her mind however, she might be the idealizating a reality of where she was happy outside of the “fridge,” with KAR’s pic.

      • Nah, she’s just a basic ho’ dreaming of something KAR couldn’t give her, and that’s the least of her crimes. The ballet would have kept her fridge empty. I am disgusted that she would enter into a threesome involving Dani, a woman her age, if it were a man there would be outrage because what she did is sexual abuse.

  • “And one day, Mexico will be be known only as Vanguardland.”

  • Let’s not forget how evil Pam Cafritz was when she was alive, glad she’s burning in hell for eternity: https://www.timesunion.com/news/article/Raniere-lawyer-tries-to-undercut-witness-13911013.php

  • Question to NXIANS

    This event was at V-Week 2016. During this same time, Kristin Kreuk was in NY. Does anyone know if she was at the NY center at that time coaching? She was with the Vancouver center with Lucas the year before.

  • Canadian actresses Kristin Lehman and Erica Durance were in NXIVM. As was American actress Rosario Dawson. Canadian actor Brendan Fletcher was a cultist too.

    Do any of you people read Frank Report? Do you think your names won’t come out?

    • I believe there is something in the psychological makeup of actors and particularly actresses that make them particularly vulnerable to cults. Combine that with the fact that many actors and actresses are not well educated and you have a recipe for disaster.

      In college, I only knew one actor or student in the Drama school.
      (My college was bigger on Engineering, Science and Business.)
      But this Drama school student I knew was unintentionally hilarious.
      He would insist that one day the acting on “The Love Boat” would be considered on a par with Shakespeare.

      • Actors have low self esteem. They have a deep need for external validation. Worst bit is, despite their uselessness, many end up being given millions of dollars and think they are better then everyone else. Don’t watch tv/film. Ignore them.

      • They are also very insecure and desperate to find the silver bullet to acting success. Raniere catered to that need.

        • the worst thing about them is that they think they are qualified to judge others, and act superior to them. When in reality the very fact that they do so without any real basis, makes them inferior human beings.

    • Taking a course or two is quite a bit different than f*cking Raniere and Russell in a ballerina tutu.

  • Is this the horde of ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) french poodles sufferers, property of the bespectacled midget monkey?

  • This must be the ritualistic dance before they sacrifice the babe for the pedophile Vanqueef.

  • This song and dance routine reminds me of the bad musicals put on in high school drama performances.

    My sister in law trains service animals to assist the disabled and she once trained her family dogs to perform in a community theater production of “Annie.”
    I’m sure Toby and Trooper could have put on a better performance than Raniere’s devoted followers from Mexico City.


  • I promise, I promise we in Mexico are not like this, these are very special kind of idiots (except for the poor little girl).

    • I know the old saying, “Poor Mexico. So close to the United States but so far from God.”

      Perhaps a better saying might be “Poor Mexico. Plagued by leaders like the Salinas family.”
      Mexico has great natural resources that go to enrich clowns like Emiliano Salinas.
      Perhaps the new leader AM Lopez can reverse that sad legacy.

  • The Front Row is a who’s who of NexiTurds:

    Mark Vicente
    Lauren Salzman
    Monica Duran
    Clare Bronfman
    Nancy Salzman
    Queef aka VanCrook

    Everyone else, including the Daughter of Mexican Prez Carlos Salinas is singing for the Supper! To make a pedo smile!


  • This years Vanguard Week will be very exclusive. Only Vanguard will attend in Cell 131, Block D.

  • It’s strange to see “humanity” being promoted in the context of sales and enrollment statistics.

    That general highly commercial “hard sell” vibe around supposed personal growth is very reminiscent of Scientology, and the specific reference to millions of people supposedly somehow “impacted” is precisely what that other cult uses in its propaganda, in order to cultivate the devotion of what is actually a small number of members involved in little more than draining their own life blood.

  • Ok, I will be blunt guy here, but Marilyn Monroe did it better. He’ll, by that standard, Marilyn Manson did it better…

  • El dinero les mata las neuronas

  • Nos hacen ver a los mexicanos como retrasados mentales, pero no es así

  • En el video se puede reconocer amuchos.

  • Cris from Mexico

    It is laughable to see two members of the Salinas family, closest thing we have in Mexico to a royal family, acting like utter brain-washed idiots. I seems that Emiliano’s Harvard Ph.D was of little value when the only remarkable thing he’s done in his life was becoming a follower of a sex cult.

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  • Damn! A really embarrassing and pathetic display in my opinion…

    Even though there’s now rock-solid evidence that (at the time) Emiliano and his closest entourage of elite idiots knew about the atrocities of that Vanguard clown, they have no shame on showing Rainere devotion and pride for belonging to ESP Mexico.

    As a Mexican, it is not enough to have to deal with the bad reputation that we are a country of corrupt citizens and drug traffickers; Now we can add that they can also brainwash us with surrealistic and yuppie pseudoscience disguised as “avant-garde executive coaching”.

    I hope that DOJ file charges against this moron and spend another #vweek IN PRISON!

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