Frank Report Posts Came Down; Have Been Restored – Comments Missing – Investigating Cause

In General

It appears that Frank Report has suffered some kind of technical glitch or has been hacked which has caused all posts from May 1 onward to be removed.

We are investigating the cause.

This is the second occurrence this month. It happened previously on May 3.

We have restored the content of every post from May 1 to the present – and are working to restore all images. Some comments were preserved, but Frank Report may have lost as many as 1000 comments. This we deeply regret.

All readers are encouraged to re-post or add comments on stories from May 1 to the present.

Frank Report utilizes Word Press – one of the largest, safest and reliable content management systems in the world – and readers may be assured that the website is absolutely safe for all visitors.

We are sorry for any inconvenience this may have occasioned readers.

Bear with us – we will be posting more stories later today.


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69 commentsOn Frank Report Posts Came Down; Have Been Restored – Comments Missing – Investigating Cause

  • Keith’s brainwaves are interfering with the transmission of the Frank Report. Nancy and Lauren Salzman told me and I believe them because they are well informed, honest and ethical.

  • @Frank Parlato – install wordfence plugin it offers great security and shows login attempts to your website.

    Obviously change your login passwords too and remove users like admin as these are the common names bots try to login with. If you need someone to gain access set then up as a new user and afterwards remove the account when they are done.

    Lastly make sure you have enough space at your web host as your site is quite large in terms of pages and content.

  • Unreal! I am not at all surprised that you were most probably hacked. I suppose there are a lot of folks who don’t want you to get your stories out in this forum. I am NOT one of them. Please keep the stories coming.

  • Somebody ‘up there’ loves us ‘a lot’. Naah, not God. Ummm, up there in the Metropolitan Detention Center :-)))

  • Once upon a cult

    Dear Frank,
    Among the “deleted” coments were many interesting revelations as of yesterday, like Raniere sexual relationship with his mother, asserting that he was likely raped by her at the age of 12. Apparently, Lauren new this. Also, the last witness, Daniela, also responded yes, to the prosecusion’s question wether Raniere suffered from erectile dissfunction. Moreover, someone with the moniker Anonimus comented that Raniere was having sex with Lauren and his mother simultaneusly and that she lied in front of the jury because Nancy new all along. So both had decided to deny it because revealing that at court would be devastating for them in the jury’s eyes.

    • The jury isn’t going to be involved in either Salzmans’ cases, but the DOJ could nail the if it can be shown she is lying.

    • I have a different, rather imaginative theory which vanished due to the hacking or technical problems.
      I’m under the impression that KAR’s mother was ill for a while before she died and that KAR was her carer. I don’t know if she was domineering or not but illness can make people short tempered and difficult and can take a toll on both the patient and the carer. For a selfish person like KAR, it could cause resentment to build up. After tha patient passes away there can be a feeling of relief for the carer that they can now lead a more normal life. Normal peope would feel guilty for feeling relief.
      KAR doesn’t tolerate women who “play the victim.” He obviously dislikes anyone who uses illness as an excuse for being unable to complete tasks.
      KAR also loves to have control. He loves to manipulate and torment and make women feel inadequate. . He loves to see women humiliated, demeaned, abused and punished. He’s happy to see women wasting away. When he can’t control a woman, he reacts badly.
      There are questions surrounding the deaths of Gina Hutchinson and Kristin Snyder. Hopefully, the truth will emerge.
      Pam Cafritz and Barbara Jeske both developed cancer and were persuaded to forgo medical treatment and trust in KAR’s tech. Borh died. Nancy Salzman also developed cancer but received medical treatment after KAR’s arrest. All were women of a certain age. I don’t know how old KAR’s mother was when she passed away. Maybe a similar age?
      KAR likes to see women suffer. Would this extend to seeing a woman suffer a lingering painful death?

      • orangecountydreams - OCD

        Yes, Pyriel. You are right on the money. I’ve long believed that KAR hates women especially and relishes their suffering. He doesn’t care too much for men either, but women are his real target.

        He was smiling cheerful after seeing his loyal minion Lauren deconstruct on the stand.

        Many months ago I had asked here if ANYONE, ever, had witnessed KAR doing something kind or selfless for anyone else. Crickets.

    • Yes, I read that as well (re: his erectile dysfunction). I wonder why none of them questioned that problem. Isn’t that clear evidence of a “disintegration”. The man with “no disintegration’s” turns out to have a long list! Laziness, lying, fatness, gluttony, addiction, stupidity, hatefulness, jealousy… I could go on! The list is long!

