Sex ‘Toys’ – Including Cage and Paddle Sold to Top DOS Slave, Dani Padilla

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By Dianne Lipson

Today the trial of Keith Alan Raniere continued. He was wearing a blue sweater over a white, button down shirt.

In the morning, Sean Welch, the chief technology officer of Extreme Restraints, a sex toy manufacturer, was called to the witness stand by the prosecution.

In essence, he served to testify that $922.74 worth of sex toys was purchased and delivered to the home of Daniela Padilla, a DOS front line slave/master, at her home on Raleigh Drive in Knox Woods.

They were purchased on the website

Welch spoke about items that NXIVM members ordered from his company.

A hanging rubber strap cage, cost, $299.95

No, the model is not Keith Raniere

Studded rubber paddle 

Remote “puppy trainer” that’s “perfect for puppy play or naughty slaves.”

Assistant U.S. Attorney Moira Penza questioned Welch about the items, asking if one item described as a studded “puppy paddle” was “meant for animals.”

“No,” Welch replied.

Easy Access Thigh Sling with Wrist Cuffs

Welch said the device allows “you [to] call the shots while your submissive partner is restrained and at your mercy” — and a “subdued” full-body strap set he said is used to “paralyze your partner.”

Ankle shackles

Two days later, another order in Padilla’s name was placed for $1,730.90 worth of sex items.

They were:

Jail cell — $1049.99 – a “true piece of dungeon furniture”.

It can be used upright or horizontal .

A steel “puppy” cage  [not for animals] = $849

Welch said it was 3.5 tall by 4 wide.

A wireless vibrating remote “Good Boy Vibrating Puppy Plug.”

The “puppy” plug is not used on puppies.

A “puppy” play hood with breathable ball gag.  It was a mask and a gag together with puppy dog ears.

Bed restraint kit.

Total for these items was $1,730.90 but the second order never went through because of an issue with payment and shipping, Welch said. The shipping address was different from the billing address and the order was canceled.

After Welch finished his testimony, there was cross examination.

Marc Agnifilo asked if his they sold thousands of these kind of sex toys. “There’s no shortage of customers, right?”

Welch said, “yes.”

Agnifilo: And it’s 100% legal to sell and buy these items? There’s a community of people who have sex using these kind of items?

Welch said yes.

Agnifilo: Was there was any increase in sales after June 2011 when 50 Shades of Grey came out?

Welch said “We saw a slight increase.”

In redirect, the government asked Welch to describe the importance of “safe words” within this community that uses these kind of items.

He answered that it was essential

Welch explained what “safe words” were, and added that everything in bondage was supposed to be consensual.

On recross, Agnifilo asked if everything is consensual, then it is 100 percent legal and not inappropriate.

Welch agreed.

Next up was Lauren Salzman which we will report on later tonight.

Here is the picture that the government is using of Raniere as exhibit 46.

Here are some of the government exhibits that were shown to the jury in connection to the witness: –


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39 commentsOn Sex ‘Toys’ – Including Cage and Paddle Sold to Top DOS Slave, Dani Padilla

  • “Jane” the DOS slave revealed Kristin Kreuk was into BDSM, was a sub and GBD was a “feminist approach to BDSM”… Now they are talking about BDSM in court. Want to hear more from Jane.

    • I don’t think that Frank’s report about “Jane” painted Kreuk as so much into BDSM, as going along with Raniere’s warped ideas about it. I suspect that some involved either had previous BDSM experience, or really took to it once introduced to it, but I don’t think there’s good evidence as to where Kreuk stood with regards to it.

      I still don’t get their supposed “feminist approach to BDSM,” particularly now that we better understand the misogyny and cruelty behind how Raniere implemented things. Any such thing would have to involve the norms of full, ongoing consent that exactly what was missing in what went on in NXIVM.

      • Nope, Jane said Kreuk was a “sub” and had a “master”. That she was into BDSM.

        • Sub and master were sort of Raniere’s equivalent of downlines and uplines in his MLM-like version of domination, his amateurish odd take on Fifty Shades of Gray, imposed on his inner circle. It’s not quite my thing, but from what I do know I’m pretty sure that real BDSM “lifestyle” people would look at what went on around Raniere and say that’s not really BDSM, and even a travesty – especially as regards norms of full, ongoing consent.

