Guest View: Nancy Salzman Devised ‘Girls by Design’, Used Kristin Kreuk as Recruiting Tool – but NONE Were Recruited into Nxivm

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By A Defender of Kristin Kreuk

This is in response to Heidi Hutchinson’s recent article Heidi: Kristin Kreuk’s Sexy 7 questions – aimed at underage girls – is still suspicious to me.

Heidi –What can you possibly know about Kristin Kreuk or Girls By Design? I never saw you around the halls of the mother ship of ESP/NXIVM and I was there early on. Everything that comes out of your head is just pure speculation.

Can you bring forward one female that was recruited into NXIVM by GBD? To date, none have come forward.

Can you bring forward one female from GBD that was sexually involved with Keith Raniere or any other male member of NXIVM? To date, none have come forward.

Can you bring forward one female from GBD that was sexually molested by Keith Raniere or any other male member of NXIVM? To date, none have come forward.

I was told by Nancy Salzman about the hare-brained idea they were plotting regarding GBD using KK and other NXIVM female members. To my knowledge, it never made it off the ground as a recruiting tool for NXIVM.

I believe you’re intelligent enough to know that if GBD was a sex ring for young girls for Raniere’s sexual pleasure, with all the press over the last couple of years, at least one brave soul would have come forward.

What if KK was your sister? Would you want her name dragged through the mud the way KK’s name has been on the Frank Report? Not one ounce of proof on any allegations has been shown to be true on the FR.

You sister took her life over this monster. Maybe he drove her to it, maybe it was murder made to look like a suicide.

How would you feel if, after years of the Frank Report, Gina was dragged through the shit as KK because she followed Raniere? Gina even had sex time after time with Raniere – and at one time believed he had answers for her. People see Gina as a victim, yet you pick up rocks and throw them at KK. You do this without any proof of her actions. What do you think Gina thinks of your behavior for acting this way. If I was her, I’d be ashamed.


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18 commentsOn Guest View: Nancy Salzman Devised ‘Girls by Design’, Used Kristin Kreuk as Recruiting Tool – but NONE Were Recruited into Nxivm

  • You should be ashamed. For still being brainwashed, irrational, and unethical.

  • Hmmm. Valid points I suppose. I would just like Kristin to come forward and speak out about her involvement in detail. To clear her name. Do you really believe her PR statement was completely truthful?

    • "Do you really believe her PR statement was completely truthful?"

      It was a PR statement written by her lawyers.
      Any thing more she says will not be believed by many, and no matter how much she says will not be enough for many.
      That’s why one makes a PR statement…then shuts up.

    • Are you kidding? Why does KK have to come forward to stop the harrassment she has gotten on the Frank Report?

      Even if she did, Frank would just allow the FR trolls to beat the shit out of her anyway. The only one he seems to protect is Barbara Bouchey, Grace Park and Mark Hildreth.

      If the DOJ had found evidence of KK having any illegal wrongdoing of sex trafficking in all the evidence they seized, she would of been a defendant in this case. It’s a RICO case and if you notice charges are going back to 2005.

      • Go back to twitter Spanky

      • If Kristin Crook could be charged, there are probably dozens of others who are/were in NXIVM who could be charged as well. Perhaps the DOJ drew the line at the six major targets and moved on to other cases. Or perhaps they are pumping information out of up to five of the current defendants to go after addtional people. We don’t know.

        • Scott,
          My personal guess is that the DOJ will stop at Raniere.
          Once they started turning over rocks they found all kinds of worms that are embarrassing to the elite of New York State and Mexico.
          People like Hillary Clinton, Kristen Gillibrand and Carlos Salinas.

    • Agree with somebody. She should come forward. Aparantly she has reason not to.
      Maybe she did the banana dance with smelly and is afraid of collateral that might have been given. This author likes using “to date, none have come forward” and publicly, I don’t know of any that have. But that certainly does not mean there are not any. KK’s silence may be due to the fact that there are some. There are many associated with this cult that to date have not come forward. Many that know a lot about the awful things done. The GBD girls that might have been recruited would probably be the youngest of those, and the least likely to come forward. Amazing how KK can publicly support causes and turn her back on this like it did not happen. Something is being hidden.

  • Very interesting stance. All these claims imputed to Heidi in the complete absence of supporting evidence. The text was written by some monkey with a fair degree of genetically inherited intellect who was unable to attain a reasonable education level. The narrative displays the logic of a well trained monkey or, a very thoroughly brainwashed human being. It’s amusing to see mobs of imbeciles becoming alarmed over imagined events by virtue of their incapacity to think. No wonder political leaders treat the electorate as bags of scum. Can’t blame them at least sometimes.

    • And you have proof that prove something different? If so, provide it, if not your just being a monkeys ass.

  • Nancy never did anything without Keith Raniere being 100% behind it.

    Even if GBD was an idea KK had before coming into ESP, Nancy Salzman and Keith Raniere had evil plans for it that KK never knew about.

  • What happened to Girls By Design? Did it end when KK left?

  • The original twitter account ended in 2013, but another one took its place.

  • The only.young girls I saw in NXIVM were from Mexico or were with their parents who lived in the Albany area.

  • GBD was floating around as a possible thing but it never became a part of NXIVM like other offshoots.

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  • In fact, as all regular FR readers know, an underage “Girls By Design (GBD)” recruit who joined NXIVM and became a DOS slave calling herself “Jane” DID come forward.

    ”Jane’s” real identity was photo verified in real time. She made a complete, recorded statement to Frank Parlato that was previously posted here on Frank Report.

    [Some speculate while “Jane” is real she may have made false statements directed by Clare Bronfman. If so, that’s on Clare and “Jane” herself — not me or Frank or Frank Report or Art Voice.]

    Here’s a link to “Jane’s” synopsized statement on FR and Art Voice:

    As to the rest of your banal bullshit post here:

    Are you saying that no one who’s never been on the NX “mother ship” (NX Albany headquarters) should comment or opine on FR-

    I would agree with that but only where you’re concerned.

    It’s most apparent you’ve never been there. Yes, I unfortunately was around some in those “early days” you fail to specify. Nor do you offer your own identity as far as credibility goes.

    Finally, I think Gina is exceptionally proud of me and my contributions to FR. In fact, Gina oft inspires me. I know she understands my genuine, heartfelt reasons for contributing and trying to help others avoid her very real, tragic outcome.

    …Starting with helping to shape and maintain an environment here where no one is silenced but those who deny others their right not to be.

    And that is all you’re attempting but failing to do — for long —asshole.

  • You make a good point that no businesses started up within the nexium purview were successful, that’s why the epithet –
    Viva executive success!! is so schadenfreude amusing.

    Then you destroy this good sense by speculating about Gina Hutchinson, who has tragically passed, thanks to her involvement with KAR, and what you think would be her response to her sister Heidi’s view of Gina’s tormentors.

    I reckon Heidi would know better about that than you. Your spite just marks you out as yet another nexium apologist trying to manipulate Heidi’s grief, or, yet another tedious woman-with-low-self-esteem catting on someone more gracious, smart, pretty and witty than you.

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