  • Daniella’s riveting testimony was captured by CNN

    Apparently VanSmelly forced her to give him BJs everyday and told her she would see Blue lights if she swallowed his cum.

    Sick Bastard. I hope VanCrook gets the Blue Light Special in prison.

    • That blue light thing was known about years ago. It may of been mentioned on the Saratoga In Decline blog? Women were told they would see a blue light if they got fucked by the little cross eyed prick.

      • The blue light special is mentioned in the 2012 Albany TU expose’ by someone who may have been hypnotized to see the blue light during sex with Keith. Keith & Nancy — who adamantly recruited this very beautiful woman (IDK if she wants her name repeated here in this context?) suggested to her she would see the blue light and she reports that she did.

        There are also some “date rape” type drugs that have that effect. Ecstasy, or MDMA, is one of them. I think it may be physiological — exert or relieve pressure on the optic nerve. MDMA affects spinal fluid.

        So many people have seen this neon blue light, a study was done at, I think Texas A&M that somehow substantiated — I cant recall exactly how — the presence of molecules floating around that glom together that were seen through a tank of water as “blue” by the naked eye. Maybe I was reading some “woo, woo” new age science circa 1995. I discussed it with Gina and she was very interested. It’s likely she asked her guru about it at the time.

        • The women that mentioned the blue light kind of reminds of Morgan Fairchild.

          I have no idea why she admitted seeing a blue light publicly.

          She had all ready left NXIVM on bad terms and had nothing nice to say about Keith otherwise, if I remember correctly.

          • Be a niceguy and link to the Morgan Fairchild info.
            I was a big fan of hers and never heard she was linked to NXIVM

    • I once saw a nuclear reactor go critical, it emitted a blue flash of light, and I didn’t have to swallow anything.

  • Allison Mack just held a press conference and took credit for deleting the comments. She admitted it was her brainchild. She said she did it because half the comments were just shadow attacking broken females and she wanted to spare our eyes the agony.

    • Girl Scout Cookies

      so funny!!

      • “so funny!!”

        Girl Scout Cookies:

        Is it as funny as all of the residents at Half Moon New York who fear that Allison Mack and her posse will return to Upstate New York to terrorize them?

        Allison Mack’s Ex Neighbors ‘On Edge’ Over Actress’s Possible Return To New York
        Residents of Halfmoon claim bizarre activity continues as trial rages on.
        May 16, 2019 @ 5:51AM

        • I don’t think Mack is allowed to be there. She has to be at/near her parents’ house or in court.

        • Girl Scout Cookies

          Fuck off Shadow.

          • “Fuck off Shadow.”

            A story about Allison Mack from someone who knew her. A Slave.

            May 22, 2019 at 6:36 pm
            Lauren and Allie made some of us do horrible, horrible disgusting things. I only like men, but those two made us try every lesbian act you can imagine with them and others and we feel sick to this day about it. Never heard of ‘rimming’ or ‘fisting’ before meeting Mistress Allie and Mistress Allie but I feel soooo gross and used by those women :(. Please pray that they will regret what they done to so many nice girls. I feel no man will want me now am so ashamed”

            My Response:

            May 24, 2019 at 6:39 pm
            “Never heard of ‘rimming’ or ‘fisting’ before meeting Mistress Allie ”
            Allison taught her students about rimming and fisting!
            She is a pervert.
            For the sake of the readers who might just have eaten dinner I will not describe what rimming and fisting are.
            Let’s just say that you would not want to kiss Allie after she has just “rimmed” Lauren.

            Those are acts that are more common among male homosexuals in San Francisco than among the general American public.

        • Response to Shadowstate’s link:

          Allison Mack’s “Blue BMW gets driven around”?

          Sounds like Dawn Morrison of Karma Car Care fame maybe keeping Allison Mack’s sweet ride up to par….

          Dawn did allegedly do threesomes with Allison Mack and Raniere.

          Dawn did do car detailing….. I wonder if Dawn cleans a mean carpet?

          • “Dawn did allegedly do threesomes with Allison Mack and Raniere.”

            Is there any woman, any woman at all in NXIVM who did not do a threeway with Allison and Keith?

          • Shadow, between your stupidity to Believe an obvious troll like MaybeMadeMeUasee and your absurd statements, you really should either:
            1. shut up
            2. take your pills

            At the moment, Allison is rarely cited in anything (in the trial) and that is kinda Breaking you whole BS about “she was in everything, she was a mastermind…”

            LEAVE HER ALONE!

          • Good point threesomes with everybody

        • First of, radaronline…they are the lamest source of information…the level of Crazy days and night.