          I’m referring to serious interest in BDSM itself, such as if Kreuk had been into it before getting involved with Raniere, and pursued it on her own since. I’ve seen no evidence that she’s been into BDSM since breaking with the group, so I wouldn’t necessarily call her someone really into BDSM.

  • According to some other accounts of the testimony, the Extreme Restraints executive said more about issues of consent in the BDSM community including, specifically, that holding “collateral” isn’t acceptable. Agnifilo’s attempt to compare DOS to BDSM play is going to fall apart and probably come back to bite him, because DOS’ manipulative and coercive practices stand in stark contrast to the careful norms of consent of the BDSM community – developed over a long period of time both to respect the rights of the participants, and avoid any possible problems with the law. There was a good piece about this before the trial started:

    A BDSM Educator Tells Us Why NXIVM Sex Cult Allegations Aren’t Consensual Kink
    “Based on what we know from court docs and former members, Keith Raniere’s women “slaves” probably weren’t in a position to give full consent.”

  • Jesus H Christ

  • Don’t tell Moira Penza this but Yelp has a listing of the Top Ten BDSM clubs in Brooklyn.

    Best bdsm club in Brooklyn, NY

    BDSM, Kink and Feminism in Brooklyn, NYC –
    FEMALE EMPOWERMENT & EDUCATION FOR THE KINKSTER OR THE CURIOUS. Are you interested in bondage, pain and pleasure, altogether- If yes, then

    When the Dominatrix Moved In Next Door – The New York Times
    Mar 15, 2019 – A “kink collective“ in a residential area of Brooklyn has upset longtime … and other fetish events for the B.D.S.M. (bondage, dominance, sadism and … about “a gentlemen’s sex club” that had “no business” being on the block.

    Inside The World Of Brooklyn Dominatrixes And Their Orthodox … › reader › Sex Week
    Jul 27, 2018 – That night four years ago, when I was 19, was my introduction to the BDSM scene through a high school friend deeply enmeshed in the world of …

    A BDSM Dungeon Helps This Park Slope Resident … – Brooklyn Based
    Mar 6, 2015 – BDSM dungeons might seem out of place in the Slope—at the local … There are multiple clubs in Manhattan (Pandora’s Box and Paddles are …

    No wonder Allison Mack and Nicki Clyne liked Brooklyn.

    • actually this “bongdage clubbing” all started in the meat packing district in manhattan <=== you cant make this up

      • Because of high real estate prices in Manhattan these sex club services have moved to Brooklyn.
        In a city where these types of activities are tolerated one wonders how the jury will react to this type of evidence.

        • brooklyn is more expensive than manhattan these days no clientel went south ;0

        • Yes, it’s interesting they seem to think it is evidence of anything wrong. It is just normal sex for lots of people and is perfectly lawful unless you go to far or there was no consent. It almost feels like evidence for the defence as the message is this was normal BDSM stuff and the women consented.

    • you are just a slimy asshole…a pervert moron. you seem to have done quite the search on the subject…old man.

      Get a life.

  • A wireless remote Puppy Plug-

    Who did Vanguard use this on-

  • Was "Jane" of GBD right?

    photo of KK teaching GBD (Girls Bondage Discipline)

    • Jane, BDSM and Kristin Kreuk

      The first time the term “BDSM” was used regarding NXIVM was through “Jane”.

      She showed her name and face to Frank. She confirmed she was real.

      She made very specific allegations. She criticised Keith Raniere which means she probably was not sent by NXIVM to stir up trouble.

      It would be one thing if Kristin Kreuk likes being gagged and taking cum on her face. But if it’s true that Girls By Design was a “feminist approach to BDSM” and Kreuk was reaching out to teen girls, trying to identify them through questionnaires (probably written by Keith Raniere), that needs addressing.

      Where is “Jane”- Come forward with what you know.

      • You mention Jane spoke poorly of Keith Raniere which means she probably was not sent by NXIVM to stir up trouble.

        Hmmm. Unless Jane was part of a plan to lay the blame ENTIRELY at KAR’s feet.

        And Agnifilo was talking BDSM or thereabouts at the outset.

        Jeff Peterson is making more and more sense to me every day.