          Second, The BMW was never demonstrated to be Allison’s car…if they (i Don’t visit Radaronline, i Don’t give them clicks) say it, i advice them to make sure that the info is absolutely verified because As far as what was said, it’s not hers.

          They also name Allison ONLY for the clicks as Allison is clearly out of the cult (she collaborate (and apparently was already before the plea deal…)

          How about you just stop searching fake stuff to blow about Allison…stick to the trial instead of trying to show you were right (because you are definatly wrong)

          Oh and be careful because accusing her to be in NYC while she is Under monitoring in LA is quite a serious accusation…better have proof before accus…oh forget about it, you are shadow…you never care about facts

    • Now, that’s humor Nutjob. I just want to make it clear, I am not in on any Bangkookery and really have no time to play along with this display. I enjoy a little comic relief myself and while some of what’s said on this site really pisses me off, I take no joy in relieving myself on others as some here appear to.

      I, frankly, have far more important matters to attend to including offering and collecting whatever information I can glean regarding Gina’s death and association with Nx and it’s inner circle members for the benefit of myself and others.

      Very odd that Shadow’s comments were restored ever-so so quickly.

      • None of my comments were restored…..

        …….nobody cares……

        Including myself…..

      • Heidi,
        Several of my comments went missing and are lost in the ether.
        I did save one comment that I put in an e mail folder, but unless it is a particularly long comment I usually don’t save them.

        • Lauren and Allie made some of us horrible, horrible disgusting things. I only like that, but those two made us try every lesbian act you can imagine with them and others and we feel sick to this day about it. Never heard of ‘rimming’ or ‘fisting’ before meeting Mistress Allie and Mistress Allie but I feel soooo gross and used by those women :(.Please pray that they will regret what they do to many nice girls.I feel no man will want me now am so ashamed ”

          here is a lot of garbage, first we must remember that many women in DOS gave Frank information about the activities in DOS and there is nothing about Allison and Lauren forcing women to have lesbian sex, but what I do not really buy is that this slave alleged brand says how horrible were allison and lauren but depues says Mrs Alli, that reminds me of the slave supposed I mention that he was recruited in GBD and said Allison had a mark if not a tattoo, I am or there is something SUSPICIOUS in the fact that conveniently only shadow could see the comment of this SUPPOSED slave.

  • Which Shadow comment will you miss the most?

    1. When he blamed the horrors of NXIVM on 15yo Rhiannon not wearing a wire.
    2. That time he insinuated that Allison Mack may not be nice.
    3. When he explained how cool Ben Franklin was for cheating on his wife and bedding many ladies.
    4. Not of the above. I’d rather be stuck in an elevator with Pea Onyu and Flowers than read a Shadow comment.

  • You might consider moving the comment engine to Disqus. Takes about 15 minutes, and it has much better moderation capabilities. Also no problems with backup and restore if something happens to the main WordPress site since they manage storage, backup and recovery centrally at their site. By the way, it’s free.

  • Frank, I’m getting tired of you losing my posts.

    I don’t want to have to re-submit my posts from May 1st.

    Neither does anybody else, you incompetent DUNCE and first rate ASSHOLE.

    You claim that your system is safe and secure, yet our fucken posts have been deleted twice now.

    …Yet everybody else just pretends as though Frank isn’t an incompetent asshole, while kissing his Italian ass.

    Even the infamous Heidi won’t dare criticize Frank for these lost posts, for fear of alienating her best (and likely only) true friend in this NXIVM saga. I mean, who the fuck else even likes Heidi? She’s crass and hard to like.

    Yeah, many people here PRETEND to like her. But trust me, it’s just a facade. 🙂

    On a different note…

    Hey Claviger, I hope you read my last post before it was deleted, you ASSHOLE.

    Here’s a summary of my last post:

    I criticized your pathetic & inaccurate article regarding the judge shutting down that DOG named Agnifilo during his cross examination of Lauren.

    The judge’s ruling (to shut down Agnifilo) was NOT inappropriate nor will it lead to a successful appeal, you fucken dunce.

    Agnifilo was WARNED several times to back off that line of questioning — but he refused and kept asking the same types of badgering questions, using different wording.

    Agnifilo was BADGERING the witness and was no longer seeking REAL answers to questions.

    He was merely looking to agitate and badger Lauren, which is why the judge was well within his authority to shut that down after warning him beforehand.

    IMO, Frank should shitcan your no good butt, as your opinions are worthless.

    Go back to law school you DUNCE. 🙂

    • Bangkok – Love your humor – keep it coming.

    • Bangkook,

      Apparently Heidi and Frank have been friends for years, but I find their friendship a bit puzzling. Since Heidi’s sister Gina died in 2002, and Frank began working for NXIVM in 2007, I wonder when Heidi and Frank became friends? Obviously it must have been sometime after Frank left NXIVM (or else Heidi would have warned him to not become involved, right?) yet Heidi makes it sound as though she has known Frank for a very long time…..

      Maybe Frank explained how they met before and I just missed the article.

      • you are OBSESSED with Heidi, if she met Frank a couple years after he left NX, they’d have a friendship around a decade long -whats so iffy about that? Who would be even counting? Flowers I think you sound a bit spurned tbh, but why? Jealous much that they have a friendship irl? (who’s business is it, on what basis, or for how long?)

        You talk like a crazy lady, just don’t let it spill over into actual life.

        • Dda , considering your obsession with me, your post is quite ironic.

          The only obsession I have is with discovering the truth and with seeing justice done.

          In case you didnt understand my comment (which now posted after a delay for some strange reason) the question is relevant because if Frank knew Heidi prior to him joining NXIVM, then you have to wonder why the hell he became involved with this company. And if he met her later, I would wonder under what circumstances they became friends. Something doesn’t add up here.

          • Nothing ‘adds up’ for you flowers. Why imagine they knew each other BEFORE nxivm? Plain weird. And, uh, I can think of at least ONE good reason why they met after: Frank is, among other skill sets, an investigative journalist with a blog dedicated to the demise of a criminal racket in which Heidi’s sister was, regrettably and FATALLY involved. There, two cents worth of thinking for you.

            You should go back to school, Sister.

  • Sounds like NXIVM operates a bank in Mexico

    Americans’ Life Savings Disappear From Mexican Bank Accounts

    • Now, that’s some interesting news considering NXIVM was apparently doing what some consider “small fry” money laundering. Combined with the fact that Alejandro Betancourt owns EL (THE) Banco de Mexico. And a “multicultural” school in Latham, NY.

    • Shadowstate,

      Do you remember when Emanuel Noriega nationalized all of the Panamanian bank accounts of foreigners?

      Maybe it’s happening again……

    • Just a sadly all too typical financial fraud, embezzlement with shades of Ponzi scheme – people were promised high returns on their investments. It has nothing to do with cults and ideology.

      If there’s a vaguely related point here, it’s the question of how much (if at all) people should be protected from being defrauded or exploited, if they make mistakes of judgment, are gullible or even vulnerable – do people just deserve it if they get taken, whether it’s by a cult operator or a crooked banker? The US expats in this case were probably used to the sort of protections like FDIC and SIPC insurance on accounts, that largely don’t exist in Mexico – and that some extreme ideologists believe should be dismantled in the US, as well.

  • Dear Clare “Horse Face” Bronfman,

    You might “allegedly be paying hackers” to hack the Frankreport……

    ……One thing will always remain true……

    Clare you are such a horse faced looking witch that all of the men in your life only wanted one thing from you……..

    …….And no it was not sex…….

    It always has and always will be your money that men want…….Or for that matter even women….

    Even India did not want to be your slave….. Why?…….Cuz you are homely….

    …… and Keith Raniere the rapist had to have take Viagra just to get hard for your ugly ass….. Allegedly.

    I hope you enjoy what’s left of your inheritance because you will never find true love happiness…..

    Your just a dumb ugly poor little rich girl….

  • I wonder why you refused to print my comment, Frank, but you continually allow comments from people such as Bangkook and from hate-spewing racists. I guess when you can’t provide a logical answer, you censor the comment instead.
    Not surprised.

    • Join the club Flowers…… I don’t actually belong to the club, but many other people have the same complaint.

      I think Frank sometimes does not post comments because he is trying to protect the “commentators” from themselves. I am not sure if he is doing this this in your case.

      I am sure he has some reason. I have posted foolish crap myself and have been glad and thankful that Frank decided not to post it.

      I get Bangkok’s humor I just do not appreciate like Frank Parlato then again its the Frankreport…….

      • Niceguy, the argument you stated above:

        “…I think Frank sometimes does not post comments because he is trying to protect the “commentators” from themselves…”

        is obviously illogical, considering that he has always posted your comments (not to mention those of Shadow….) so your argument doesn’t hold water, not even a drop. Anyone who is a logical thinker will have to agree with me.

        Frank has shown, by the articles that he publishes and by the comments that he allows, that he is NOT logical a great deal of the time. Whether this is because he is pandering to a certain low IQ audience, or there is another factor, is something I’ve yet to determine. Perhaps there IS another reason , which, at present time, remains unclear….or perhaps that is just wishful thinking on my part.