        • Well if Jane was recruited into NXIVM thru GBD like she says, despite Kreuk’s public statement that GBD was not NXIVM and this Jane went on to become a branded sex slave… not good.

          And if it’s true that GBD was designed to teach girls a feminist approach to BDSM, whatever the fuck that is… also not good.

          There was an online page where they were talking about questions Kreuk answered on possibly the GBD page. She said something about wanting to address “sexuality”.

          • If if quacks like a Kreuk

            Yes, Anonymous There is a clear pattern from Kreuk’s teaching young girls BDSM 10 years ago and NXIVM buying sex toys a year ago. It is clear that not only was Kreuk’s submissive sexuality the ‘inspiration’ for GBD and Nx’ s later BDSM, she probably was still teaching such tech in 2017…because she never left!

    • Kreuk kreuk kreuk KREUK!!! I’m cumming!

      • Of course you are stalker. You have no control of your 15+ year chronic masturbation addiction. It must be terrible to have such low self esteem.

  • Apparently, Nx brainwashing means—throwing the brain out with the bathwater
    “He was viewed by people within Nxivm as possessing special abilities. If there was a snowstorm after he developed a new teaching, Ms. Salzman said, many within Nxivm would attribute the change in weather to the ideas he had presented. In one oft-told tale, circulated by Mr. Raniere and others, he strolled through a rain shower without getting wet.”

    • It’s in the same vein as miracles attributed to saints, and what a number of faiths believe about their various prophets and demigods. It’s not actually so strange that NXIVM would tap into such cultural or anthropological veins, though in unfamiliar form such as the so-called Albany Jesus, it seems particularly startling.

      There are lots of credulous true believers in all sorts of things, including the conspiracy theory that shape-shifting reptilian aliens control the world in human form such as the Rothschilds (who the Bronfmans married in to), the Bush family and the British Royal family.

    • Not getting wet in the rain shower is easy to explain, it’s because Raniere is so slimy.

    • Yes, very weird but common for cults. Apparently some people in North Korea believe their leader doesn’t need to use the toilet even. It is part of the mind set of these things. Warren Jeffs of the FLDS was similar.

  • Extreme Restraints sells the following:

    Jail cell — $1,049.99 – a true piece of dungeon furniture.

    My suggestion:

    Petco XXL dog crate – $158.99 -fit for a Great Dane or an Ugly Heiress.

    That’s over an $800 savings!!!

  • The butt plug with the tail on it is just killing me…lolol

    What’s up with the beaded moisture droplets on the sample photo-

  • What’s so UNPRINTABLE about the question:

    Any news from the testimony of Stephen Herbits- I’ve asked twice, enclosed a link to Tony Ortega’s site where there is news and you don’t post it-

    • You need to STFU. This is by FAR the best website for NXIVM news/facts, and just because Frank doesn’t immediately post everything posted elsewhere doesn’t change that fact. Go read Ortega’s site if you want to read about Herbits or wait until Frank gets around to it. I thought Herbits testimony was a yawner, so if it never gets reported by Frank it won’t matter.

  • orangecountydreams - OCD

    Anyone who wants to mess around with restraints during sex should read Stephen King’s book, “Gerald’s Game.” That will cure you once and for all.

    These details are really kind of ho-hum – we all know KAR is a sick perv. The endless sex games seems like a symptom of a bored mind and empty soul. Without any meaningful pursuits or relationships, one has to seek more and more extreme forms of self pleasure. At the end of the day you remain an empty vessel.

  • This is yet another instance where an acolyte, victim is made out to be the initiator of these allegedly “consensual” activities. Who paid for the fucking toys- Dani — a broke and broken wanna be US citizen and Avatar, anchor baby mama like her sister- Does the girl even speak enough English to get the order right- Who paid for the phone the order was made on- The cage is a nice touch considering one of their criminal acts initial being passed off as a kinky game was the 2 year confinement her sister. And, Dani’s allegedly running ESP Mexico, now—!!!!

    [Although FR did earlier report it, it was Alejandro & Emiliano’s favorite go-to law firm, Duran & son, not Dani, who now owns the Mexican ESPIAN or NX franchise — according to another unnamed Mexican source.]

  • The “puppy” plug is not used on puppies.

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