        Without having seen my comment, niceguy, you are in no position to determine WHY Frank chose to delete it. Hopefully this is logic you can understand, “niceguy”.

        • LOL.

          You’re overthinking the issue and probably need to get back on your meds before you have a full blown breakdown. 🙂

          Just a joke.

          Seriously though, your post was probably deleted cuz you engage in too much word salad and don’t really provide any useful or entertaining info.

          Heidi does the same thing but at least she provides useful info sometimes.

          Whereas with you, virtually ALL of your posts are boring and useless drivel. 🙂

          Seriously though, the truth is that Frank is simply an arrogant prick who probably feels that you haven’t been kissing his Italian ass enough lately.

          As for my opinion, I think you should go back to your daily routine of phoning the RCMP’s Vancouver office to complain about imaginary criminals who are following you all over the Internet. I’m sure they’ll get a kick out of your newest conspiracy theories.

          • I don’t kiss anyone’s ass, Bangkook, and neither do I phone the RCMP without a reason. That a group of people harassed me both online and in person, is a fact, not a fantasy. I have no idea if they are connected to NXIVM, (although they do make a point of mentioning NXIVM in their threatened lawsuit against me).

            Though, after researching this for several months, I see no connection between them and NXIVM, but I do know that these people have a political right-wing connection, so that does tie in to the FR that way.

            I don’t post here to entertain you, Bangkook, so if you find me boring, just don’t bother to read or reply to me. Pretty simple, even for a BangKOOK.

    • Knock it off lady You spew as much hate as your fellow racists and other left wing bullshit artists

      • Racist? To which race am I being racist ? I think you’re more than a bit confused, anonymous.

        • Flowers,

          I believe you are correct in your presumption that I am illogical and not as great a critical thinker as you.

          Flowers you make a good point in regards to Frank posting Shadowstate’s, Bangkok’s, Scott’s and my comments.

          Flowers you should ponder this simple question…

          Are the comments you post more insulting, insane, derogatory, deranged, illogical, idiosyncratic, and dysfunctional than anything the four of us “guys” post?

          Maybe you should hold off on answering that question…

          P.S. Thanks for lumping me in with Shadowstate. BTW I was just trying to be nice.

          Interestingly enough until you learned Heidi was being harassed and receiving sympathy no one was bothering you.

          My illogical mind does not know if the two events are mutually exclusive or if there happens to be a positive correlation.

  • Actually probably not a bad thing . It is hell reading a good article and than see the goofy comments of anonmaker-flowers, shadow and his buddy Scooter as well this goofy never shut the fuck up niceboy pollute the blog with their constant jibbershit

    • abdul honestly no one should be censoredEVER <===too much of this already

      everyone you must mentioned i enjoy reading but i will be ceratin to skip anything coming from you going forward

      • Bullshit no one should be censored. It is a private blog and Prophet Parlato may censor anything he chooses. Please refrain from reading anything I post. Your tastes in commentors shows your shallowness.

        • censorship sucks and there is way way way tooo much of it on the internet … as far as my SHALLOWNESS {HA!} im the deepest rabbit hole here …… i fancy its more OPEN MINDEDNESS <==== important skill towards honest truth seeking these days of infowarriors jmho

          have a great day abdulB ;0

          • I don’t agree with censorship either lady but it is a private blog subject to the whims of the owner. My point stands…shadow and his buddy scooter and flowers-anonymaker plus the never shut the fuck up niceboy, their comments were not missed. They are word salad bullshit artists who think they are the smartest people in the room. They are not, even in a room of pre schoolers.

    • Abdul-Bangkok- kiss my white ass

  • Pyriel, your theory, althougt speculative, seems very logical and possible. You re right about Raniere enjoying to make woman suffer. This may be rooted in the past relation with his mother. There is a lot of rumors about this relation. I think that Raniere himself spread this story of his sad teenage years alone with his alcolic and abusive mother. Then he was alone when she was sick to care for her. Of course this story is ideal to create pity and sorrow among his followers. What is true and what is bullshit? Difficult to say. Sadly, Keith’s father, Jim Raniere, remains silent, but his testimony could help us understand how such a monster was created from the begining. After a IQ test passed during his childhood, Raniere was convinvced his was a genious, and Jim Raniere once told it apperas to turn his son into a megalomaniac personality. They should be sighs of his psychopathic mind since his childhood, and so far, that’s seems factual for what we know. So Raniere was probably a psychopath already during his teenage years, and perhaps his relation with his sick mom only fixed the object of his hate : women in general.

  • No one is confused here flowers but you. You spew much hate around here and a mere look at your many wacky comments proves it in black and white.

  • LOL…..far too late

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